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MTO'd a pair in golden brown CXL for $197 myself  It's my beater for rain and snow in NYC. 
I usually stop by that one, but i havent been in a few weeks. Maybe i will go tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.
Thanks for the tip i just picked up a pair of snuff suede mcgregors and Mojaves. Ive been trying to get some unlined suede chukkas for forever now.
Me too, but they are fantastic...and my size. 
Ahh yes nothing like late night forum posting... Then yes @peppercorn78 was right I think the Randolph has the most similar aesthetic, but the lake forest or Ascher in calf would be current half strap loafers in a dressier calf as well, though not quite like the Singleton.
@mosy those are indeed made by AE. Sometimes there are seconds of RL shoes available but not listed on the website. I haven't checked in awhile though. Also for anyone in North Jersey or Manhattan, looks like an outlet location is coming into the Bergen Town Center. Just saw a huge coming soon sign while I was there checking out the Nordstrom Rack selection. Some snuff suede Gobis were there in 8.5d for $150. First quality, just a half size too small.
@Stefan88 Those are fantastic. Is that a special makeup? I've only seen that boot in a lighter tan grain at AFPOS.
Yes as stated by someone else, Dundee has only been a cordovan model for about 5 years, but in my perspective all of the "2.0" models are updates to existing models and the introductions of the Dundee "2.0" to me doesn't fall in the same category as Amoks, Gobis or Mojaves that were up for one season and then went straight to clearance or only up as a webgem. To me it's just a change of the models in the direction AE is taking all of their shoes. I speculate that the poron...
The Dundee "1.0" was around for awhile and just updated to the 2.0 so I wouldn't assume a Dundee "3.0" or anything is coming around any time soon. Dundee was quite the forum favorite, too I believe.
I agree. Also, at some point AE had switched to black insoles, which from what I read, was not a popular choice. 
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