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Hello. I recently received my new Walnut Daltons that I ordered during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Thank you to those who gave me some advice on shoe care.   I had a question for those who know a lot more about Allen Edmonds shoes than I do. The shoes I received have two small circular marks on the bottom of the left boot. Is this a seconds marking? Or is this normal for new Allen Edmonds shoes? I ordered directly from the Nordstrom website, so they were supposed...
Thank you! I appreciate the advice.
Hi. I thought I'd introduce myself. I've lurked for a while, and I've finally decided to join. I've already gotten a lot of good information out of this place, and I'm hoping the keep that going, and contribute if I can. My name's JD.  
Hello. I've lurked this forum for a while, and this is my first post, as I need some advice, and I'm a bit of a shoe-care-noob. I just ordered a pair of Walnut Calf Daltons during the Nordstrom Sale, and I was hoping to get some advice on caring for them as soon as I pull them out of the box. I know there's the huge thread on shoe care, but I was hoping to get some advice directly from someone who already owns the Daltons, or something similar. What I'm most...
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