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It's definitely compromised.
I'm half glad that my jacket is a late July order. I've been lifting since last year to get ready for this jacket and I need to increase the chest and shoulder measurements.
Oh no! One person lost!
Mauro, I'll take that job now. I'm a web designer so I can help you with that aspect. Oh, I do photography too. My salary requirements are one shirt per day until I have all of the shirts and then money.
No, I meant their briefcase. You can see it for a few seconds in the video but it's hard to get a grasp on the sizing.
 I was looking at the IISE bag as well as the brief from them. I can't seem to find pictures of anyone holding the briefcase though so I can't get an idea of how big it is.
I'd kill for a Hawaiian-esque print, blazer and shorts combo.
I'm pretty sure your time is up on ordering one.
I'm pretty disheartened that I can't get another Hawaiian shirt until next pay day, if it'll still be there.
Snagged the original blue oxford, been waiting a long time for that one.
New Posts  All Forums: