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I`ve said my piece, and making silly rules on price bands does not help.  Yes, I very much get the point   I`m sure people enjoy very high end watches, and if they can afford them that`s terrific for them, but it`s when they get silly about it, write columns, make snooty posts, and make jibes at `lesser` `mortals that they show their stupidness.   There always will be versions of goods for people who have large incomes - It`s the way the world works. If I were...
Obviously a post from someone who believes that `pedestrian` watches are for `pedestrian` people, and that only people with money and `taste` can appreciate these fine expensive watches.   There seems to be a human need to be above the pack and watch snobs are a prime example  The fact that only another watch snob will appreciate your fine watch (that`s if they get a good look) does not deter them.  They have bought themselves in to a high end club and they can look...
This last post is the best piece of sense on watches I`ve ever read.   There are many watches in the £50 to £200 range that will look good on ANY occasion.  For goony sakes, the American President has been seen wearing a `cheap` watch.   All the posturing on these `cost of a house` watches is sick inducing..
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