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The anniversary sale is usually pretty underwhelming. Best deal if I remember correctly was the Jeffersons for $349 and they released the Lexington as a sale model.
True, though they did do a restock of some shell recently, so maybe that had something to do with it. Prices are still pretty competitive with Alden/AE. 
Wow. Good thing I got my order in before the bump. My guess is that it's only on shell since they USD to Horween for shell, but use european tanneries for calf. 
Do we know what models will be on sale? 
9D US, 8.5UK Simpson. It's not a perfect fit but it's comfortable in the toe box, heel and instep. Length-wise it's a touch long, but not comfortably so. 8UK would be a little tight I think. 
New to me from eBay, Simpson 80201. First pair of Carminas, although I have two on the way.    Looked pretty beat up in the photos, but are actually in great condition. Got them at a steal. Got a little wet from the rain today:  
I wear 8.5E in the strand, but a 8.5UK in the Hiro for my double monks. 9D~E on the brannock. I had a little heel slip at first, but I think a shoe with laces will be better than the monk strap. Toe box fits great. I actually think 8UK would work fine for Hiro for me. 
Ah. I'm going to DC this weekend. I'll try to get a shot on one of the subway cars then 
 Same for me today, except on the office carpet. Not sure were you are, but the subways here in NYC are filthy. Yours look quite well kept.   Probably get the best glow on these out of all my AE shells. 
[[SPOILER]] Damn, those are nice. The color on those is like whiskey/ravello. Puts the current (and my) dark brown shells to shame. 
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