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I've never encountered fake Ferragamo dress shoes. And if they are fake, the likelihood that they would use something like pebbled-grain leather seems slim. I'm going with real.   As for the Brioni suit, same thing. Brioni is a very high-quality suit, but it doesn't have enough name recognition to be faked. I've never seen a fake Brioni suit being sold.
Also, for what it's worth, I have been able to find a lot of very similar looking shoes on counterfeit websites.   Even though I couldn't find an exact match, the fact that these shoes look so similar raises a lot of red flags.
I have handled fake sneakers in the past, and I have noticed two things that easily identify the ones I've handled. Firstly, the construction was shoddy beyond all acceptability. They felt like they were going to fall apart the first time I wore them, and the materials used to construct them felt very cheap. Secondy, brand new, they had a very unpleasant "synthetic" odor to them, different from the typical smell of new sneakers. That's not to say that fakes can't be...
The T shirts are probably fake. Designer brands aren't known for simply printing their logo on the breast of a T shirt and then selling it. Chinese counterfeiters, however, are. The Prada shoes might as well be fake. They're fugly as hell with those square toes.
Just so you're warned, this forum is infested with pretentious old men who have been brainwashed into following the groupthink of dressing in ultraconservative attire that allows virtually no freedom of style or expression. You will be flooded with suggestions to wear the same kind of attire that millions of men wear every day. All they want you to do is blend in with the crowd as much as humanly possible, so if it is within your desire to approach your outfit with some... Here's an ignorant listing somebody should probably take advantage of. A "Brionj" dress shirt advertised in the shoe section. If it were in my size, I obviously wouldn't be telling anyone about it.
There are so many replicas of this belt - ranging from very low to very high quality, that it would be impossible to identify its authenticity without actually taking it to a Gucci person for an in-person inspection. For what it's worth, however, some of the replicas for this belt have become convincing enough that any difference in quality between the replica and the real product are marginal at best, meaning nobody would be able to tell.
Well, I received my fabric in the mail today. It looks like this: Indeed, it's a far cry from the fabric that I was expecting: It's completely gray, as the picture suggests. I'm not sure if the company I ordered it from made a mistake or something, but the fabric I received is not going to do me any good. I guess I'll have to return it and see if perhaps the company can provide the correct colored fabric. If not, I'll just have to keep looking. Either way, I can't...
One thing you can do to check for the likelihood of your item being a fake is to search for replicas (usually Chinese) of that item or similar items on Google. So to take these Borrelli jeans for example, you can search for "Borrelli jeans replica," and find out that there do not appear to be any counterfeit Borrelli jeans available by Chinese sellers. Since there seem to be no replicas of this product, it is likely that it is authentic.
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