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no, you can adjust as you see fit i believe 
large billfold at the back was stated, idk i think that's really all you need. 
just bothered charly about my mdr after months of not emailing him lol    gotta remember to change measurements with account to weight gain over the past year 
definitely +1 for wallet. i'll be in seoul next year for school so i'll definitely try to hit up the restaurant. does it have a name yet? lol 
from my experience the stussy ma-1s have been hella long. my size S is the length of an M  may wanna try those out? 
i'm sure you can make a decent looking outfit out of fast fashion brands, but it's a matter of how long the clothes will last, not to mention the material usually feels gross because it's cheap fabric. cityofgentleman just can't seem to get an outfit to go together, regardless of what brand it is lol.
amen, would be so down for the cafe racer 
Our Legacy    i've seen this look a lot whiter on other sites, this is just a pic from oi polloi   would be really sick for s/s
if you say the large fits perfect, i'm sure it's fine. it's hard to judge when there's no pics lol 
seems right i think, i'm about an inch taller and 10 pounds heavier. sounds like you're solid for a 44 
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