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Keeping myself entertained...
 Your eyelets are misaligned and so is the toe cap. It doesn't run parallel across the shoe. Get an exchange. They should let you. 
Are...you...my mom?  She has the same car, same mileage, but would never do that at a dealership. Bravo, I got a good laugh from the story. 
Thanks guys. I'm digging these more than I thought I would even though my right pinky toe is feeling squished.
Speaking of nordstrom seconds, I found these players in chocolate suede that were a half size too small. The coolest thing is that they had the original "players" stamp.
How many did they have? 
Maiden voyage of my shell Westchester seconds. They were apparently a display model so the left and right shoe are a little off in color, but nothing some time won't change. No other flaws I can find with these. Not a fan of loafers, but I figured this would be good for a wedding/rehearsal dinner I have to go to in Hawaii later this year. They are growing on me.  
Yes tan is the suede one. Thanks for the response. I'm probably going to pick up one of them as seconds because they are so cheap right now. I might get both and see what I like better....
Ah, come to think of it, I believe it has been mentioned before and you've made the same comment... On another topic, can anyone with Olive or Tan Neumoks comment on how you wear them? They are casual but to me the Tan color seems nice for Spring/Summer while the Olive is more of a Spring/Fall shoe. I have a pair in snuff suede which probably cover Spring through Fall. Thanks in advance. 
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