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I have a Vineyard Vines gift card for $178.10.   Looking for $165 or make me an offer.
I bought these 2nds a few months ago.  They have been worn, but are a bit big for me.  I'll try to get some pictures up later, but let me know if you're interested.   Thanks!
Are the belts a good deal at $69?  Looking for some new dress belts (brown and black)...
For some reason my dress belts begin to "Crack" after wearing them for a while (near the holes where the buckle is).  Where should I get a good quality leather dress belt?
anyone have the 11D list?
I'm also in the Northeast.  Last Monday when we had some snow in the morning I wore my Long Branch boots with slacks and a dress shirt and got some compliments on my boots.  I've also worn them casually with jeans and khakis...
  Rough & Unconstructed Factory Seconds Sale $159   McTavish Neumok Strandmok Aberdeen
Yes, they come with red laces in them, but also come with brown laces in the box.
wearing my Long Branch for the first time today.  LOVE them (except the heel squeaks a little while walking, hopefully this will go away as they break in).
The Strand and Fifth Ave in 11D fit well and are snug to my foot.  The Long Branch in 11D have room in the toes, but fit well.  These McTavish fit well in the foot, but there is definitely slipping in the heel.
New Posts  All Forums: