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  As promised.
My girlfriend's DR3 arrived this afternoon and the leather is gorgeous. The first time I opened the ToJ box, the smell was like heaven so opening the bag this time was like reliving that memory. I'll try to get her to do a fit pic later. For those curious:   DR3 Black Lamb Silver Zips Front Sleeve Zippers No Epaulets
 3x5 or personal best? What do you squat?
What's lead time currently looking like on a Women's DR3
Charly, any plans or considerations for an A2 with suede instead?
Any chance for the helmet bag/weekender bag?
Is it possible to put money down for later use? I'd like to get my girlfriend a DR but she wants to lose a little weight first and who knows how long Falcon will be around this time.
The logo looks sort of like a dish rack.
Have you all forgotten about the helmet bag? I want that. If I can't have that, I'd throw my money at the baseball jacket or a girlfriend jacket for my girlfriend. She was saddened when I received my jacket and the orders were stopped.
Mauro, I'm not sure if it's a double entendre or spelled incorrectly but the shoe image says "Distruptive" instead of "Disruptive".
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