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I have the Elektra microcasa a leva. For around 1k i would look at the La Pavoni if you are looking for a lever machine. Otherwise Rancilio Silvia would be the go to machine IMO. For any italian machine i would look at buying online from Italy. Just get a 220-240v model with an adapter, way cheaper than buying in Australia.
Moral of the story..Don't do it?
 I have an Atomic, effectively the model the Otto was based on. The Otto has a SS body vs alloy on the Atomic.The extraction is slower and at less pressure than an espresso machine but still produces good results, although a bit temperamental if there are changes in temperature humidity grind etc.It doesn't take up any bench space and is portable...to an extent. It definitely looks good when it is out on the bench though! Sad to say that the Atomic doesn't get much use...
I run one when travelling, Aeropress, Polrex hand grinder plus some SO beans. Nearly boiled water into an inverted Aeropress 30-60~ second brew/steep and slow press brings out consistently good results. 
I walked into DJs BB earlier this week to pick up a casual OCBD.   Ended up walking out with a Mac, couldn't say no at half price...and it was cold.
^The black oxford brogue is a bit of a contradiction IMO.    If you were going to get a pair of shoes to start out, i would got either black cap top oxford or brown brogue oxford.  you can play on variations between a punched captoe for a bit more formality or a full brogue for more versatility i.e casual and formal wear.   Brown shoes are fine for most professions. 
Thanks for the comments guys! The first picture does seem to bring out a strong orange tinge, it was taken on a sunny morning so that might have something to do with teh colour. iPhone cameras aren't one for tonal consistency, but i would see the colour as a suitable CBD shoe, at least for Sydney.   No polish added as yet, they were box fresh on that day.
Old English II F Last Antique Cognac    
It looks screen printed vintage silk, many a year in its shoulders.   Only enough silk for one commission, Very dandy thirst like 100 years ago.   Complements
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