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Naspratt is correct. The grain pattern will inevitably get stretched when being lasted. You'll likely get the same on all first quality grain shoes to varying degrees. This is also not just for AEs.
 I guess it's actually the 19 last in the picture you've shared. I agree it looks fantastic... http://www.styleforum.net/t/168002/shoe-damage-report-shoe-p0rn-central-part-ii/2940#post_3831578
I think I've seen them before as RTW in chestnut, but on the standard 724 last. During my research I believe i found that some members had MTO'd the Moore on the 106 last in the past to handgrade standards which is what that looks like: http://www.styleforum.net/t/167477/alfred-sargent-handgrade-pictures/180#post_4000364
 Thanks Steve and congrats on the baby! No rush for me as well, as it would probably only take a day to get them up here in LA!
Can I use multiple gift cards for an order + credit card payment?
Picked up the Carmina quarter brogue derbies for Black Friday. Will fill the medium brown gap in my rotation. Thanks @steveyoo1983!
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8.5e on AE 65 9D on all other AE lasts 8Fon AS 724, 109 and 87 (suede Bexhill). The 87 feels like a pretty standard fit to me with a slightly tighter heel.
You're the man. Thank you, they look awesome. 
Does anyone have a pair of Harrogates? I'm thinking about a pair, but haven't seen any IRL photos yet. Looks like a cool shoe for more casual days in the office this fall/winter. 
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