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 3x5 or personal best? What do you squat?
What's lead time currently looking like on a Women's DR3
Charly, any plans or considerations for an A2 with suede instead?
Any chance for the helmet bag/weekender bag?
Is it possible to put money down for later use? I'd like to get my girlfriend a DR but she wants to lose a little weight first and who knows how long Falcon will be around this time.
The logo looks sort of like a dish rack.
Have you all forgotten about the helmet bag? I want that. If I can't have that, I'd throw my money at the baseball jacket or a girlfriend jacket for my girlfriend. She was saddened when I received my jacket and the orders were stopped.
Mauro, I'm not sure if it's a double entendre or spelled incorrectly but the shoe image says "Distruptive" instead of "Disruptive".
What if you're just fat and it's stretching the fabric?
Those black shoes are slick as hell, I'd really love to see someone wearing them.
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