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Hey Mike and Gents,    Do you guys recommend reversing chup socks before washing? 
We all know Chup socks and Alden shoes go hand-in-hand .    For washing, do you gents typically reverse the socks before washing? For wool dress socks such as panathrella, it's recommended to reverse the socks before washing to prevent pilling.
1) Anyone has real life pictures of expresso brown from EB?    2) It is similar to Dark Oak from EG?    http://us.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/enzo-bonafe/products/enzo-bonafe-espresso-calf-oxford#&gid=1&pid=1   3) Is is possible to get flushed toe taps on in-stock EBs?
Gents. What’s the best way to contact the shoe bank to request for a shipping label to return seconds? I’ve emailed them a couple of times and the online chat is always offline.   I would like to get a label to ship things out during the weekend. 
Newcomer - shoes are stunning, but what's with the debris on the navy socks, lol.    Those G&Gs are...wow. 
St James II in vintage cherry?    https://meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=346   Meermin's interpretation looks even more flashy with Cherry antique. Does anyone has real-life pictures of vintage cherry? 
amazing post, subscribed. 
The shoes are brand new in-box and come with original box and shoe bags. The suede feels great. Olive is a highly versatile color. I'm not sure which last this is, but please message me if you guys do know. This fit TTS.    Color: Olive Sole: Danite Condition: Brand New   These retail for $748, which is BB's version of Crockett and Jones. Made in England.   For exact boots: Go to Brooks Brothers website and look for: Peal & Co. Suede Wingtip...
Thanks for clarifying. Point taken. 
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