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Very interesting since Carmina advertises themselves as specialists in shell cordovan. Not saying they aren't since I have some of their shell and I love it, but maybe doing little to the shell expresses their knowledge of the material.  I too assumed their Ruby was the same as color 2, but theirs has more of a shine than Alden's #2. 
  Thanks gents. The color is what I loved about them in the first place, so I'm going to go with them. They always get compliments anyway. 
Thinking so as well, but it's for a wedding so I think I have a little flexibility in that I don't have to be ultra-conservative. Maybe navy is the better choice over charcoal in terms of suits. I just picked up a new RLBL charcoal suit at a Barney's outlet for like 85% off so maybe I'm just a little excited to wear it. I might go with a the Black Hatton monkstraps instead. 
What's everyone's thoughts on wearing Cherry Moores with a charcoal suit? 
Awesome stuff.   I have a friend who grew up in Chicago and I was telling her about shell cordovan shoes (we were discussing exotic leathers) and how the tannery is in Chicago. Her response was, "Is that what that smell is? I know exactly where that is!". The shell aroma must cover the entire neighborhood, not surprisingly, I suppose. 
I already have 2 pairs of Carmina shell, 2 pairs of AE shell and the CJ Marlow wingtips. These Aldens are the most I've ever paid for a single pair. $40
I also got my Leffot pre order today. Picked up my LWB with antique edge directly from the store . Went straight to B Nelson to get some metal toe taps on them so no photos. I made an educated guess on the size and they fit perfectly. So glad I snagged my first pair of Alden shells!
 I don't have any Rain, but I'm 8.5UK in Simpson, 8UK in Oscar and Robert. I have 8UK in Forest, but it's a little short and uncomfortably snug in the heel. If you have a higher volume foot, I'd say for 8.5UK in Forest. I'm a 9D US on the Brannock. Epaulet has some models I believe. 
I always thought consensus was that the 5 last the longest/narrowest last that AE has. You might be a 9D or 8.5D in the 1 last.I wear the same size in calf and shell for the 5 last (8.5E) and 9D in the 1 last (Dalton and Leeds).
Looks like a layer of wax and maybe some cracking of that wax in the rolls. Alternatively it could be acrylic and either bloom or acrylic coming off in the rolls. 
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