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stuff that was intended to be part of the collection got pulled for the ss14 collection, so it was pretty shitty    but yeah also there's a new designer. davidson is designing club monaco & reigning champ now i believe. s/s never really was w+h's strong suit, althoguh it's true this fw is weak as hell. i was really looking for a revamp on the old primaloft ma-1 bomber... instead we got a less than substantial one which i heard was super thin 
? i haven't spoken about measurements?i'm waiting on a wallet tho
i'm heading to korea on the 22nd, and i intend to stop by itaewon so i'll ask for the thread whenever i'm free 
lightly padded bomber from stussy's last fall collection. orange lining inside, really warm. it's a size S but would fit people who wear M better, also good if you're more on the tall side. 9/10 condition, selling because i recently acquired a TOJ ma-1. good option for people looking for a simple, slim black ma-1. 
bought these several months ago, bit too tight but i can still fit it. worn only a 3 times or so, really good denim tho. bought full price for $250 off the acne website.    http://www.acnestudios.com/shop/denim-guide/ace/ace-lt-vintage.html   it looks crazy light on the website pics because of the lighting, i assure you it's not like that irl. i put up pics from another store as well as my own for a more accurate reference.   price includes shipping, will entertain...
50 with shortened lengths
selling w+h moto jacket bought a couple years ago. riri herringbone zips, sheepskin leather, made in italy as per the standard of leather goods from w+h. size M, PM for measurements.   
i kindly asked for a tote, dunno if that helped haha they only give it if they have them 
        some pics of the new mdr + tote here, well worth the wait. that pic of it in the sunlight is so sexy jesus 
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