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Polo goals. I'm with FH, looking to step up my polo game.
Thanks for the tip Gerry, I'm thinking the wool/silk blend, rather than the wool backed version. Interested to see what secret stock HC has to offer.
What are everyone's thoughts on printed silk/wool scarves for winter. I'm looking to pick one up but there are slim pickings at the moment. HC did have some good options a while ago, now all seem to be sold out. Any alternatives?
I'm also interested in some TF decants. Is anything coming up?
I emailed a few days ago and no reply yet...
Check out Lesca
Does anyone know if she will make a solid stick umbrella?
Enjoying my Leschi loafers. Thanks Justin.
Gents,I thought I would post this here first before heading to eBay etc. I'm looking to sell my slightly worn Enzo Bonafe seamless black oxfords. This pair is one of the classiest interpretations of the black oxford I have seen going around IMO. Unfortunately they are half a size too big for me. Details as follows; 9.5 uk, 74945 last, condition as per pictures- probably 3 wears. There are some stock skoak photos below to give an understanding of how the shoes actually...
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