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Have at it small peeps
Any TS(S) fans here? Selling a cotton suit jacket and matching shorts that unfortunately are a size smaller than what I normally wear. Shorts ~ 31" and Jacket ~36"/37". Beautiful, subtle pattern comes as no surprise. Open to trades and to a sale
Currently lusting over this pair of Yuketen Tyroleans. Any idea if these are still around? Would appreciate any leads for an 8.5/9.
Hey folks, Was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of the following hat? Orslow seems to be the only "known" retailer to make them but I'm sure many Japanese repro brands have put them out. Further research suggests that I'm looking at an M-37 hat and I'm hoping to find one of them at a reasonable price if possible. Any help is much appreciated!  
Been thrifting only for myself and it's given me lots of enjoyment especially finding cool pieces that I can wear and pass off when I get bored of them. My highlights from the last couple of weeks:   Gant   Pop TS(S)? Sure.   Pop Nanamica   Pop! Acne   Barena   Near mint Unis   Acne Denimz   Oh? Fuck yes   This is my second-favorite grab of the bunch. Fits perfectly   Two of these. One is size 32 and the other is...
@Regg bless you
Hey thriftbros - gonna post some highlights from the past couple of months in a bit. Wasn't surprised that moving out of my folk's place put thrifting on hold for me (albeit momentarily). I'm not sure if this is the right place but I'm looking for a navy blue/charcoal grey suit (38s/32) for special occasions - hope to wear this out during the holidays and my company's holiday party where I'm taking a lady I've been seeing. Would appreciate any leads - cheers guys!
Looking for EG suiting - prefer grey or dark navy colors in a tropical wool-like fabric. I usually wear a size small jacket and size 32 pants. Any leads are much appreciated especially recommendations of other brands that do suiting like EG (I'm looking into Universal Works and Taylor Stitch as alternatives). Happy turkey day folks!
@FrankCowperwood It's one of my favorites right now but I don't get to wear it as much since the Bay Area doesn't get as cold. I love that it's packable and it's pretty floppy!
    Westerlind / Stephan Schneider / Acne Studios / Muji / Alden
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