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The shoes are brand new in-box and come with original box and shoe bags. The suede feels great. Olive is a highly versatile color. I'm not sure which last this is, but please message me if you guys do know. This fit TTS.    Color: Olive Sole: Danite Condition: Brand New   These retail for $748, which is BB's version of Crockett and Jones. Made in England.   For exact boots: Go to Brooks Brothers website and look for: Peal & Co. Suede Wingtip...
Thanks for clarifying. Point taken. 
 If you think this is trolling then you can disregard it.  This is what I’ve been reading from Reddit.  I have not purchase from the aforementioned brand, so just doing my diligence here. 
Has anyone heard of Jomers?   I recently took a stroll into the ‘malefashsionadvice’ forum via Reddit and discovered a high-traffic darling brand that frequently sells out merchandise in a matter of minutes, not days.  The owner claims to offer comparable quality pants / shirts from brands charging significantly more.  As part of its strategy, management is willing to compromise growth and margin by slashing prices to ‘Old Navy’ levels in order to develop a high-volume...
Are cavalry twill pants really thick? Should they only be used in the winter/fall? 
for the 365 last, do you go one full size down or 1.5 size down?    10US = 9Uk or 10US = 8.5UK for the 365 last. 
if you want to move into strategy or analyst role, why not start your career in investment banking - in a retail coverage group 
the mcgregor was $157 the past couple of days. Is there an additional 20% off then? 
is this consistent with your experiences with the 5 last?    The Mcgregor (5 last) seems a lot more roomier in the same size as the Strands (5 last). The former is a blucher and the latter is a balmoral. 
For your consideration is a pair of brand new short wings in size 41.5 F-Last.  It comes with the original box and shoe bags as if were shipped new from a retailer.  Lasted shoe trees are also included. I don’t say this often, but the quality of these shoes or Vass in general is amazing.   Leather: Calf Last: F-last   Color: Antique Cognac Condition: Brand New Sole – JR soles, HAF (double sole tapering to single at the waist)   Shipping is $10. 
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