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 Wow. Just googled it and it seems some are saying it was space junk breaking up as it re-entered?
 Is it just me or is the buttoning stance a bit low on the first two? Haha, frustrating isn't it? Almost as frustrating as when people who profess to have no interest in fashion dish out some fashion advice
I made some lasagne  
 They're not models. I took the point to be about the bottom two looking like they'd been shot professionally -- not anything against the top two guys.
 Lovin the zigzag kinda pattern
 Can't say I agree. The score doesn't always tell the whole story ... it shouldn't matter if the final result was 3-1 or 5-1 if you're talking about the team's performance. Australia were mixing it with the Netherlands for large periods of that game. Tommy Oar fluffed a 2 v 1 opportunity to score (when he pinged a cross at an awkward height to Leckie when he should've shot ... or passed it better). That would've been 3-2 to Aus. The Netherland's third goal was a howler by...
Socceroos have never lost against the Netherlands. I'm sure this record will still be intact come tomorrow ... I don't really :(
 It should be close -- Sth Korea are usually well organised.
Nice, but dem lapels.
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