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Few comments on the OCBD after a decent amount of wear on my 2 shirts. Great shirts, great fabric, great roll. With that said, a few improvements I feel could be good : 2. The holes for my "button-down" buttons seem to be a bit too big and my collar sometimes goes loose (rarely but still). 2. I would add a quarter to half an inch to collar points lenght for more rolling. 3. I feel like the button-down buttons are placed a bit too low below the collar and a bit too...
Why would you go and blame a brand for your inability to read measurements. My collars have all been holding their shape very well after heavy wear and laundry after each wear.
1.     This special edition knit is insane and only gone in M.   2.    this coat is money, but barely cost any at sale price, so many sizes left.   3.  so good    4.  so gooder    5. 
About 20+ washes in a washer on my 8 S&M shirts and no issues with buttons with any of them
Juste received my OCBD and wow. Fabric is great, collar roll looks great. Will report back after a fee wears with sweaters and blazers but for now its unbeatable at that price. I will echo the fact that the back could be slimmer, but again I'm a very slim person with tall arms.
At 38 USD a pop or 100USD for 3, these shirts are a steal.
And light blue on the way.
Any updated ETA on OCBDs hitting the website?
Happens for me too on my android phone using chrome, seems more of a mobile issue.
That looks like I'll have to create a "need" for 3 shirts
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