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If they are Gold Toe, me too
The best pair of bourbon that I've had was the university, others have been really bad. I think the Brown Fifth Ave is very sharp in case you want to get something else.
On the flip side, that's pretty unique, almost like animal print. Keep them if you want a conversation piece
Kinda look like it.
Happy to take your place Gabru. @rostov hope this is not too late, please add my name to the list for the Brown Grain config.
AE is being very quiet about it this year, unlike last year when it was known weeks before
There is a rumor that the closed outs will have a door buster deal sometimes on Friday. My SA couldn't tell me more than that
I'm interested, please add me to the list. Here is something i come up with when playing around with the custom tool based on the Leeds.  This is the chocolate suede, with black Danite sole, I couldn't get the welt to be any lighter. Just so everyone can have an idea
Anyone know if the outlet stores will do any door buster special at mid night like last year?
Walnut Rutledge or Dark Brown HarrisonEdit: Harrison if you want more formal
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