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Made a great fondue savoyard last night for my girl, using French cheeses: Abondance, Gruyere, Emmental de Savoie and....can't remember the other cheese. White wine, a little garlic, and YES BABY!!! Freaking love fondue in the winter...perfect for the cold and rainy weather we've got, perfect for sharing between 2 people, and very easy to make when you get the cheese preshredded and mixed at the cheese shop--perfect to impress a girl for dinner at home, takes about 15...
Agree at Zara and H&M, but I thought Mexx was ok. Have a great jacket from them I got a couple years ago, and maybe a sweater too. Totally waaaaaaay better quality than H&M, by far!
Saw the Lego movie at the cinema yesterday with kids of a friend... And that fking song is still in my head!!! The beginning was the most entertaining part, the entire message focused on that American everyones-a-champ kinda message. Very impressive animation, but I'm not sure why it's so popular--the story was extremely mediocre, at one point I almost feel asleep... Was uplifted to see Will Ferrell at the end for a bit... such blatent marketing!! But harmless I guess,...
First of all, the outfit above ^^ would only look good on very thin women...beware the bowling pin shape! Wanted to say that I'm fully enjoying the short dress/short skirt fad that is going on right now, including tights as trousers, shirts as dresses, etc. http://www.spartoo.co.uk/Short-Dresses-women-sty-10617-10062-0.php
Yesterday it was dead winter, gray, freezing, depressing. Today, it's spring! Blue skies, birds singing, sunshine warming the skin... Even though I'm stuck in an office, seeing blue sunny skies changes EVERYTHING. Hell yeah!
^^ right on for the Hitchcock comment, his films are all pretty much totally amazingly brilliant, timeless and beautifully shot.   Watched From Dusk til Dawn for the first time in years last night with someone who had never seen it. Man, Tarantino really had fun with this one. The film is blatently divided into two parts. There is a bit of a good vs evil theme...the bad guys become the good guys, the hot women become disgusting, the minister who doubts God... Extremely...
An ok concept for a show, as long as it stays funny. Its risky to continue the "shows about nothing" concept that just bank on the fact that the people are funny, a la Everything on Comedy Central right now, some of which just isn't that funny to a large audience. But...if its funny, its funny, and I'll watch it.  But the title begs the question "why would I want to watch comédiens, or anyone for that matter, in cars getting coffee?"
Caught a film from a couple of years ago, The Town with Ben Affleck. For yet another story set in Boston with Ben Affleck using his accent...it was decent. I was expecting something really predictable and with a lot of action...there was an element of subtly and some decent acting by the girl...there was also suspense that built slowly, and the end was not a typical Hollywood ending... Worth a watch if you like gangster stuff...
This Napapijri jacket is perfect. Just ordered it on sale, hope it fits as well as I want it too...the wrists might be a bit tight but I love the close but of this classic leather... http://www.spartoo.co.uk/Jackets-men-st-10617-10174-0.php
Should call this the gratitude thread!   Stoked for tomorrow night, dinner with my girl and friends I haven't seen in a long time, Saturday making cinnamon rolls for breakfast because I have been craving that shit, and then getting some DIY done around the house; and Sunday relax with my girl--the perfect weekend!!!
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