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Good to know!  Wasn't sure if I could buy a gift card and then use a gift card at shoebank.  (Can I use a gift card when ordering over the phone?)
Dark Brown/Cognac is what I have and what is available.
I usually don't buy at full price.Only one cobbler in town that I know, mixed reviews.Uppers seem to be good, they are about 2 years old and get worn once or twice a week.I don't have a relationship with a SA that I know of!
Which option is best?   I have a pair of McTavish that need to be recrafted.    Pay $125 to AE and get the $50 gift card?    Buy them in seconds from shoebank for $137?    Or find a local cobbler to replace soles/heels?
I'm in the same boat.  Have a pair ready to send in, and was hoping for some sort of discount.  The $50 is nice, but I usually don't buy at full price.
Good idea, I'll check out the local shoe repair.
Are there ever any deals on recrafting? I have a pair of McTavish that need new soles. It would be $125 via AE or I can buy a pair of seconds from the shoe bank for $147.
I wear mine all the time in the winter, love them.
Leather...I had them on the other day, but then it started raining/snowing so went back in to put on the Long Branch...
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