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basically you just pick what size and custom options like thermal lining etc off the website and then they make it within a week or two and send it to you. i've had this done with a chesterfield, but i ordered directly from their showroom. buying things online in korea is really complicated tbh, so i don't think i'll be helping any of yall proxy anytime soon lol.....   i have been to libertine twice and met drew and dan, but they pretty much just say the same shit they've...
 i can vouch for this brand lmao, i've been to their showroom. i think it's made to order, but i'm not sure if they ship internationally. leather quality is ok but they fit pretty well  lol i'm still in seoul.....tbh i wonder if i'll get my wallet before i get back to canada 
any word on large wallets...? from my knowledge only small wallets have been sent out so far 
living in seoul atm i can confirm the aliens have attacked and drew is our saviour    the jacket/daypack/wallet delays are due to him fashioning armour for us out of all the remaining leather 
Extremely off topic in respects to delays and being mad at Drew: I love how huge the inside pockets are in the mdr
yeah it's just a shell, pretty disappointing really--reason why i bought it only on discount. it's pretty appropriate for vancouver though? does keep whatever you have under dry, though it's not particularly warm. i really just love the hood
outerwear is always spot on for w+h in comparison to their other stuff if i remember their oxford shirts were pretty poor in the fit
 tips don't exist in skorea my dude
i haven't felt inclined to speak at all because i trust i'll receive my wallet since i already received my jacket after like a 70 week wait. it's very likely drew used the toj money to fund his restaurant and fucked up the numbers for production or shipping because of it, and i do think he should post but i don't think people should be going en masse on trying to crucify him. sorry i didn't really get all your questions to him because really... i'm eating at a restaurant...
 lmao last time i went the irony was too great b/c i went with three people and i had to wait 40 minutes for my food
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