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Mauro, I'm not sure if it's a double entendre or spelled incorrectly but the shoe image says "Distruptive" instead of "Disruptive".
What if you're just fat and it's stretching the fabric?
Those black shoes are slick as hell, I'd really love to see someone wearing them.
I double checked and they are most definitely whales. They lack the dorsal fin at the top.
Those jodh's are always a fantastic combo with a toj leather.
I'm not sure overlook is the right word for this. There's not much we can really do from our position to rectify the situation.
I asked for Silver and also received Gunmetal not too long ago but I'd rather not send it back and wait a few more months for a simple zipper swap.
Actually I had my jacket delivered. Despite being of the Styleforum persuasion, I don't post pictures of my jacket and have yet to.
I feel like I'm the only one who likes Distorb. I gotchu' buddy!
 If you still haven't received your refund by the 15th, I'll gladly take your backpack spot.
New Posts  All Forums: