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I wear a 10.5 in Allen edmonds Park Avenue, so would want a 10D (or 10 E) in these
  Should have mentioned, I'm looking for them in Shell Cordovan. (Essentially bc I have some money to burn, so if I'm buying such nice shoes, why not go all the way?)
Not so much that I dislike it, but for what I wear, I dont think I'ts versatile enough, though I'm happy to be corrected   I wear mainly jeans and chinos, and the place where I work is very business casual, so wearing the No 8 with chinos would possibly look odd   Additionally, I really LOVE the ravello shell longwings, but cant find them anywhere
Hi, I'm VK, and I'm a 21 year old in college. I've finally become somewhat fashion conscious after 2 decades of not caring, and that's partly due to Reddit's MFA.   I enjoy photography, though I'm no pro   I dress mostly in streetwear or business casual, but will have to upgrade my wardrobe soon bc I'll (hopefully) be going to medical school soon   VK
Hey guys,   I apologize if this is the wrong thread to post this is, but is there any way to get a pair of Alden Longwing Bluchers that is not in Cordovan No 8 or Black? (I'm looking for the shell cordovans, not the CXL or waxed leather types)   I'm not a big fan of either of those colors, and it seems impossible to get shell in the cigar, the ravello or the whiskey. I've called and checked with Alden in NYC, SF, and Epaulet and Leffot, but no one seems to have...
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