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Definitely looks legit. Some great options on the long Branch and the bleeker street, McGregor and gobi look pretty awesome. I think they should have gone with a shortwing blucher but whatever. Thanks for sharing.
They were made by AE for Ralph Lauren. They were (maybe some are still there) on the Ralph Lauren website. They are similar to the now gone independence collection Williams.
$129 at the shoe bank last year. Unfortunately no more left in my size... Or so they say.I went TTS, half size and width up from the 5 last. My right pinky was getting crushed for a bit, but it stretched out just fine. I think it's one of AE's better lasts.
Also, last day of work before a 3 week vacation AE for RL Sandersons. The burnish and color of the leather are pretty awesome. Two photos today in different lighting.
I agree, just wanted to get all of the information out there. I'm generally not a fan of distressed anything AE has. I'd rather just go for CXL at that point. 
 I guess we're coming from the CBD side. I work in a more formal business casual environment (pressed shirt and wool slacks, jacket optional, tie ridiculed) so there are certainly certain staples that work better than others. I guess the idea is that it'd make more sense for someone to go for the black captoe instead of have to wear walnut anything or black franciscans to a wedding, funeral or interview.  Also, merlot and burgundy shell is pretty killer with jeans my man!...
  Awfully close but yes, you'd have to do something weird to wear down the sole there. How much are the Slatons right now? I'm assuming those are the RL Slatons? 
 There's only one shade of navy calf, but there's a shade of navy distressed leather as well which I think they used in the past for Neumoks. There's blue and navy Neumoks as well which is confusing, but they are different I believe....
 This is exactly the type of customer I imagine the typical AE customer to be. I turned my co-worker onto AEs and he ended up going with both the Walnut Strands and Walnut Daltons and nothing else. Obviously he has holes, but like your friend, probably doesn't realize that they are holes and probably doesn't care too much about the rules of classic business dress. For AE, this is probably the reason why they keep releasing funky niche shoes each season since most of their...
  Yes, make it navy calf and suede in the fifth avenue and I might buy it as seconds... 
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