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Do they offer in wool?
Any ideas of where to source navy solaro?
@Bordeaux74 It depends on the climate. I could see myself wearing the 310g/m2 canvas as a three season jacket. Have you considered Moleskin? It would come out super soft as an unstructured jacket.
Thanks for the words guys.   Yeah the general plan is to learn tailoring. I'm yet to decide what aspect to focus on, but I think I'll slowly work my way to coat making.
Hi Everyone, I thought I would give myself a quick introduction. My name is Julian and I have made the move from Sydney to Bangalore to pursue a career in menswear with the team at Luxire. I guess it's been a standard progression for many Styleforum members, though this was never a progression that I thought likely for myself. But here I am, surrounded by cloth swatches, coat makers and chai wallas. The plan I have discussed with Ashish is to slowly gain a background in...
Hey Guys,   I have a few new posts up on my Tumblr detailing my start into menswear at Luxire. Its been an intense couple of days, but i am loving it.   I am actually watching my jacket getting finished off at the moment, ill put some detail shots soon. Next thing i see, right next to my jacket, is a seriously nice Dugdale sports coat getting made up! I just found my next commission....
^ The disadvantages would be the potential frequency in which the tailor visits for the subsequent fittings. They won't just measure you up and then finish the suit AFAIK, unless you are a repeat customer. Travelling bespoke tailors like the ones listed above are not MTM, unless they offer a MTM service. MTM uses a block with standard sizes such as 46S/R/L and from that block they adjust shoulders, sleeve length, inseam, rise etc. Bespoke will cut a pattern from scratch...
Hey Guys,   So have a tumblr underway. If you are interested please check it out, it would be much appreciated!   At the moment it's a mix of what I have in the archives(some menswear and street photography). Moving forward I aim to document my move overseas where I will be pursuing a career in menswear.   Cheers Julian
Linking this colourway 
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