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Anybody knows what last are the wingtips on?       
Both look amazing.    At the end of the day, it comes down to preference. You really can't go wrong with either pairs.
Those PTBS.....   I gotta say, uncle and Mike has a lot do with why I'm consistently broke
I plan to buy some of the aforementioned shirts. If it isn't too much of a hassle, would you be able to link me to the four shirts so I don't make a mistake by ordering the wrong fabric? Or I should be safe as long as the title indicates it's that particulary fabric? I don't mind to spend in the $100 range as that's my budget per shirt. 
 not to hijack, but my budget is $100ish per shirt Looking for standard shirts for casual/formal business wear that doesn't wrinkle too easily (so linen is out). Would like separate recommendations for the summer and winter season. - maybe a top 3 fabric for each season. Thanks!
Lol,  I wear a dark brown uniqlo belt five days a week that I bought for $15 to wear with my shells. I just recently ordered a belt from Equus, an affiliate vendor.  
seconds don't come with bags, but I can throw in bags if you wish. 
For you consideration is a pair Merlot Nathans in size 9E. This is the same exact model as the 5th avenue but constructed in the 8-last rather than the 5-last. This purchase will come exactly like you would if you bought a new pair of shoes: shoe bags and shoe box included.   Size: 9E   Payment: Paypal   Shipping: $10     In terms of sizing - I'm a 9D True to Size. I take 9D in the 5-last and 1-last but a 9D in the 8-last is too tight, hence buying 9E. 
The only way to get a pair of dark brown shell Leeds is to go via MTO right? As in, they're generally not available via the 2nds list.  
Do you guys construct pants with full-lining, half-lining or no-lining?     Lining is simply to reduce the wool from causing an itch to the skin and prolonging the wool from excessive friction right? 
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