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I had a opportunity to try on the Bleecker street last week. The reason why I didn't get them was because I know I would like to have them in shell eventually. They were very sharp dress boots. Hopefully we'll get some traction for a GMTO when everyone has recouped from the EC and Bayfield orders.
Yep, they should take phone orders.
Haha that makes a lot more sense
Did you downsize half? I thought you were up to about 70 just a few months ago.
Since you already have the strands in brown, I'd recommend the McGregor in walnut. Plus, it is a long wing which is missing in your rotation right now.
My experience is that the 3 last is wider. I went with the same length but narrower width (b).
Like others had said, if the shoes don't fit, definitely return them, even if they are a good price. It's a much bigger headache to get rid of them later.
I was told my an SA once that the warranty may be voided if a cobbler fixes my shoes. I'm sure minor things won't be an issue but she said always check with them first to make sure, a lot of time they would just take care of the issue for you.
+1I have a formal meeting once a week that requires me to wear suits. I usually look forward to it to bring out my truffles shell McAllister
I would vote for the black Harrison since it fits the occasion and seems like you're happy with the fit. If the wallet allows and the future wife is ok with, maybe get the black Harrison and sell the PA. Maybe Earl will be able to hook you up with a special price good luck brother
New Posts  All Forums: