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No Problem Titz.  I'm pretty sure they are the 6th avenue.  Shoebank may have a few left, depending on what size you are. I see them available in my size, for $197 in Chestnut
I don't particularly think the worker was on any drugs.  This is a mistake since these shoes are somewhat "hand made". You should be fine, shoes shouldn't have any structural issue. The stitching will be worn down any way. Plus, that's the part that no one will see. Wear them and enjoy.
@keepsake89 I have them, bought them from the rack.  They are essentially the Snuff Suede McClain. The 108 last has a tapered toe compared to the 65 last.  108 last would be tight for me for a bal but suede gives a bit so they fit fine after a few wear.  I would not be able to wear them if they were calf leather.  Hope it helps.
 I'm pretty sure those were unmarked.  Now that you mentioned, the captoe is a bit too short to be EC.  They look closer to be the Promontory Point but the toe isn't as square.  I have both the EC and PP at home so PM me if you want pictures to compare.  Can't remember how much they were exactly. All of them were between $99-$139.
@CanadaCal Sorry about the bad cell phone pictures but here they are.  Some don't have the model and size printed.  I don't remember for sure but i don't think they have the factory seconds stamp. Not looking to make money, just hope these will end up going to someone who can appreciate AE and its too-good-to-be-true-while-it-lasted SMU program.  If you are interested in any, PM me before Wed, I'm not looking to head to that place and deal with the madness.  Brown grain...
Funny you mentioned that, I bought the same boots in dark brown yesterday and wearing them today. They fit like a glove and super comfortable.
Stopped by the BCF over the weekend, didn't see much in my size. However, that particular store got a load of what appears to be SMU orders in size 9. I'm guessing they are from the same order. I snapped a few pictures and will post when I find my phone.
I think they will look great with chinos and an odd jacket. Do post pictures tomorrow, you know the drill .
I think they suspended the MTO program so Allison can cashed out her vacation. This is a unreliable speculation to keep this thread going. Post some more pictures folks.
Chilli Bleecker Street for a rainy day
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