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I have heard from a mate that if you ask the sender to declare the item as a "repair" duties and tax won't be payable on items valued at $1,000+. However I have never tired it....
^One of Bijan's apprentices does amazing button holes. Shoot me a PM.
Chapman also do a decent laptop bag
In addition to the above - Bottega del Vino on Macleay Street, Potts Point or Fratelli Fresh are my locals, definitely recommend. I think the butcher here has a good range of Italian sausage from time to time.   I also heard Fratelli Fresh is opening in Westfield CBD where Jones the Grocer was..
43 in F last.
Have any of you Mexicans come across All The Kings Men? Their website says they are based in Fitzroy and the bags are also made locally. I'm kind of digging the tote bag -
^nailed it
Vass didn't always offer Dianite soles. When they looked into the option they found out that the awls would break when stitching the Dianite sole on to the entire welt. Hence the stitching only in critical areas. My understanding of Vass is that traditional materials will always be made with traditional techniques. Though old world and new world don't always integrate completely.
I picked up a Barbour Duke from End last week and wore it for the first time today. Without a doubt a bad ass looking jacket, if you're going for that look. Paired perfectly with a plain white T.
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