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 lmao last time i went the irony was too great b/c i went with three people and i had to wait 40 minutes for my food
hey dudes, went to libertine today and talked to drew and dan. wallets and daypacks were a simple explanation-- production was stopped. as you all know, they recently spent their time confirming addresses to prevent sending to wrong locations. it's clear they started sending stuff out from the fitpics and tracking numbers people have posted about as well. if you're looking for precise numbers of wallets/daypacks that will be made and shipped per month or something, that's...
 unfortunately the girls i was going to go with bailed, so i'm going to go this weekend. sorry man. it's good news the jackets are up and running though.
 i have last f/w's, and it's thin because it's thinsulate-- it's still really warm though. i usually just layer it under the fishtail from last f/w. however, i got it on employee discount... i don't think $275 is a good idea at all lol. better off getting ULD from uniqlo tbh
lmao oh wow i was mentioned in the song. sorry dudes, i'll go on sunday if possible. i didn't really get a big chance to talk to drew so yeah. first order of business will be definitely asking about the daypacks/wallets...
hey dudes, at least dan is back. no i didn't get a free meal lol since they left before i paid i guess, or forgot about it. i don't really mind anyways, i'm not the type to badger someone to get free shit. i said i assume dan and them will take care of it, because i don't see why he would go about reading through this thread and do nothing about it if he is a direct contributor to toj. i'm going back for sure guys don't worry lol (it's a great place to take a date...) i...
went to libertine today-- really great american breakfast there. didn't get to talk to drew much but i talked for a bit with dan who is really friendly. dan knows about the complaints and everything on SF, so i guess he's gonna get working at it. apparently they just started full lunch service for everyday at libertine, which is why i assume the jackets haven't been going out as fast as they can. dan left after a while on a sick motorbike, and drew left later in his bmw....
Okay dudes I'll pop by Libertine this weekend and see if Drew is around
not sure why people say this is a scam if there are people who have actually successfully gotten their jackets ordered mid-july and i got mine in mid-august
stuff that was intended to be part of the collection got pulled for the ss14 collection, so it was pretty shitty    but yeah also there's a new designer. davidson is designing club monaco & reigning champ now i believe. s/s never really was w+h's strong suit, althoguh it's true this fw is weak as hell. i was really looking for a revamp on the old primaloft ma-1 bomber... instead we got a less than substantial one which i heard was super thin 
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