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uh oh, i wasn't aware that dubs own shoes outside the AE / Alden family with EG as an anomaly.   Looks great!
 that's my dilemma when i purchase ae seconds. the shoes cost me anywhere from $100 to $200, but resoling at a reputable place can cost as much as $150. 
nice hat, Mike. how much did that set you back? i'm sure it's high quality stuff. 
 1) customers will only react in a negative way, considering it's much cheaper to buy elsewhere across all euro shoemakers. customers buy meermin because it has a great value to price point ratio. not sure we can still argue that point given the abrupt significant increase while other options (shoemakers) are still at a discount due to the strength of the dollar 2) when the euro rebounds, margins will be supressed as a result. what other choice is there other than to pass...
the dark brown shoe you listed (middle) is not available in 8UK
most of its production is actually in China though. did the euro lose ground to the rembi as well? that might as well explain the price hike for US customers, but then again, it's a bit perplexing there's no price hike for european customers....
this abrupt price increase by Meermin makes the LM line more expensive than the Carminas purchased via the online site when factoring in shipping and custom fees. 
 Yea, that's a pretty significant jump.... But prices are increasing across the board: EG, GG, Carmina etc...
 Looks like it's more expensive now, it's $175 with VAT excluded and an additional $45 for shipping. So the total is about $250 after custom fees are included. 
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