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selling black suiting wool ma-1, some usage--can be steamed out to look new. on grailed right now for $405, feel free to offer. 
wish we had this guy on our team lmao    anyways, i've only got a large wallet left on order (fortunately), amounting to $145. problem is, i paid by bank transfer. there's no way i'm getting that back...right? i'll add my name to the list anyways   168 Childplease ($380) 169 virid ($1600) 170 cold war painter ($820) 171 chinkachu ($380) 172 McLarenF1 ($380) 173 Trisk ($830) 174 dhjxe ($835) 175 Peternorth ($3200) 176 Distorbiant ($820) 177 masshi ($1680) 178 friyaz...
uh yeah i was always super confused about the part where drew and daniel work with each other   last time i visited they were both there 
hey dudes, 4am here in seoul.    i was really hoping i'd get my order (just a large wallet, i got my jacket way before anything like this heated up) before i left korea, but that doesn't seem like the case. if any of you guys remember i'm the guy here as an exchange student, and i've visited libertine twice and met drew and dan. drew is actually deaf lol, he couldn't really understand what i was saying and shook my hand awkwardly. unfortunately i'm limited in korean to...
no word on large wallets at all-- emailed & posted here   guess that's another promise besides refunds that will be unfulfilled
what is going on with large wallets?? lmfao
@impolyt_one any chance i can receive my LARGE WALLET before i leave korea? i might be the only dude here that is residing in seoul atm, i've visited libertine and i've met both dan and you... i'm hoping because i live in the same country i'll be receiving earlier? 
basically you just pick what size and custom options like thermal lining etc off the website and then they make it within a week or two and send it to you. i've had this done with a chesterfield, but i ordered directly from their showroom. buying things online in korea is really complicated tbh, so i don't think i'll be helping any of yall proxy anytime soon lol.....   i have been to libertine twice and met drew and dan, but they pretty much just say the same shit they've...
 i can vouch for this brand lmao, i've been to their showroom. i think it's made to order, but i'm not sure if they ship internationally. leather quality is ok but they fit pretty well  lol i'm still in seoul.....tbh i wonder if i'll get my wallet before i get back to canada 
any word on large wallets...? from my knowledge only small wallets have been sent out so far 
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