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He probably thinks if any shoe design is above 12 orders, the cost will be $199 rather than the MSRP price... 
Geez, didn't even know LV can go that high. I thought 2k was as high as it goes for a typical bag. Most of their signature totes or whatever it's called is about one grand...   4 grand is pretty much chanel status....
jcrew, uniqlo and brooks brothers are really good options when you catch them on sale.  if you want higher quality, there are many SF affiliates that offer great products at a reasonable price. for shoes, AE is a great choice, especially in the US since you can try a variety of sizes and last shapes in-store.  
it's not similar,  bob's chili is a really nice color....sorta like chili but darker....
for MTOs, does AE offer flushed / sunken toe taps? 
i would shoot b. nelson or DFII a pm. they're really helpful with this regards. 
Are u guys certain Indy specs are available for the $199 pricing? I think AE changed their policy in regards to that? You woud need to pay for independence line pricing for indy requests.
Hey Monkeyface, anyway for more pictures? Or at different angles? How does the shoe look 6 inches away from the camera? 
Thanks for the insight, I didn't know Wharton is that easy. Out of curiosity, how heavy was PE recruiting? 
 Since this is The Noodles thread and anything can be discussed, what the hell....this is by far my favorite thread on SF btw, haha,  1) Max out 401k up to the matching 2) Max out Backdoor Roth IRA 3) Pay for mortgages / recurring bills (utility,phone etc) 4) SF items. I wonder how many people here go in that order. Hopfully many of you folks dont have the order in reverse.  
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