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 I wear a 8.5E in the 5 last and a 9D in the Leeds. I sized down a width, but probably needed the half size in length. Also, my shell leeds are pretty chunky/blobby looking to me, especially when I'm actually wearing them. 
Haha, I liked the fastball actually. As long as they aren't Anaheim angels ones, wear them with pride
I'm in my 20's and I know one or two other guys my age that appreciate classically styled/well made shoes. If I see AEs on a 20 to 35 year old's feet in Midtown, they are 3/4 times the walnut strands which is still on the trendy said end classic in my opinion (color and brogueing). Unfortunately this has led to AE making 50 variations of the strand, with one more coming and all with different names. For what it's worth, Larry King wore the fastball shoes (baseball...
For seconds that's a keep for me. The "dent" is the only thing I'd say is out of the ordinary for seconds. Black discoloration, small scratches and incomplete brogue holes are pretty common. Remember, they are seconds for a reason. If you got them for $399 at the sale recently, I'd keep them since that's a good price ($299 doesn't seem likely to come back).Firsts will be MSRP less 15% in October during the rediscover America sale which is usually the lowest shell...
Saw this on ae's Twitter a while back and I asked the same thing. See below:https://twitter.com/AllenEdmonds/status/461532054190948353They were originally made for Taylor lipsett a paralympian for the US sled hockey team.
I wear a 9D in the same AE lasts (probably a 9E in the 2) and a 8UK in Meermin Hiro and Olfe.  My 8UK in the 4444 is pretty roomy, I'd go with the 7.5UK. 
Thanks, but it's actually golden brown cxl.
@Mean Mr Mustard looks like the brown CXL version of my MTO a while back. CXL is a casual leather and I personally think the tone on tone makes it more interesting. You've basically got a Alden indy boot look going on.
If you don't have a car, you're at the mercy of the train schedule if you want to go to a decent course. I played at Bethpage twice so far this summer via train and it was basically 11 hours door to door. The rounds were slow as hell since it was a Saturday afternoon tee time.  For the first year I lived in NY, I left my clubs on the west coast and didn't bother to grab them until this year. 
@pudman43 looks exactly like how I want my walnut mcallisters to turn out eventually.
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