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 62.5 weeks here, I know that feel.
NoNo I mean I haven't received it yet.
Got my address confirmation, still have yet to receive my jacket.   MDR Black Lamb, Silver Zips Ordered: July 29, 2013
I know the guy behind Grailed from MFA and he definitely doesn't have any venture capital or money. It's just one guy and he has a  partnership with PayPal where they are covering the fees for a limited time.
Like I said previously, would it really be too much to ask for Drew to sit down at a computer for 5 minutes and give us an explanation?
This is hilarious. This couldn't possibly be justified.
I meant to update the thread with the current situation.
Let's be real though, how hard would it be, at the end of your extremely long work day, to come home, and write a one paragraph update. It would take 30 seconds to boot up the computer, 4 to open the browser, 2 to get to styleforum, 1 to get to the posts, and a minute to type a reply.
Are you the guy from EMF? I saw that jacket, good stuff.
It's definitely compromised.
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