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So I'd like to get a pair of Alden Ravello LWBs in size 10D. I know they're hard to come by-and I'm new to the Alden game. Is there a retailer I can put my name down/a deposit down at for when they come in?
Fair enough...can you post a pick yours sometime? I wanna see what it'll look like in a bit Also so you condition it at all?
Anyone know how to take care of champagne waxy leather? And any way to remove the scuffs that accumulate?   The boots are awesome, but the leather isnt like anything else I've ever had
Yup. And a second of I want that- followed by I dont like the Horween stamping on the outside.     But I need to step away from buying boots. I've already spent too much since diving in because of this forum- damn you guys! But the boots are beautiful tho.......
Thats beautiful...but holy shit they reverse shell? Thats...huh
Anyone know what the color and material of the boots in the sanple sale announcement ad are?
Anyone know of anybody selling any Brown Suede Trickers Jimmy (aka Stubby Stows)? I have the Frans Boone Teck Cordovan (which I'm slowly breaking in) but I want something lighter and a bit cooler for the summer
Thank You! These will get a lot of wear, I Promise!
Hi y'all I want to buy a pair of trickers boots, but am new to all of this, so please forgive the ignorant questions on sizing I wear a 11 in Nike Sneakers, a 10.5 in Cole Haans (which are my best fitting shoes), a 10D in my Allen Edmond Park Avenues (which I dont wear much- I'm a Doctor, so rarely have meetings, and they're not the best for rounding). I wear a 9 in LLbean Duck Boots (I live in Upstate NY). I have a pair of Alden Indy''s from J Crew in 10.5, but they're...
I wear a 10.5 in Allen edmonds Park Avenue, so would want a 10D (or 10 E) in these
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