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Well maybe I'm missing something here, but to me Four Roses doesn't really make the cut. It's a well whiskey (the cheapest) in many European bars, and their aged stuff has never been on any lists of note that I personally have seen. But then maybe I'm just too much into scotch to notice. Makers Mark is the shit though... probably the only bourbon I still drink today. For anyone who loves scotch, I highly recommend Macallan's 12 year old (or more) and Oban.
There are a few on this page that might work for you some cheaper brands like Carlington, Rockport, with similar look and toe. Roberto Cavalli are nice as well but possilbly out of your budget...    
No doubt: black socks!
Slightly overcooked grilled sea scallops with butter wine sauce on a bed of baby spinach with parmesan shavings and creme de balsamic. It was just ok. Great 2011 Crozes Hermitages (yes red wine with seafood, oh my god!)
Rewatched Urban Cowboy for the first time in about 15 years. Wow, what a blast from the past--its a very realistic film in so many ways, yet it seems like a completely other planet. Makes you see how much society has changed since the 70s, when John Travolta was a wife-beating, pickup driving hillbilly romantic.
Watched "This Must Be The Place" last night with Sean Penn. Well, he didn't actually watch it with me....   I was expecting something slightly more existential... expecting a much bigger arc....the story was so slow and the dialogue so mumbly, you would expect some big philophical ideas to come in and make up for it. Only slightly achieved.  Penn was great in it, but its certainly the kind of film that you wouldn't be able to get a lot of people to sit down and watch...
Well you are in luck because the 80s (and 90s) seem to be back in a big way right now.
Did you guys hear about the supposed new style for hipsters called "normcore"? You can find a ton of different stuff talking about it. Basically its about dressing uber mainstream to be ironic or something?... turns out its not really real... Pretty funny shit.... Can you imagine dressing like Seinfeld and acting like its the new cool? That would be officially post modern for me. Check...
Nothing fancy. About 4 glasses of Cote de Provence rosé wine, and some deliciously fried calarmari, among friends. It felt decadent and awesome. Pics next time!
So glad this show is getting remade. I have always thought the original Cosmos series was underrated and deserved more credit... Now more than ever we need something like this... Unfortunately I haven't had time to even catch one episode, but that will change this weekend! I haven't been this excited about TV in a loooooong time.
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