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The Walnut Strands popped my cherry. Though I had replaced these with a different size since my feet grew in the last year, I still keep the pictures, for old times sake.
Agreed. I'm hoping that the sizing up charge will be the same so many of us with C width can have some hope.
On the same topic of new models coming this fall, I'm seeing these from shoebank's inventory so far: -Barlett - indy version of the Strands -Hopkinson -Atlantis -Cornwallis - Medallion plain toe balmoral. -Normandy - distressed boots -Yorktown On top of those, players 2.0 and First Ave Boots will be part of the regular line up. That's quite a list, excited to see them this Fall.
Welcome to the forum. The foot bed should compress and mold to your feet. I'm no expert but I'm sure it would be hard to say since it depends on how much arch support you would need. When switching to shoes with leather insoles it took my feet awhile to get used to and actually stronger to support my body weight.If you like the padded support, AE makes a few versions with padded insoles. You can also look at Brooks Brothers models which have padded insoles. There are also...
... so what led to the development of the Rogue?
AE doesn't make many shoes in C width. There are more available in B width. That said, you may have better luck with the last with more room in B width. I find the 333 last is a bit roomier than others.
Another thought about Tysons vs Reston. If you are planning to make a purchase, there is special pricing for the grand opening at Tysons. I'm guessing it could be about 15%.
For your consideration is a pair of lightly used Allen Edmonds Grayson tassel loafer in Burgundy Shell Cordovan.  They are not my correct size so they were worn about 5 times (the Horween logo can still be seen from the sole).  These are bought as factory seconds, probably due to the lighter color at the bottom of the heels.  They have been cared for with Saphir products and shoe trees were used when not in my feet. Please feel free to ask questions.  Paypal is preferred,...
Reston has been my go to store for the past 2 years. Steve is fantastic. The Tysons store just open, I plan to make a trip out this week.
Yes they stop selling AE sometimes last year.  I guess you can buy some Cole Haan there. 
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