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+1 for Chat Thai. The Massaman is a winner.
Hey guys, does anyone here have any tips for travelling in India? This looks to be my last solid holiday before i settle down into full time work so i'll be over there for two months. Flights leave next week, so far the only part of the trip that is booked is Goa over New Years. Are there any must see places? Depending on whether my visa allows multiple entries, Nepal was also on the menu. I'm thinking of going diving in the Andaman Islands too, thoughts?   Camera wise i...
 I couldn't put it down!It was definitely my favorite book of this year.Does TF make 25 virgins scent? if so, I would be in for a 30ml decant.
Garry beat me to it.
^ Looking good.   Linen SC, cotton trousers?   Maybe some darker (mid grey) trousers.   Probably just the one thing to add - White linen PS, TV fold.   And some pedantic thoughts -   Slightly lower lapel gorge  More open skirt? although this is personal preference really.
Thanks @iSurg For those that haven't checked out Joe's tumblr here are some shots. It goes without saying that I am happy with the outcome. I did receive the finished suit about a week ago, but the final fitting showed the waist need to be taken in a little, this was due to some weight loss. Rather than sending it back to B&Tailor and waiting a few more weeks Joe was able to get Josh from Bijan to do the final alteration. I wasn't complaining. Every visible stitch is made...
Thanks! @kayhill
Quick question: I have 9.5 in Forest last, 9.5 Vass U last. What size on the Uetam last?
^Sounds like you need more shoes. A larger rotation will fix that problem.
New arrival   [[SPOILER]]
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