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@CMT1may I ask where you got vsc from?
They look pretty sleek even with wider width. I will need to figure out what my size is in the 108 last
Too bad they don't work out for you. They actually look pretty good watch. I may have to give some serious thought about the dark brown with Danite sole. What size are these if you don't mind I'm a asking?
I guess it's only a good deal if buying Daltons or Indy lines
PSA, Macy's has the Lake Shore Driver for about 125. Limited sizes, of course.
Wow, I like the darker walnut. You're right, very much like bourbon color. You just made a lot of us here jealous.
Yes, shell is a tough material and will take a longer time to break in and calf leather. Do you break in your shoes prior to the first wear? Everyone has his own process of breaking in shoes, many would wear theirs indoor for at least an hour for a few nights, walking around on carpet, wearing them in the office and changing them out.I'd suggest that you give them a few more break in sessions in door while your cuneiform is healing
Any updates?
A television channel .... .... tender loving care, I think that's what he referred to.
Shell Bleecker street GMTO, too soon? Hahaha
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