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Letting go of a couple of pieces:   Floral Lafayette Shirt (Small)   USN Khaki Herringbone Pant (size 32) Offer up ya'll! Just trying to find a nice home for these guys. Does anyone happen to have the Homespun Fatigue pants in size medium?
FW15 USN Khaki Herringbone Pant size 32       Looking to trade for small shirts/size 32 pants or cash
Selling this coat because I no longer use it. If you love EG, then you know all about this sold-out coat. I can provide more pictures upon request. Not in a rush to sell unless the price is right, check my Grailed feedback if you want to confirm my reputation as a seller.   Measurements: Chest: 22" Shoulders: Raglan Sleeve measured from shoulder: 28.5" Back of collar to hem: 34"   More pics on my Grailed listing:...
I'm parting with my FW15 navy floral reversible coat (small). Looking for suits in size small/32 and any other cool printed stuff in those sizes if you have them. Entertaining cash offers too.
+100 = 49,010
Norse Store came though
+40 = 47,370
+80 = 47,168
@SpooPoker that Aero B-3 is amazing!
Not impressed by the prices but a couple of pops by way of consignment   Chimala   Catch & release Kapital..I was on the fence since I already have too much blue/black in my wardrobe T__T   Blue Blue is a keeper such great material and fit - now I'm hooked   GBV - Available
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