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My thoughts on the upcoming collection:1.The leather sneakers on the far end look much more wearable than the suede ones, as long as they don't all have a textured (weave?) side panels.2. Instead of the suede sneakers, the grey suede strandmok might be something I consider for casual wear. I usually hate closed laced shoes mixed with casual details, but the grey suede and white rubber soles make them pretty wearable with jean/khakis.3. I usually don't find weaved shoes...
   So there is AS for AFPOS on the site now which to me are basically Alfred Sargent made to the same standards as AS for J Crew and AS for Herring shoes. The designs are probably a collaborative effort between AS and the brands and therefore each retailer has different models. The most obvious difference of these "made for" shoes from the exclusive line is the lack of channeled soles and rolled waist. AS for AFPOS does not have those features, which makes them a step down...
All the money inthe world wouldn't let us MTO shoes in shell colors that AE doesnt have available. You could, possibly buy AE outright though.
Here is some interesting information about AS Handgrade and relation to G&G in the second post to this old thread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/193857/gaziano-girling-vs-alfred-sargent-handgrade
 Just picked up a pair as well. I've been looking to get a snuff suede chukka, preferably unlined, but for $235, I'm not going to be too picky. 
Mahogany polish was the one AFPOS sent with my order. I think it work well. You can go with burgundy, brown or even black if you are looking to darken/patina them a little bit. I used a bit of black on the toes of mine and I like it. 
My walnut shell daltons came loose on the wingtip leaving my foot completely exposed due to the unlined construction.I took them to AE and they sent it to the factory to be fixed free of charge. They came back in a couple weeks almost looking like nothing happened. Shouldn't be a problem as long as the weather stays mild.
I am strongly considering those unlined chukkas. However, I don't have much experience with a resole on blake-stitched shoes. Does anyone have experience taking them to a local cobbler or some place more well known such as B Nelson in NYC? Is it pretty straight forward?   Thanks everyone. 
 You're missing a suede Chukka. Either the Dundee 2.0 in snuff or loden would be a good choice. However, I prefer my suede chukkas on dainite so you might have to go outside of AE if you want to go that route. If not a suede chukka, maybe a suede loafer. 
If these are truly truffle cordovan I would not use the AE brown cordovan cream. It will cover up the beauty of the truffle shell color. I recommend saphir neutral cordovan cream as needed.
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