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Thanks JM. Just checked out NMWA and they only have the black one in stock and it's on runout sale :/
Can anyone suggest a shop/website to purchase an Ettinger tote? I'm after one in brown leather, so far the Ettinger website is the only place I have come across.
Pablo & Rusty's sounds good.
I'm in.
^ Gumption in The Strand, it's the same crew as Coffee Alchemy. The best coffee in the city IMO. Single origin also opened up but I haven't had the chance to check it out, by going on the quality of their Surry Hills store you should be in good hands.
It depends on the body type. If you have strong thighs that rub when walking the fabric is going to wear regardless. Ill fitting trousers will only wear faster. Fabric is important, and again the level of importance placed on fabric is dependant on the physiology of the client. If you have issues with the crotch wearing I would suggest high twist fabric, rather than worsted, for it's durability and aversion to shine and wear.
I'm in need of some fitting advice for the rain last.   I wear Vass U and F last in 43.5. What would be the best fit for the Rain last?
I think you answered your own question. Have you ever seen either pants?
Actually, a lot. Factory, machine made, block pattern v hand made, bespoke.I thought I would weigh in on the Ambrosi trousers, as I have seen Andrew's trousers in real life.They're not too tight, rather inline with his body proportions - strong seat and thighs. The level of handwork is only found on a few other throusermakers in the world, all of which would be charging very similar prices.
^+1 The fabric IRL looks the same as the photo on the website. It's a very nice and underrated denim, perfect for spring/summer.
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