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I just went to my local AE to check out the Independence lineup. The leather on the Jeffersons is softer and not stiff by any means. It's more supple than AE's regular lineup. The premium leather is definitely better....I would presume there is very little break-in period with AE's premium leather.
Is there a major advantage to using the proper last when resoling? I figure going through Nelson is good enough for any type of recrafting....
You're a 9.5 in both the 5-last and barrie? Most people 1/2 size down from TTS for the barrie. The simpson is really narrow, much more narrow than the 5-last. So you can't be a 9UK if you're a 9UK in the rain. Most people size up half from the rain to simpson as well. These are my sizes and they fit pretty good. 5-last, 1-last, 8-last - 9D Barrie - 8.5D Simpson - 8.5UK
To be hoenst, it was the exposed eyelids and texture that made me want something similar but in the MaCallister style and also in black. I didn't want a blucher as well. So I'm not trying to recreate the Alden shoe by any means. There were some asethetics on the shoe that appealed to me.
^Mike You meant Netural Saphir Cordovan Cream right?
    1) Is it true that SF Alden and NY Alden use a different color welt on the cigar lwb? 2) What type of welt is that? reverse welt/ wheeling in natural color? The contrast looks pretty neat Amazing shoes. I got a pair coming from SF Alden.
Is AE prohibiting the option of wheeling on MTO shoes not in the Indy or shell lineup? I want a casual black shoe with some texture / contrast in coloring. So I was thinking.... MaCallister Black Football Leather Chili lining and insole exposed eyelids uppers contrast stitching (can I use chili?) Wheeling / reverse welt (natural or chili?) light brown tranparent edging Double leather sole (JR is not an option right?) What do you think? Here is my inspirational...
How do people hand patches of discoloration on a single shoe then? It's much harder to control sunlight on a specific spot.
I believe sarteaga is running it, but there' no separate thread for it. He will give us an update when Pepe replies.
Yes There is a museum calf austerity going at the moment. I believe it's dark brown museum calf in either the olfe or park last.
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