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My 87 last Bexhill chukkas feel rommier all around than my Rain bluchers in the same size (8UK). I find Rain to actually feel shorter and tighter around the top (top of toe joins and instep). 
Good to hear man. I think Indochino provides pretty good value (since everything is always on sale) if you can get it done in person and plan ahead.
It's really a shame the MTO program is dead because I'd get a pair of these in natural shell.
Thanks. That's too bad, they are awesome.
Are these available any where or will it have to be a GMTO?
[[SPOILER]] I don't know but those are fire.... 
 Sometimes they find additional stock that was hidden away which is possibly why it showed up. Seeing at the shoe is no longer made also explains the low price. When they were clearing them out in summer of 2015, I think I got those for $197.00 ($150 all said and done with the over $200, $50 off AMEX deal which worked after tax). So $177 isn't too far off from what they were selling for back then.  Great score nonetheless. I had a pair in brown shell that I sold thinking I...
$120 million of revenue isn't a ton believe it or not. For a PE these companies are bought an sold on multiples of EBITDA. So take $120 million of revenue add in cost of sales, operating expenses you might have $20 to $40 million of earnings.For Caleras, the strategic component in brand name, customer relationships, market penetration/ diversification etc. might be more important or it might just be about cash flows (who knows how levered or cash free AE is). We won't...
Black Friday haul. First pair on Rain last. Put a little shine on the cap with black polish for a slight burnished look.
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