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Are you guys thinking black, brown or if available, Navy lizard chelsea?
Proud to say I've joined the Marlow club after coveting these for over a year. Thanks @eddievddr10   I went TTS on these and they are just a tiny bit large, but half size down was too tight. Eyelets aren't aligned on the right shoe, which was kind of unexpected from C&J, but it happens on all of my shoes, so I'm wondering if it's my foot. Shell is also not as dry as expected. Overall very happy with my second pair of C&Js.       
  Edit: I just called my SA and he told me that they never had them in inventory. I called last week and they said they had one in store, I went in, they didn't have it. They ordered one for me from the warehouse which they never had. This is annoying. I guess I missed out and seems like I'll never get these. Nice to have $400 back, I suppose. 
[[SPOILER]]  Ugh...I'm a 9/8.5. Why don't I live in Chicago?
[[SPOILER]]  Fantastic shine on those. 
was just there. 75% off retail. So $350~600 depending on retail.
Soiffer haskin Ralph Lauren sample sale. 75% off RRL, black and purple label. Lots of AE's for RL for 135. Runs through Monday
Thanks to @hoit1981 for the heads up on the ralph lauren sample sale in NYC. If you're around and a D width (maybe some Es, I saw one) , saw lots of AE for RL for $135. I passed since I got a black label trench and RRL selvedge denim instead. I had snuff suede Slaton and brown singletons in my hand but resisted.
I'd imagine. RRL sounds pretty great. Thanks for the heads up. 
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