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Hope these are isolated incidents and not changes made from up top. Good SA s are hard to find.PM me if you have a good SA you're happy with, TIA
Welcome to the thread, I'm sure you will find lots of advice here.If you are looking to match your black suit, I think that leave you with black shoes. Two that come to mind would be the kenilworths (which is on sale at the moment) and the Lexington. Both are bluchers which may or may not be acceptable to wear with suits but I think both have very clean line and can be worn casually with grey or light color trousers.The Parkway is also another good option to look at.
Just got a note that my favorite SA is resigning. Sad day
I've gotten a pair of first quality before and one shoe was bigger than the other. It felt strange the first time putting them on so i try to compare them sole to sole and the right shoe was visually bigger than the left.My point is that these are made by human and there will be errors. I would suggest to try on another pair in the same size to see if that resolved your sizing issue.
Happy Monday
Thanks for the inspiration, Walnut Strands and navy today
I think it's pretty close. I don't put them next to each other so I can't confirm if they are matching 100 percent. PM me if you would like a picture next to a burnished brown shoe I have.
I have the Madison dress belt and like it very much. It's plain and simple, just like the kenilworths.
If it was mdubs, would have been walnut shell or cappuccino shell.
Yep, just walnut, no dark brown
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