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the post does seem a bit disingenuous. he tries to call these "whiskey" but refrains to call them shell cordovan. i'm pretty sure the well-informed buyers will not be deceived. it even looks like calf based on the creases. 
The black captoes are the quintessential pair of formal shoes. The shoes are brand new and come with new shoe bags, lasted shoes trees and original box - basically brand new as if you were to buy it from a retailer. The exclusive line offers very good quality for the price.   Shoe construction: Color: Black calf Last: 109 Last (true to size) Size: 8UK / 9D Material – Calf  Soles – Leather oak bark channeled leather Condition – New in Box      Shipping is $10. 
Most iconic is definitely the color 8 gunboat, but if one asks what is the most desired makeup, I'm think most will say xyz in ravello.
What is that the case? 
some of meermin's MTOs are a definite homerun.    So they also made the Galaway as well? You think they would consider the Dovers in antique oak calf? 
Willing to let go of my Alden x Leffot Shell Color 8 LWB (antique edge) at cost for the folks here. Just shoot me a pm.    size 8.5D Barrie last
The shoes are brand new. Does not come with shoe trees but comes with original box and shoe bags.   Shoe construction: Color: Color 8   Size: 8.5 Material – Shell Cordovan  Condition – Brand New    Soles - Waterlock 
Makes sense. My experience is the same. Some of the highly priced shoes end up being relisted.
How to get a list of all the proposed EB GMTOs? May look to participate. 
For your consideration is a worn pair of iconic LWB, designed by Alden in the Barrie Last. These shoes are well maintained and are always in shoe trees after each wear. The shoes are in great condition –rubber heel taps are installed for increased durability. Rubber toe taps are easily removed if desired.  These are seconds purchased at TSM, but there is absolutely nothing that makes these shoes seconds based upon inspection.  The color is a bit lighter in real...
New Posts  All Forums: