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Thank you! The left shoe is a little lighter than the right on the vamp, but it gives it some character.
I think I was interested earlier, but I tried on the Portlands and they didn't look very good on my feet. I'm out if you guys are counting, but it should be a sweet make up in plenty of time for the fall 
It's almost the end of boot season as it's about to hit 80 degrees this weekend in NYC. Doesn't keep me from being excited about these (cross post from the Carmina and Unipair thread)    [[SPOILER]]
X Post form the Carmina thread. Got these bad boys in from Unipair this morning!     [[SPOILER]]
They're here!  Thanks @unipair guy! Lightning fast shipping! Edit: Good thing I just got these before my fiance could see them...looks like I have another pair of Carminas incoming today    [[SPOILER]]
It's a seconds mark, but I wonder what was crossed out.That bunny looks suspicious too, Haha.
PSA: If you're looking at the navy "shell" double monks on eBay (not my listing) they are not shell cordovan. They have calf creases.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/171770019694?rmvSB=true
Whoa, green? I need to get my eyes/monitor settings checked. 
Looks like navy/awesome. I hear gum on the shoes on the maiden voyage is good luck. Like breaking a bottle on the side of the ship 
Tried heel pads, tongue pads and what not. They are the right size, but shoe trees stretched them out too long. Doesn't happen to my lined suede or calf shoes. Oh well, I need to clear room, anyway 
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