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I'll try to take some tonight.  Getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving, so it may have to wait until I get back.
Accidentally walked into the corner of a bed frame...   Also received the Sauk Drive yesterday.  Definitely not as red as some of the pictures I've seen.
Sizing questions:   I have the McTavish and Long Branch, both in 11D. The McTavish have plenty of room in the heel and in the toe box, where even as I sit here typing this I can feel my heel moving around.  I don't need a shoehorn to put them on and they slide on/off easily.  Are these too big?  The Long Branch are similar, in that there is plenty of room in the heel and toe box, but not as easy to take on/off due to it being a boot.   I also have the Strand in 11D...
What kind of jeans are those?
was thinking of selling my (slightly used) Long Branch so I could get a different size, but now maybe I should check out the Sauk Drive....would they fit differently?
and just spread it around? Leave it on, wipe it off? A lot, a little?
What is the process of applying HDLP to my Long Branch boots? 
I have the Long Brach and am also in the northeast....Am I better off with the 8oz, or will 4oz last a while?
Fifth Ave sizing question. 11D fits but is definitely roomy and heel slips just a bit. 10.5D got like a glove, but maybe a little stiff. Will the break in as I wear them and conform to my foot? Odd thing is I have Strand, McTavish, and Long Branch all in 11D.
price lowered to $220 OBO.
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