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Selling a TOJ suiting wool size 46 with 48 lengths.
Looking to trade my Suiting Wool MA-1 in size 46 with 48 lengths for a stock size 46. Worn about 10 times and looking for a stock 46.
Very very long shot. Looking for an electric red leather jacket in size 36-38 for my halloween costume. Really want this to happen!
Send me what you got! Been looking to get my hands on a quality one for a while that is not Alpha Industries. Willing to pay more depending on quality. I wear a 38s in suits and generally a small in outerwear.
      I also just got around to seeing Boyhood. What a way to remind me of how life jumps, I was sifting through my own personal milestones in the same manner the film shows Mason's and I can't believe I'll be graduating from University in a year.
@lawyerdad   The first half is strong and I had a hard time putting the book down, nonetheless I definitely felt like Franzen began to stumble in the second half of the novel. It came as no surprise that the once electric and dynamic characters had dulled and lost their edge and I felt that the constant yanking back to the romantic tensions between characters became too predictable and I had eventually found myself wanting to rush to the end.   Nonetheless, my reading...
Yes, yes and yes. These two:
I'm about to finish Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. The book is really life-changing IMO, I thoroughly enjoyed it as someone who is not necessarily well-read but started getting back into reading when I got into University. Gonna start the Corrections (by Franzen) and Extinction by Thomas Bernhard and try to finish those before schoolwork begins to pick up.
As expected, they don't fit but my first Aldies in shell form!    
Hey guys, found an Aquascutum London (made in England) Navy mac in size 44 and would love to trade it with someone looking for a classic, well made raincoat to last them for many years. I'm on the hunt for a well-constructed sports jacket or an equal quality rain jacket in size 38 with shoulders at 17".  
New Posts  All Forums: