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 Really like the shape of that last. Very flashy shoes; lovin it.
 Good customer service. :)
Got my first commission from Herman Bros & Co! Very impressed by the quality.         More photos and a review here: http://www.greedanddisgust.com/blog/2015/5/17/herman-bros-co-suit-review   The price point offered by Herman is really sharp.
Got a new jacket. A little flashy.       Jacket was made by Herman Bros & Co in Sydney.
 To me it looks more like Kerry is doing the ol' sneaky butt shift while letting one rip.
 Vue de Monde and Movida are both exceptional! I also like the random vego places in Brunswick. : )
 I'll fake it through the day, with some help from Johnny Walker Red.
 Depends on how you define 'big'. You're not going to become Jay Cutler, but if you don't work out at all and you start working out and eating a fairly healthy diet you should be able to put on 5-10 kilos fairly easily. I gained about 10 kilos after I started working out during Uni.
 I order mine online from Pediwear: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/accessories/saphir-shoe-care/all/Exchange rate used to be a bit friendlier though.
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