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^ Order number 6329 http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/12270#post_7322567
And how many people have the same figure that they have at 30 vs 40? Looking at the standard male of that age, a stereotype middle class man would be just having children, trying to move up in his career, and as a result, there is less time to take care of themselves. They grow wider and deeper. In saying that, what is the most common demographic which looks to purchase a bespoke item? IMO a middle class man aged 30-50, but i could be wrong. My point is that you can argue...
Thanks Gerry. I'm getting inspiration from your Tumblr, really liking the candid shots.
What's the issue with age?   If someone can appreciate and aspire to bespoke clothing, age shouldn't be considered. 
 These are Carmina Uetam last.  I was originally going to get the EG but the heel counter put me off.
Here goes testing the wifi. 30 second process straight to my phone, perfect for travel. Inside pics with artificial light.  [[SPOILER]]
Ring Jacket blue linen SC Carmina brown tassel loafers Tomas Mason linen/cotton denim shirt   ... and a Fujifilm X100T. Thanks to everyone for all the advise. This was my first look at a real digital camera, having previously just relied on film and my iPhone. I have to say the image quality and tangible adjustability made the choice easy vs the RX100 iii.
I can't speak for sizing vs C&J, but i run Carmina Forest in 9.5 Cordovan Oxford and Vass F last in 43.5 Calf Oxford, although they don't fit the same. F last has a higher instep and an extended toe box, whereas the Forest last is a bit more restricting in those areas. This may be to do with the leather used, Vass calf is vastly softer, and has stretched more than the crup. I have a Meermin in 9.5 in a loafer, Ron last. Fit wise it is slightly tighter than both Vass and...
+1 for Chat Thai. The Massaman is a winner.
Hey guys, does anyone here have any tips for travelling in India? This looks to be my last solid holiday before i settle down into full time work so i'll be over there for two months. Flights leave next week, so far the only part of the trip that is booked is Goa over New Years. Are there any must see places? Depending on whether my visa allows multiple entries, Nepal was also on the menu. I'm thinking of going diving in the Andaman Islands too, thoughts?   Camera wise i...
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