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Do you guys wear dress socks (typically thin) and Chup socks (or any winter type pattern socks) with the same pair of Aldens? I find Chup socks increase shoe size by another 1/2 size. If dress socks fit perfectly with a pair of shoes, Chup socks would fit extremely tight in the same pair. 
is this the maroon university stripe dress shirt? looks to be sold out.
anyone find the Park last to fit bigger than the Olfe last? 
In terms of dust deteriorating the fabric? You should be fine. 
Guys, I believe the minimum is 6 pairs.     But back to EG talk, haha. In your opinion, which is EG's signature / iconic pair or design? I'm presuming Dovers or Galaways based on the reception here. 
 I had the same problem with new AE brushes but they get better after numerous uses though.  It's kinda of funny because cheap Kiwi brushes do a better job than AEs. 
Is leaves stocking any dovers?    I presume GMTOs are dead for EG? 
  The lowest I've seen is $199 for the shoes and a pair of shoe trees.  I think it was a stacked coupon, spend $250 and get $50 off. So basically shoes (already on sale) + shoe trees equal appoximately $250 or $200 after the $50 deduction.  It's a great price but it's not made on the same last as the Park Aves. 
  The G&R powder blue had the same characteristics but my other order, the G & R Blue, fared a bit better. Lighter fabric tends to wrinkle a bit more, oh well.  The powder blue shirt was difficult to iron beause of how sensitive the shirt is to creases. 
When buttoning topcoats such as this: https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/topcoats/PRDOVR~05660/05660.jsp?color_name=hthr-naval-blue   Do you button all three buttons or only certain ones? I understand it's best to wear the topcoat unbuttoned, but winter months can be a bit harsh.
New Posts  All Forums: