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But what about all those holes in the shoes? Is that normal?
Walnut strands in NYC are pretty common. It's typically accompanied with pants hemmed way too short 
I didn't even know they made these. They are pretty sweet. I'd try to go for another pair. My experience with seconds has been pretty good. Also, if you're in NYC, the 44th street location by Brooks Brothers has been pretty good about taking returns from the Shoebank for me without hassle. I think you avoid the $10 restocking, or maybe an exchange wouldn't incur the $10 if you call the store you ordered from.  Lastly, 11 days seems like a long time, usually they get them...
[[SPOILER]] Pretty wonky. I don't know if I'd keep those. 
 Depending on your industry (from conservative industry to casual): Black calf PA, Alden or #8 PA (toss up, but I tend to think the Aldens will actually be more formal looking to an average interviewer despite the broguing), and then strands.  All of the shoes will go with the outfit you described.
  FWIW, this is a Youtube video that shows the method by KeaLani herself. I will admit that while I don't want to put wax on my shell shoes, these look pretty fantastic when she's done and the boots themselves look fanastic. https://youtu.be/EQ1k8mJt3iI Edit: Also yes, I agree that putting wax defeats the purpose of getting shell since the natural glow is one of the most attractive aspects of the material.
Basically I got a saddle shell jumper this spring and then GF did a saddle shell frankenstitch and reddit is doing a natural shell jumper. This is pushing my boots into inadequacy haha.
Walnut Jeffersons are fantastic. My most recent AE purchase. Not bad for $150 after the AMEX deal for seconds. I think the right shoe is a little darker and the laceholes are uneven on the left shoe, but that second one happens on firsts, too. Hope this helps make up some decisions. Also, I've said this before, but the McAllister pattern is not even half as good as the Jefferson.   
Yup, not worth the retail of $525, but for $250 it's a pretty solid deal. The suede is still pretty fantastic, although not quite as lush as say Alden suede. Better than Meermin, better than AE seconds/firsts. 
Good deal. I'm tempted by the navy double monk straps, but I'm going to have to resist.    FYI, I believe JCrew only marks a 1/2 size difference from UK. So if you wear a 9UK I think the 9.5 size is the correct one. 
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