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Considering the current weather in Sydney, galoshes might be my next purchase. Has anyone has experience with them? Is there a #meswear colour code to match shoes/trousers with the colour of galoshes, or is it in line with the colour of the brand's shoebox i.e. JL = yellow, Carmina = red
I thought I would do a quick write up on my B&Tailor experience to date. It seems that there is a fair amount of interest around here, I can say that it is not without merit.   When I first met Joe, for the first consultation, he came off very knowledgeable approachable and I guess most importantly understanding of my situation.  We had a chat to get acquainted, ran through some cloth books and then moved on to measuring me up.   I came in thinking to fill a slot in my...
How wide, at the widest horizontal point, are the lapels on Havana?
The $255 includes 25% off
If anyone is interested in a Barbour Bedale in olive size M (40) I have it for sale, awesome jacket just a size too big. I picked it up from the Henry Bucks sale for $255. Thought I would offer it here before I returned it.
+1 on metal toe caps, i have had my last three pairs fitted with them and no issues at all with premature wear.   All previous shoes experienced the toe tip wearing twice as fast as the rest of the sole.    This is all dependent on walking style IMO.
[[SPOILER]] Would you say Havana fits TTS, apart from the relative shortness. How are the shoulders
Any Eidos jackets available in 36 38, none showing up on online
@Henry Carter What last are the Carminas?  The blue flannel and shoe combo is on point
Hey mate, that is okay. I will send through the funds this evening. Apologies for the delay in response.
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