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 wow...people would order items and send it back with the full intentions of buying elsewhere at the expense of shipping and returns to NMWA? Sometimes I even get guilt tripped when I go in to an AE store to try on spedific shoe last /size, only to get my sizing down for an AE GMTO. Not a big fan of wasting an SAs time and efforts.    
just get woodlore ultras.    they are great for this instance, where JAB shoe tress are better for something with a roomier fit such as the Barrie last from Alden. 
wasn't there a guy that said he was down for the townleys if the GMTO is missing one more to get the ball rolling. 
All my supima white t-shirts are not bright white, albeit they are very comfortable and have a soft hand. 
tread carefully.  when you have additional shoes trees laying around, it's usually an impetus to grab more shoes, especially when there's a deal.  speaking from experience.....sadly.....
It's on single waterlock. And it's very comfortable.
Would be great if we can get two more for the Townley's. Such a great deal and interesting make up from AE. 
Any fit pictures on the Pure Blue Loose Tapered fits?    Any standouts in the the PB collection? 
Nice! First row counting from the left... Is that Carmina or Meermin? Looks like a chiseled toe box. Simpson perhaps?  
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