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 It's also sale season in Europe. I was in the Barcelona Carmina store a week or so ago and about two thirds of the shoes were marked down to some degree.
 On the topic though I wouldn't buy CT shirts except when they're on sale -- which is almost always. The shirt material isn't the best. Totally agree on the sizing too -- extra slim is what you'd consider slim round these parts.
 Haha, I assume you're referring to the hair... No just a bit of wax at the hairdresser. My hair's almost thick enough to stick up on its own.
 Taking in for two reasons:1. You can always do it (within reason), while sometimes there isn't enough fabric to let out.2. After letting out I find you can see the stitching. Not really noticeable, but it annoys me. Though in terms of maintaining shape I think both are as easy as each other if you're close to the desired fit.
 Sam Allardyce. 
 Thanks and I will do. Especially when I run into some SF favoured stores.
 If you're concerned about crowds then d), none of the above? In all seriousness though, it is better to do it before 15 August, Assumption Day, when heaps of Europeans go on holiday as well. I decided to ignore that completely though -- I'm off to Europe next Wednesday and I'll be swanning around until 8 September. :)
 Amazingly hard to do that when you don't live in Europe. :p Suarez to Barca has caused me to stop supporting a team I've barracked for since I was about 14 (13 years). A bit dramatic, but it goes against everything I liked about Barca. Mes que un club ... not really when you're just as happy to win at all (monetary) cost as Real.
 Robben had the exact same stats -- 1 assist and no goals during the knockout phase. You're quite right that it's about performance, so let's stick to discussing that. If you're curious, I agree that Messi didn't deserve it, but nothing to do with his statistics. Though to be fair to him, there were a large number of times he created gilt-edged opportunities for his teammates.
New Posts  All Forums: