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discount for the dover? pm me?
The Longines HydroConquest is pretty versatile and can probably be purchased for under 1K new. - comes in either 40mm or 42mm, I believe.    I also wanted to purchase a watch in the > $1000 range and thought that either the Stowa Marine or the HydroConuest would fit nicely. I ended up with the HydroConquest since I got a pretty good deal on it via watchrecon. 
 First quality is closer to $300 when tax is included. $200 for seconds maybe.... And yes, I agree....with the depressed Euro, it makes sense to pick up the likes such as Carminas for a great price. 
wow the ravello shell cordovan LWB is immensely popular.   all three times, the gmto program was a blowout - sold out in less than a day.     at sub $400, it offers a price point that is not curently available anywhere else.  
The Hiro last is widest compared to Olfe and Park.    The Park is chiseled toe, so it's naturally going to be tighter in the toe box compared to the Olfe and Hiro. My personal fav is the Olfe since it's sleek, yet super comfortable. Then again, it really depends on your foot shape. 
Due to recent purchases and I know some of you folks missed out, I'm willing to give up my spot on the GMTO shell cherry double monk in 8UK on the Hiro last. I think Meermin is shipping them late March or early April.   Keep in mind, this GMTO is before the USD price hike. 
I love AEs and all, but let's not get so far ahead to claim that the Harrison is akin to a Ferrari.   by the way, the Indy line is much better than the standard line: better upper, soles and inner-linning.  
Color: Black Pebble Grain Size 9D Last: 5 Last Condition: These are worn about three times. The rubber soles are basically brand new.     Shipping: $10 to $20    I have perfect feedback, so you can offer with confidence. 
Color: Chili Size 9D Last: 8 Last Condition: The shoes are worn approximately 10 times.  Soles are still in great shape with tons of life left. 2nd Quality.    Shipping: $10 to $20    I have perfect feedback, so you can offer with confidence. 
how do you pay in euros when they're charging usd for their shoes? 
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