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I was looking at these earlier (they have a cool cherry semi brogue and a pebbled captoe blucher that I like). They are a step lower than the exclusive line, probably closer to AS made for J Crew and Herring which means open channel soles which are not tapered in the waist.  The uppers are probably the same quality and goodyear welting is still goodyear welting. At around $400 these are a decent buy considering that's the retail cost for Allen Edmonds these days. AS for...
Congrats. Ive been pretty curious about the shade of Yanko blue calf. Looking forward to it.
The Heritage also has a different pattern as the wingtip is not as elevated and doesnt overlap the other broguing along the side.
 Your saddle shell looks closer to natural than my pair (I have the same boots) which look closer to lighter cognac. It might be because I applied some neutral cordovan cream over the past year.  How do you find yourself wearing both the Carminas and C&J? The same oufits or different due to C&J's split welt vs. Carmina's flat welt and trimmer sole edge?
Those look to be a really good fit for you! They are like leather socks on the across the instep. Trousers look sharp as well.
I thought Carmina no longer made cordovan Jodhpurs (after those navy shell ones) due to tears during lasting.
1. Wow that is a unique "defect" but i know at least one person had MTOd an independence spec Strand a while back so this is kind of cool to luck into.2. I think the crookedness is from the stitching and barely noticeable in the second shot. Its a pretty common flaw in seconds. Up to you on if its acceptable, but that wouldnt bother me too much assuming you paid under $200 which is what i think the price is for Jefferson seconds now.3. The color difference is due to the...
Just think of the navy cordovan goodness you could be MTOing if you werent in time out from the SF trunk show
FWIW I wore the Meermin patent balmorals on my wedding day without breaking them in until it was time to actually wear them and i danced the night away with no issues or pain on the day of or the next day. They were seconds, too.
Pardon me if this was answered a few months ago, but now that Meermin lists prices in USD and their website states they bill in USD, will my bank charge me a foreign transaction fee for purchases at Meermin? 
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