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wow, love the rolls and shine! your two ravellos def compliment each other. maybe consider color 8 as well? 
help me blow more doe.    1) is Schneider TTS? does a 3 in blazers/jackets equate to 35inch in chest?  2) Oliver spencer stripe Ts, does an S fit for a 35 inch chest?  
what are some of the shortcuts they're using for the 2.0s? 
Hey Luxire,    can you speak on the fabrics for the shorts? Any particular favorite? Does any of them "bleed" when paired with something light colored, such as a white T.    I'm guessing the waist measurement is TTS and not vanity sized? So a 30 inch waist =  30 inches on the shorts?  
anyone knows whether TS and Schneider sportscoat/ jackets run true to size?    My chest is about 35-36ish...does that translate to a 3? 
Albini = Thomas Mason? 
to encapsulate the discussion of horsehide vs shell cordovan, horsehide will crease whereas cordovan will not crease, but only "roll"?    the shoes below are not vass, but judging from the bends, are this closer to creasing", rather than rolling?   
would somebody pull up some pictures to see how ravello and whiskey age? interesting...
awesome pictures of boxes. i personally think Carmina offers really nice boxes and AE Indy boxes are really nice as well. Alden on the other hand offers crappy boxes. looks like a great collection btw, and i have a hunch you'll end up with more Alden than any other shoe maker. 
thanks.  since i'm not familiar with jean sizing, i didn't want to mess around measurements. sounds like these N&Fs would perfect for non-denim heads as well.  
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