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 Thanks for the picture, but it's a bit hard to tell from the captured shot. 
Drop to $275
Price drop to $150
Price drop $580
Price Drop $175
I voted for exposed as well, but can go with blind.  Not a deal killer. 
Allowed to discuss the Snap Backback?   Thoughts? 
Hi Charlie   I just received my West End's belt and it is easily the best belt I've handled!   The option to customize everything under the sun is awesome as well. Any plans to offer shell cordovan?   I look forward to my next purchases. 
 How do you even watch TV like that? I'm sure those shoes drew attention away from the TV plenty of times. 
6.25 to 6.75 is really aggressive.    With those measurements, you're better off with no break on the pants at all. Not to mention, I think the simpson fits perfectly with tapered cuffs due to the slim/chiseled profile of the shoes. 
New Posts  All Forums: