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Is that Archie? Link won't load but saw the video yesterday. He does bring up good points regarding the slowdown. Other people in the industry have also alluded to this, but in a more mild manner. Pam prices are already down - so no surprise here.
 whoa the color really pops. Vass did the burnish for you? lookin' good. 
Agreed.  They look like white socks, but I presume they're more closer to cream. 
For you consideration is pair of Museum Brown Captoe (worn ONCE) that is constructed on the F-Last in size 41. As you can tell from the pictures, it's flushed with metal toe taps and the leather soles are in great condition. The brown museum calf is subtle in an office setting, but the museum calf comes alive under sunlight. The museum leather composition is indeed very interesting. Comes with brand new shoe bags, original Vass box and lasted shoe trees.      Shipping is...
Those epla zip hoodies are so awesome. When will those be back in stock? Where can I get a new one in xs? I have the navy one but im open to other colors!
Second hand for that much? Geez Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 I have never seen so many luxury boutiques congested into such a small proximity.  You can practically find at least one jeweler every other block in Central or Times Square – it’s pretty insane.  Since buying a home is not realistic due to astronomical valuations, might as well cop some luxury items, I guess. The BLNR has to be at least 2 months of work for these taxi or bus drivers right?    
Don't see the blnr but whenever I see a rolex, it's usually a sub.
For you consideration is EG's most iconic design, the Dover in the 606 last. This comes brand new in box. If you're here, I'm sure you know what this makeup is all about. Comes with brand new shoe bags and original EG box. Here is your chance to pick up this pair with a significant discount to MSRP. The Dover will not disappoint.    Shipping is $10 
The shoes are brand new in-box and come with original box and shoe bags. The suede is soft as you would expect from Crockett and Jones.  This fits TTS.    Color: Olive Sole: Danite Condition: Brand New   These retail for $748, which is BB's version of Crockett and Jones. Made in England.   For exact boots: Go to Brooks Brothers website and look for: Peal & Co. Suede Wingtip...
New Posts  All Forums: