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 I recently got a pair of Uetams. Vass U 43 (9UK) is slightly big for me, but 9UK Uetam fits perfectly. I wear 8.5UK in the Rain and 9UK in the Simpson last, but neither fit 'perfectly'. Uetam is pretty much perfect. Anddddd, here's a pic of the loafers and a review including some sizing info: 
 Fair call. I guess my other point is that if you can see a fault with it then that'll be in your mind every time you put it on. At the time I thought: 'But it's really cheap anyway.' Which is true, but given I don't wear it I might as well have bought $50 worth of ice cream or something.
 I bought a uniqlo jacket while in Tokyo and even though it only cost 50 AUD I still regret it. Too short; hardly ever wear it.
Getting nice and warm now in Australia.  
Finally got around to having a few pictures taken of a shirt I had Luxire make me in Navy Pique material. Never been big on polos so I thought I'd try a shirt in polo material ... which is really the same thing in hindsight.     A few more pics and some of my thoughts here.
 That's tight; very nice. Where'd you get the jacket from? Linen blend?
 I'm waiting for a grey number to arrive from Suitshop so I'm interested to see how it goes since it should be basically the same as my P Johnson suits. I find staring at a suit too long can be like staring at a word too long. After a while the spelling looks off even if it's correct.
Couple of shots of the Liverano & Liverano tie I bought while in Florence. Quite a thin, light feel to the tie. Not as much heft as some of my other ties.    
 He presents well!
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