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Hey mate, that is okay. I will send through the funds this evening. Apologies for the delay in response.
Pics for inspiration if you have any!
Any interest in G&G Hove GMTO?   I am thinking MH71, Vintage oak calf, Single leather soles
Apologies, Yes Bordeaux. I asked for their options and this is what they came back with. More red than the usual Burgundy.
Yep @j ingevaldsson is spot on. I did spend some time trawling through the Vass website looking at the patterns, and if they did make that pattern or similar, The Vcap is more a traditional vass design from what i have seen. It is fair to say the images are nowhere near as inspiring as IRL photos. Original inspiration came from G&G St James II.
@hoodog this was a MTO make up. I specified punched captoe Adelaide and Vass did the rest. 
Thanks for the complementi guys.   The make up is U last, Adelaide, HAF sole with flush metal toe caps, burgundy calf from Tanneries Du Puy.   @sliq This pair was actually my first pair of Vass, bought before OE ii....and before the Double Monks. Three months and three pairs 
I have the Elektra microcasa a leva. For around 1k i would look at the La Pavoni if you are looking for a lever machine. Otherwise Rancilio Silvia would be the go to machine IMO. For any italian machine i would look at buying online from Italy. Just get a 220-240v model with an adapter, way cheaper than buying in Australia.
Moral of the story..Don't do it?
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