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 He presents well!
 Please take some pics when you get a chance. :)
 Wow! Congratulations TBM!
 Milk Thistle to help my liver.
 It's also sale season in Europe. I was in the Barcelona Carmina store a week or so ago and about two thirds of the shoes were marked down to some degree.
 On the topic though I wouldn't buy CT shirts except when they're on sale -- which is almost always. The shirt material isn't the best. Totally agree on the sizing too -- extra slim is what you'd consider slim round these parts.
 Haha, I assume you're referring to the hair... No just a bit of wax at the hairdresser. My hair's almost thick enough to stick up on its own.
 Taking in for two reasons:1. You can always do it (within reason), while sometimes there isn't enough fabric to let out.2. After letting out I find you can see the stitching. Not really noticeable, but it annoys me. Though in terms of maintaining shape I think both are as easy as each other if you're close to the desired fit.
 Sam Allardyce. 
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