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Actually I had my jacket delivered. Despite being of the Styleforum persuasion, I don't post pictures of my jacket and have yet to.
I feel like I'm the only one who likes Distorb. I gotchu' buddy!
 If you still haven't received your refund by the 15th, I'll gladly take your backpack spot.
I was at a wedding this weekend so when I got to the office yesterday I was greeted with a package I have only known about in pictures. Got my black MDR ordered July 30, 2013. I can't fill out the excel sheet because I'm currently in a taxi on the way to the airport for NYC. I will say this though, it's so worth the wait. I hated the veins on lamb at first and now I love the veins that run up the arm. The jacket is a little tight in the stomach but that's because I've been...
If it doesn't fit, I will gladly take it off your hands.
 62.5 weeks here, I know that feel.
NoNo I mean I haven't received it yet.
Got my address confirmation, still have yet to receive my jacket.   MDR Black Lamb, Silver Zips Ordered: July 29, 2013
I know the guy behind Grailed from MFA and he definitely doesn't have any venture capital or money. It's just one guy and he has a  partnership with PayPal where they are covering the fees for a limited time.
Like I said previously, would it really be too much to ask for Drew to sit down at a computer for 5 minutes and give us an explanation?
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