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Need some sizing help. I've read quite a bit but still not sure really. I'm a 36" chest and 16.8" shoulder, I am guessing size two would fit but would I fit into a size one?   Looking at this coat:   and it seems there is only a size one on all the websites I've checked so I'm hoping somehow I would fit into a size 1. From reading measurements off websites it seems like size 1 should...
Really need a wool, mid-thigh length coat. So far all I've come across is this Our Legacy coat.     I feel it might be a bit too trad though, and really I'm looking for something to wear with the collar done up the neck. Any suggestions? Needs to be black, single breasted. I'm kinda looking for a silhouette like this Acronym J38-S if that makes sense.  
This would be way better with TOJ0 but it's still ~8 weeks away.  [[SPOILER]]  More Trickers:  [[SPOILER]]
Yeah and Futura is just really ubiquitous in a similar way to Comic Sans is for Daycare centres. Its nearly unusable now; the only good recent example that comes to mind is Field Notes. Play around with a bunch of different Grotesques in light weights, but I think Brandon Grotesque hits the mark pretty well in terms of the aesthetic you are going for. I'm happy to make a properly kerned file for you to use, you'd just need to licence it (or whatever font you use) for your...
In all honesty I think just simple update to the typeface would make a huge difference. The current iteration using what appears to be Futura is pretty cliche to me.    Here is an un-kerned example using Brandon Grotesque.  
Trickers for Nitty Gritty
I'm Kane, 18 year old graduate of much lurking Reddit's MFA (pls don't judge mi) and SW&D here. I make do with a student's income and a teenager's inflated sense of how good I actually look. I get by.    I enjoy fountain pens and have a decent collection, I also have a sizeable collection of Japanese tea and enjoy that, as well as slowly but surely building my straight razor collection. Sounds about right for a young hipster, does it not?   I hope to make a...
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