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Thanks.  These were seconds also.  I do have to say that the customer service has been great! 
Am I being too picky about my shoes?  I sent back these Fifth Avenue's back in Jan/Feb because the heel was splitting.  They repaired them for free, but then yesterday I noticed the inside of the sole is splitting.  I spoke to the lady who helped last time and she immediately sent me a UPS label and said they will take care of it.  Is this normal, or am I being too picky about my shoes?  I don't walk that much, just to the car, to the office from the garage, etc...The...
Looking for mens slippers.  Which ones are the best of this group?   Ugg Byron Ugg Chester Ugg Ascot
I bought the suede Chester slippers from Ugg (they were on sale for $70), and I just got the Ascot leather slippers on sale.  Should I also look at the Byron?  I assume they are all similar, just look different on the outside.
well i'll see which ones i decide on and hope they last!
My brother has the Byron (i think) and they're going on 7 years...held up very well but this is probably the last year until he has to replace them.
Thanks.  I just got a pair on Ugg's website, they were on sale for $70.  Chester suede.  I'll see if I like them, if not I'll try to find the Ascot or Byron.  Which ones did you buy?  Do you like them?
still available...
Is there anywhere to buy discounted Ugg slippers?  Looking at the Byron or Ascot.
I have a Vineyard Vines gift card for $178.10.   Looking for $165 or make me an offer.
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