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Those jackets are too damned short else I'd have one of those hopsack already.
From my 12+ shirts experience, this really depends on the fabric. All my shirt shrunk at least 1/4inch with some shrinking 3/4inch in body and sleeves. All of them have been washed cold, hung dry.
MTO'd the striped linen in a popover with a custom collar, feel like that thing is going to be a winner.
I do. Runs on the slimmer size of true to size. I am usually a medium, and the medium fits me, but its a slim fit so size up one for a slouchier fit.I got No stretch after 20+ wears.Don't expect a heavy knit, its very light and soft.
 If I were you I would give a look at Spier and Mackay, an associate on here.  I had similar troubles being very slim and theyre one of the only RTW brands that produces a shirt thats slim enough to be perfect for me. Their collars (especially on their newer models) are great, and theyre extremely hard to beat price wise (120CAD for 3 shirts)
Juste received one of the 120s OTR shirts, so so good.
Can't access the site since its gone down, tried clearing my cache, changing network, etc, nothing worked. Both on mobile using chrome and on my desktop. Anyone else having the same issue?
Found the same two as Frank and the third one was more of a "well that's nice so I'll click it... Oh its NMWA"
I feel like you could go more than half an inch up for the 2nd button under the collar button, since I do feel that a bit too much chest is exposed and I'm not sure 1/2 an inch will do so much. 1st button would probably be too high then so you might not have a choice. Great change though.I greatly appreciate seeing all the changes that go into the OTR shirts. I've bought 12+ of them over time and its very nice to see all the little updates that have gone into every new...
Can you explain exactly what would be the difference in regards to OTR shirts? All buttons raised?
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