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I definitely prefer the LVC Hawaiian shirts to the souvenir shirt. Especially the 1940s Bay Meadows Hawaiian. Awesome print. I have only seen those Castros on eBay for an arm and a leg.
I haven't seen many places still selling these.
I don't know the specifics of rydenfan's experience but as far as Fenderplyr's post goes I don't see what the issue is. The website states that the variety boxes may contains samples so I don't see how "shit without tags" is a valid complaint. How does the lack of tags or even a box containing tees constitute "nothing of value"?
It's sad to see some people having bad experiences with them on a customer service level. I have purchased several LF items through re-sellers so I've never dealt with LF directly but as far as garment quality goes they are second to none in my experience. Their chinos and sweats are built like tanks. I can see these things still going strong 10 years from now. And the style and fit are right up my alley.
What are the chest pit to pit, and sleeve measurements?
Was considering a few RRL shirts and I just assumed at those price points they were made in USA or at least Italy or somesuch. Then I see they were made in Malaysia. Not saying they aren't good quality but that's an exorbitant price to charge for a shirt made with third world labor.
BeSpiffington, it's a great show and I love the costumes but unfortunatley that's just what they would look like in today's world. Sometimes I wish everyone still took that much pride in their appearance.
I am not very short but I am slim so I definitely prefer the slim ties. I am particularly fond of the knit ones in silk, wool, or cotton. I like ties with texture. 2.5" is the sweet spot for me with most ties except knits. Knits I prefer in 2"-2.25". Anything much wider in a knit and I feel like I'm wearing a sock around my neck.
BeSpiffington, haha yeah its tricky finding your style and separating that from the trends. I don't want to look like i'm an extra on Boardwalk Empire but at the same time i don't want something that's trendy and will look ridiculous in 5 years. I like the quality of Kent Wang a lot. If I get another one made I'm going to tweak the measurements and specifications a bit now that I know how everything fits and looks together. The full canvas construction is very nice.
BeSpiffington, I like slim ties mainly because I'm a slim guy so most ties above 3" in width I feel are not proportionate on me. I haven't heard of Mr. Greenfield, I actually got my first MTM suit a few months back from Kent Wang. So I haven't had experience with the other guys except for RTW. I have to slowly grow my wardrobe due to limited funds.
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