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I wear mine all the time in the winter, love them.
Leather...I had them on the other day, but then it started raining/snowing so went back in to put on the Long Branch...
Finally took these on their maiden voyage today. Dark Brown Fifth Ave   .
Ah, thanks.  I see it, just not in my size.
really?  I didn't see that!
I'm sure this has been asked, but trying to find the right size for a Neumoks.  I have Strand, Fifth Ave, Long Branch, and McTavish all in 11D.  They all fit, but do have some room to move around.  Would Neumoks be the same size even though they are unlined?
Thanks, can't wait!!  Now I just need to figure out what size to get in certain shoes...
no reason, that's just how i laced them.
Dark Brown Long Branch today.
Love these!  Already have the walnut strands....would it be stupid to get these too?
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