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Drew, is it too much of a request for you to spray your cologne on my jacket so that I can smell like you when it arrives? It's a house special so it's only fitting. That or you could send me some food to go. Three days delivery via EMS? I could still heat it up.
After realizing that I don't want to pay a shit ton for a rick bomber, I'm really jonesing for an ma-1 suiting wool. I've already got a lamb MDR in the pipeline and I'm not sure my heart can take it again for a different jacket. Someone sell me theirs so I can fulfill my wallets needs.
July hasn't even come yet, so that'd be a no.
What jacket and what date?
No need to ask him. I sent an email to him a while ago asking about the difference in color between the batches now and the batches from before.  
Nah, I'm sure Distorbiant is a nice guy. At least he's well informed and quick on the gun when someone asks a question.
Whenever Distorbiant posts, Charly breaks a personal record.
Are the black jeans still for sale?
Wear your boots, don't sweat the small stuff.
Why are you worrying about shrinkage? If you are planning on soaking them, do know that they are sanforized. As for the shrinking, when I soaked my dark stantons, they shrank back to the size they were at when I first got them and then slowly stretched back out to what I was used to.
New Posts  All Forums: