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1. the scratches on the toe and instep. Are they bad enough for a return or can I rectify in some way.You can try to apply some cordovan cream or conditioner and buff them away2. The difference is colorNormal. Nature of the shell3. The fact that the leather seems to have degraded in the crease. Will the degrade further? Any ideas on how to repair? Refinish maybe?I Think the crease area looks dry. See 1.  Good luck
From what you described, the defects fit the description for seconds.  If your expectation for seconds is closer to perfect then i don't think you will be happy buying seconds. 
Leeds store needs to get some Bartlett in Brown or Walnut ... ... just saying
Congrats, they look like they are in really good condition.  Some uneven burnish but that will be corrected overtime.  How do you like the fit over the other lasts?
 No indication.  I heard from a manager that the outlet's managers order shoes from the warehouse for their store depending on what they think they can sell.  It's just luck i think.  If you have a good relationship with a SA, some may be willing to check out the defects before shipping shoes to you.
For what it worth, I wear the same length across those 3 lasts but different widths.  65 last-D width, 333 B width and 511 E width.
Listen to your cobbler
Thank god the bank doesn't issues loans because i would be in default pretty quickly.
 Those were the only pair.  If my memory serves me well there are a few others: Black Carlyle with Danite sole (10D) - must be from a MTO, Chocolate Suede Fifth Ave (10 E), Walnut Weybridge (8/12 E, 9 D and 10.5 D), Black loafer with Indy sole (10E) - must be an MTO but no name, Black Kennilworth (9D), Snuff Suede McGregor (11.5D), Chatal/Suede McNeil (11D) Prices were between $69-$139.  Happy to help folks out with their addictions, PM me if you want me to proxy anything...
Made a visit to my local BCF over the weekend and scored a pair of Walnut Rutledge seconds.
New Posts  All Forums: