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I can't say I think sports are dumb...I don't even hate sports, they can be quite fun to attend and cheer for etc (much like a concert is also fun, or any live outdoor event with thousands of people with one common spectacle)... but I do think that the emphasis that is placed on professional sports in the media is too inescapable  to just "accept" as something I "should" be interested in. Not to mention, the salaries of everyone involved are so ridiculous... it really is...
World cup.... like, why do people act like they don't know what will happen? I mean,  you don't know who will win or lose, but you know that SOMEONE will win and someone will lose, so.... to me anyway, the plot is even less existant than a daytime soap opera. its always the same.  
When someone who is a bit, let's say, "wide" (not overly so, just like a bit hippy or something) is sitting in a seat on the bus or metro.... And when you sit in the empty seat next to them, and your leg or hip is touching theirs  because of the fact that their "person" is passing their alloted personal space area...and then THEY look at YOU like YOUR the one who is taking up more than your alloted space! This happened to me yesterday. The chick kind of gave that annoyed...
I don't get...why Katy Perry is famous. She's so average and plain looking, having to do crazy blue hair and over the top outfits to set her oh-so-forgettable face apart from the others.... I have no idea why but seeing her face in media makes me crazy... I mean...does she have talent? What is the deal? Does anyone think she has anything that merits celebrity status? She is not hot!!!
Just purchased a Weber grill... it is lightly used, like brand new, seriously looks like it was used one time maybe. Paid about half the price of a new one, and will be grilling out at home for the first time in years, starting TONIGHT!!!
^^ Not just the fact that they are forcing everyone to listen around them, but the quality of the sound coming out of a phone in a public place is shitty... Wouldn't someone rather listen on headphones to actually HEAR the sounds of the music? These are the questions I have that make me feel old LOL
Ah, the asparagus dilemma. I have a Tupperware full of the "bad half" of the stalk sitting in my fridge as we speak...
  Can't beat some Tim Buckley on a Monday... to follow a long, depressing weekend LOL
I think this is a great casual shoe that is a bit more original than a pair of Chucks. I think you can definitely wear them with jeans or khaki shorts for summer. Merrell is a quality brand, so I'm sure you won't be disappointed--I would bet they are way more comfortable than Chucks as well.
Ok point taken, as I said I just had no idea Four Roses was considered that highly. I'm not saying Macallan's is the most expensive or whatever....just that I like it. I have found that bourbon leaves a worse headache (more sugar probably) than the scotch, and I've just gotten used to the smokiness of it... completely out of the loop today on the bourbon as a result. Cheers...
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