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Here are some examples...   A buckle a guy like this would wear
I'm looking for a leather belt, but one that has a large metal buckle like from the 1970's texas. The buckles of a bull or american flag or some other large metal design. Do any stores sell these? Watching television shows from the 1970's it seems common to have large buckles.
What has happened to Allen Edmonds quality control? Last year it was Nordstrom that sold creased and cracked AE shoes. Now it's Amazon. I even got one directly from Allen Edmonds.   At least they have good customer service and will swap shoes for new ones. But why not make it right the first time? What is it costing AE to replace shoes versus making it right the first time?   The only other possibility is AE is buying cheaper leather and that's the problem.
I don't want my shirts to fall apart.
I will give the soap and brush a try. Is a toothbrush soft enough?
No offense but it's time to stop saying that. Nordstrom did nothing to help me, they didn't even ask me to bring the shoes in to look at them. The great customer service of the past is gone.
Will bleach damage fine dress shirts? How much should be added to a wash? half a cup? a full cup?   What is the best way to remove stains around the collar? I've tried resolve and sprays and they do not work.
Forgive for asking questions, I am trying to learn about style. The first thing I see is the bowtie and handkerchief are different colors. Would it look better if they were closer in color?   Your shirt also appears to be, and I don't know how to describe this, thinner material and looks like it belongs with a blazer or darker suit. Something about your jacket looks like it should go with a thicker shirt.    Your attire looks like it's a wealthy plantation owner from the...
That looks very good. I'm trying to figure out why it works. Is it the brown stripe in the hat matches the brown shoes? Or is it because the hat is light in color, the suit is light in color, the shirt is light in color. The hat adds to the look instead of distracting. It looks great!
Can a purchase for 2nds be made at a Allen Edmonds store or at the jville outlet only?   In other words, can I tell my local AE what I want, pay them here, and have them ship it to me?
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