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PSA ... Lordandtaylor.com has a few limited sizes Mayfair in Black and McAllister in Merlot (8.5W and 12 W) for $228. Thats a great deal if thats your size   They also have swims overshoes for (brown and tan) for $49.  Good luck hunting.
Haha I'm with fat Tuesday here, the last thing I need is my significant other knows that I'm looking at shoes all day
It's already hard for me to keep up between this and the appreciation thread, Facebook is a little far to reach for me. Maybe others would be interested.
Those look amazing, need more pictures
I really like the navy mcgregors. Although the stock version is what I would go for, I'd definitely be interested in what you all can come up with
Walnut shell? I thought there wasn't any left, how did one come about getting a pair made?
PSA: Black MacNeil on Nordstrom site with limited sizes for $235 (35%) off. Not bad price for firsts. They also have a few belts for 50% off, limited sizes of course. Good luck hunting
I could ve sworn I saw a Dalton in chilli calf this morning for 197, I came back this afternoon to check again before pulling the trigger and they are gone. PSA in case they are available in other sizes.
They are not as bad as the Daltons that I received in the past. I did not do much after receiving them, just a light code of vsc, then buff and wear. I embrace the goop. Nice looking shakers. Are you trading in your Christmas presents (that your wife got you) for the Dundees? Or is it a post holiday present to yourself?
New Posts  All Forums: