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Is it me or I thought you MTO 3 macneils? 
Sale is for big and small sizes only. Sale has been running for a while.
Are you referring to AS exclusive?
still available?
Looking to purchase my first pair of common projects. It this a good versatile pair? Thoughts? It's going to be about $300, so not sure if it's a deal or not. http://tres-bien.com/brand/common-projects/achilles-gum-low-charcoal
I still see a lot of CPs available. Which ones are you referring to? The suedes are still available.
Most people would not do this, but how would one darken shell shoes? Would prefer not to add in layers and layers of shell polish since it just sits on top of the shoes. Buddy bought a pair shells and wants it darker....I would think the shoe will lose most of its glow as well by using too much shell polish?
 vintage as in the low cuts?I'm guessing my range is either 41 or 42?
Do you have to wear a suit everyday? Assuming that you dont. This is what I would go for. 1) Black captoe 2) Dark brown punched captoe 3) Merlot/burgundy/oxblood short wingtips 4) Walnut brogue captoe or brown austerity 5) Any suede shoes calf or shell.
anybody got the 10% signup code to work for those CPs? not working for me at the moment.
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