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Dude on the tram the other morning (have seen him once in the afternoon as well), looked like he was trying to make his way home, got off in a residential "poor" area... The whole time he was so fked up, trying to stay standing, but his legs kept bending...up, down, up, down...looked like he had taken something strong and been rolling all night or possibly for a couple of days and his body was shutting down on him...  he seems coherent enough--got on and off tram at the...
WANT: The leather worker-desert-whatever "hybrid" boot from Converse, new this season I believe--love the fact that it doesn't look like a typical  converse except the logo, could work in a lot of situations--not as casual as a classic Converse, yet not pretentious at all either. And those laces.
This looks like something you should wait til it gets worse, and then get it fixed, so as to not pay twice for fixing it. It's due to a mix of the way you walk and the material of the sole. You probably can't do anything to avoid it other than getting shoes with very durable soles. Otherwise, looks like you'll have to find a good cobbler.
^^Now that you mention it yes, totally. Good call.
Just downloaded NPR Music's 100 picks from SXSW 2014 for free here:   Haven't listened to anything yet, but there are 100 freaking new songs! Ones I hate I can just delete from my iTunes, but its cool to have some new stuff to try out. Considering that SXSW is the coolest industry music, film and art fest in the States, all the new bands are there... this is how you can be the first to like the next cool thing. I mean, if that's your thing......
I don't "get" Lent, even having been raised in a religious home, going to Church and stuff. But seriously...   Super stoked because its gonna be hotter than Ibiza this weekend (which is relative cuz its March), and I'm gonna act like its summer!!!!
Weekend was a total bust. Drank too much Friday, caused a scene, possibly ended my fucking awesome relationship and thus spent the weekend hungover and alone. Another big red letter day for ol' me. So frustrated, wish I had a time machine, blah blah blah. Some people never change, including me. FML. Oh yeah, the cat pissed on the bed as well. Good times.
  The Eleven Paris T shirts have a cool half-V neck half-slouchy neck that looks comfortable, but without having huge arms, which is cool for making skinny guys look tough. I think this brand has something here with this cut of T. Photo from Spartoo:
^^bro you need to clean your room!
Ok maybe not this young, but... Love a blonde in a black leather jacket...
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