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I haven’t used these, so I’m letting them go.   The set is brand new (you can see the sticker on the bottom of the sole) and comes with all the everything seen in the picture. Original box.   Asking for $60. 
Worn just once, but letting them go. Shoe looks basically brand new. Comes with original box and shoe bag (not shown, but can snap a pic if you like). The rubber is york sole.      Plenty of references available.    Asking $120    SOLD
Just checking in again.    Did Alden Madison release any ravello shoes the past 12 months? Been on the ravello short wing since 3 years ago? 
anybody remembers whether Bergdorf Goodman annual sale in December of 2015 (30% off) carried CG or Moncler?  
have been out of this thread for a minute.    has there been any ravello makeups recently? 
I picked up a can of Nano Protector for my suede shoes, but was wondering whether its good for sneakers as well?    Sneakers such as Kill shots 2 , White Ultra Boost etc...   Or do I need to get Jason Markk repel?    Thanks. 
 The Elton last is a more elongated than that of the Hiro last. However, I take the same size in both last. The shoes will definitely stretch, but whether they become comfortable is a different story. It may also help if you let others know what size you wear for other brands. 
Any guys here rock ultra boost with EP gear? Let's see them!
I just want to share some pictures of my well-worn Meermins along with my new found passion, watches. If my memory serves me correct, the following pairs are the plum museum calf captoes in the Hiro last (LM Line) and the antique oak austerity wingtips in the Elton last (Classic line). My antique oak austerity wingtips are one of the very first pairs offered in the MTO program. I have to say, these are probably one of my favorite shoes in the collection, which consist of...
Is that Archie? Link won't load but saw the video yesterday. He does bring up good points regarding the slowdown. Other people in the industry have also alluded to this, but in a more mild manner. Pam prices are already down - so no surprise here.
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