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Where do you get your suits from? Maybe you could step up the quality and look at some nicer fabrics in your favorite colour.
Carnet solaro would be the best summer wool option. 260 grams, super 130s.
I'm coming in a bit late with this but I also has a custom phone case made. I chose the shrunken calf finish after seeing the results from the iPhone case. The case was for my One+ Android phone, which is very slim, the cover didn't add much to the bulk and there was not noticeable difference when using the phone (getting phone in and out of my pocket, texting etc). The leather also provide a nice tactile feel, a lot nicer than the standard plastic phone cover. It's about...
Mine would be a pair of flogged to death Carmina loafers or a pair of espadrilles.
@iSurg I would go with the boot. Most versatile shoe there IMO. It can cross over from semi formal to casual wear easily. And more importantly when worn casually it doesn't scream out menswear as much as the other two if paired with jeans/pents and a basic white T.
@wurger +1
Correct, the shoulders are a little small, i cut shoulder and the armhole a little too much paying around with different shoulder attachment constructions. The jacket is not perfect and I am definitely the harshest critic. But after working through the issues I really like it. 
  So I finally got around to finishing off my coat, it is definitely flame proof after the previous outing in a semi finished stage. Excuse the head. No excuses for the pocket position, buttoning point and wearing a grey odd coat.
It was worth the bump for everyone to see. Those boots! 
@jokb Yes awesome
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