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The jacket is still a work in progress guys, the baste stitches are still in place in some areas so don't see it as a finished product. That said the finishing of the shoulders, pick stitching etc. is up to you.
Sorry for the delay guys, we are still waiting to hear back from the mill so pricing isn't yet finalized. We will get back with pricing details as soon as we know. In regards to the details, I guess that comes down to what you want in the sportscoat. Pricing will be generally the same across the board so just specify how your would like if made up. The cloth itself lends to a less structured construction. I'm thinking of something similar to my current WIP - SB, 3r2,...
^For $550~ more you can get actual bespoke a few hundred meters away.
^We have been discussing a few options. At the premium end of the list, and our personal favourite, is the Icarus book from Harrisons. 75% wool 15% linen 10% silk blend coming in at 7/8 oz, a true summer weight cloth.   See below to whet the appetite. The navy windowpane is calling my name, but you can't really choose wrong from this book.   Pricing is still undetermined until we hear back from the mill, but for a group buy pending sufficient orders we are looking to...
Do they offer in wool?
Any ideas of where to source navy solaro?
@Bordeaux74 It depends on the climate. I could see myself wearing the 310g/m2 canvas as a three season jacket. Have you considered Moleskin? It would come out super soft as an unstructured jacket.
Thanks for the words guys.   Yeah the general plan is to learn tailoring. I'm yet to decide what aspect to focus on, but I think I'll slowly work my way to coat making.
Hi Everyone, I thought I would give myself a quick introduction. My name is Julian and I have made the move from Sydney to Bangalore to pursue a career in menswear with the team at Luxire. I guess it's been a standard progression for many Styleforum members, though this was never a progression that I thought likely for myself. But here I am, surrounded by cloth swatches, coat makers and chai wallas. The plan I have discussed with Ashish is to slowly gain a background in...
New Posts  All Forums: