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In this rare special case , you need new wife my friend.Any divorce lawyer in this forum? Joking, my significant other thinks I have enough shoes, I still manage to sneak in a pair or two now and then. I frequently show her fashion blogs and wywt pictures, she sometimes says: "that looks nice, you don't have those ...." and mission accomplished.
If the wife says walnut, it should be walnut, regardless of what this forum says.Happy wife, happy feet.
Would someone please explain the COMB in old AE lasts? My understanding is that the heel is from a different last, more narrow. Is that right? Thanks in advance.
While the 2nd sale is going on, I'm anxious to see if AE will do 20% off first from their clearance this year. From what I recall it was early Feb last year.
I liked them, the u wings are not common and I got plenty of compliments. It's not everyone's cup of tea I can tell you that. I sold them last year since they didn't fit well.
It's on the shoebank site. I don't think there are many sizes, style number 4105S
Browsing the sale now. $77 brown McTavish is hard to pass.
From what I recall, the speculation was that it's the 2 last
If I hit the jackpot, big IF, I'll MTO every models AE offers in Natural, Navy, Green, Brown, Black, Burgundy Shell Cordovan. You know you have the same thought. Good luck to us all.
Great picture. What are those pants?
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