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Sorry, I meant $7.5K
Are prices creeping up for the Rolex 16710?    I noticed that the prices for the 16710 is a bit erratic - some go for $5k and some go for $7k.    In your opinion, how much would a Z serial no holes 3185 movement (06-07 production), full kit be worth? Is $6,500 reasonable? It's in good condition and runs great, but no servicing history. 
The answer is easy. Just get the no date so you have an excuse to pick up the blnr blue/black bezel down the road. That one has a date.
any jogger pants worth mentioning in a slew of sales?    preferably > 100.    Thanks. 
First of all, Congrats!  That's a very nice strap and an especially remarkable GS. Do you find shell to be warmer than leather bands on your wrist? I ask this because shell tend to wear warmer than calf skin. Also does the strap bloom?   Wow, how do you like the quality of it? At that price, it can't be beat! I was looking at shell straps and most of them were in the $100 range, which I'm okay with as well. But hey, $50 is even better!   How are they making their margins...
 Perfect example of why shell is amazing. I mean, just look at how well the boots cleaned up. Alden's glow is unparalleled.  Your boots are lovely! 
Are there any shell corrdovan watch straps available similar to Alden's shell quality and in Whiskey or Ravello?    pictures for inspiration? 
Never knew Vass sold seconds. 
great looking pairs fellas!
The shoes are brand new. As you know, exotics are getting rarer and rarer, resulting in high demand but low supply.I'm not even sure when was the last time Alden released Alden makeups in Whiskey. Original box and bags are included (brand new as well). Barrie last. Trees not included.   Shoe construction: Color: Whiskey  Size: 8.5D Material – Shell Cordovan  Condition – Brand New       Shipping is $15 
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