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PSA-Shell Cordovan MacNiel and Patriot 35% off at Club Monaco. Limited sizes, first quality, $420. Good luck.
Pardon me if this has been answered previously: what's the shoebank sale on BF?
Do it or forever have buyer remorse. You won't find them at that price. Just wish they have my size
Not sure if this has been posted but lordandtaylor has a few sizes of first dundees for about $150. Good luck hunting
I'm thinking brown shell Cornwallis or burgundy shell st. John. Wallet is gonna hurt
What's the upcharge for mto shell now?
Do we need to bubble wrap our shoes now?
Try tongue pad. The pad will take up space and push your foot back a bit.
Been out of touch for a few weeks, I have a few hundreds posts to catch up.
Shell MacNeil today
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