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Here's a theory: the irritation is coming from the fact that the hairs on the back of your leg are rubbing against the denim and creating irritation, in the way that an ingrown hair might form from a similar situation. As its only happening on one leg, it can't be allergies. The direction that the hair follicles are may be slightly different from the direction of the rest of your leg, and this could cause some irritation;   A way to test this (if you are willing) would...
It's just a passing fad. Before too long something else will be big (Chartreuse or somesuch thing) and normal bourbon lovers can go back to swirling their bourbon glasses.   Ice or no ice? That is the question.
I listen to the NPR podcast of Sound Opinions pretty regularly. They've got their 2013 mixtapes out for streaming now, makes for a good listen, see if you agree with them about the most remarkable tunes of the year, but it's usually a great way to discover new music. If you're like me, you have been listening to the same shit for years and finding something new that is good and not cheesy or overhyped isn't easy these days. I definitly prefer Mix 1 to Mix 2....
    A classic for any occasion...just perfect. A little sun for a winter day...
I didn't see it in the list, but there are always good sales and vouchers to be had on Spartoo, this is where I have been buying all my boots and shoes lately, free delivery in UK and throughout Europe actually, sometimes you can find models from two seasons ago and brands that are hard to find elsewhere, and usually at a lower price.  http://www.spartoo.co.uk/Ankle-boots-men-st-10218-10127-0.php
I think its a bad idea to have a toilet that relies on electricity. The normal kind you can flush with a bucket of water if you have no electricity, so all is not lost. Your seemigly-electric one probably takes a long time to turn on because of the same reason that it automatically turns off--energy saving. The best toilet I ever saw was a waterless one. You put something resembling a coffee filter into the toilet, do your thing and then you step on a foot pedal that opens...
Makers Mark is a wonderful bourbon in my opinion, as far as bourbons go. Living in Europe it is hard to get good bourbon sometimes, but the grocery store has Crown Royal. Four Roses is widely available, therefore making it, to me, less desirable. I had no idea bourbon was hard to get out west. I'm from the Midwest and there are many available... But my question is, why are they all made in KY?
Don't know if this has already been discussed, but I just watched Bad Grandpa the other night... very strange flic... it's really awkward at times yet super funny... it's a total Johnny Knoxville ego trip, but I have to admit, he had some good ideas, and they way it was done was pretty entertaining, and in the end, actually endearing. I feel like comedies are getting more and more unconventional, and this is one example.
http://www.spartoo.co.uk/Nike-b4.php Sales on Nike gear right now online, sweatshirts, shoes, bags, etc... Ok so they don't have the Drake Jordans, but you don't have to spend 100k to get some Nike love!
Mavis Staples... perfect background music that isn't too distracting from work, yet not fluffy crap... real soul...   http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/Mavis+Staples/88417484
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