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I have dark hair and the best stuff I've found that won't look "flaky" is BedHead Manipulator.
IMO Harvey is the only one with great suits and ties.
This makes me want to upgrade my closet.
All the time!  To quote Barney "Nothing suits me like a suit"...joking aside, I wear suits every day to work, and have for past 10 years because I want to not have to.  Personally, I'm most comfortable in suits and can't stand jeans.
I've used Deo Veritas and many different places in India when I go there.  I like Deo.
Suit Supply
It looks okay, maybe a tad large.  It's hard to tell if it's boxy since the lighting is dark.
Gingham dark blue shirt and blue tie for "serious" and you're really open for going out...any darker patterned shirt would work...skip the tie and it'll be fine.
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