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which fits tighter?    Rain or Oscar? 
really?  What's the resale value? Even for #8, cigar, whiskey and ravello? 
looks like you may have to size up in width or get a smaller orthotic. 
the double leather soles still look good to me. are you looking to switch the sole to a different design such as a commando sole for the winter?  
Great review. Thanks. When you're talking about dryness, can you rank them among other shoemakers so I can get a sense of Meermin's dryness in shell? How often does it need shell cream?  Thanks.
either one is a MUST.    No way to keep both? 
I think many brands have QC issues at the sub $200 level. Whenever I purchase AEs or Meermins, I'm more tolerant to minuscule issues. I just purchased a pair of scotch grain LWB for sub $200 and couldn't be happier about my purchase albeit minor issues.    From my experience, Carmina, Vass and AS are better choices if you want to mitigate QC issues. 
This has to be fastest GMTO completion rate for Meermin. The cognac shells are almost finished and and they were launched less than 12 hours ago.      Looks like Alden Whiskey to me.     
  Gy-2 is hand-welted.  JR soles are ideal, but you can always replace to JR whenever the standard soles are worned out. 
Just be aware it's not hand-welted nor is it constructed on the JR sole....but pricing more than offsets that.   those stacked heels look alden-esque though. haha. at least I hope so.    I wonder if it's too late to propose exposed eyelets. 
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