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50 with shortened lengths
selling w+h moto jacket bought a couple years ago. riri herringbone zips, sheepskin leather, made in italy as per the standard of leather goods from w+h. size M, PM for measurements.   
i kindly asked for a tote, dunno if that helped haha they only give it if they have them 
        some pics of the new mdr + tote here, well worth the wait. that pic of it in the sunlight is so sexy jesus 
finally received my calf mdr after the wait over the weekend-- toj does not disappoint.   calf is hella thick, really high armholes. shit is so uncomfortable to wear but i love it, can't wait to break it in. got a toj tote with it too! fit pics soon. 
yup, 4z mdr in black calf, silver zips en route to vancouver at the moment.   i'm contemplating on what is left in life now after i open the box 
JUST RECEIVED TRACKING GUYS   got an email from drew about 10 minutes ago. ordered july 14 
i did think to myself once    "damn. what if i died before i got my toj?"   so you're not alone here 
is that an SLP? i thought the sleeves would be pretty slim 
macs and peacoats both sold out during the holidays, i worked seasonally there. 
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