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Id go with a +1 on the fabric choices.   I do not own any HY/Epaulet trousers, I do feel like the inside of the trousers could be finished a little better(which might or might not affect durability) and that the hardware could be upgraded.
Usually do, was just a little worried about delivery in time for Christmas with USPS.
Was very excited to receive my Drake's scarf. Had to tell the driver to come back the next day...   UPS bill of 100$ (thats for a 200$ CAD scarf). Guess im stucked with the unreliable USPS to ship to Canadia....
The tie and square offerings are actually insane this season.
Well I guess even if im broke you guys dont give me much choice on this one. cigar.
 Once every 67 days.
 You shouldnt tell him anything, you shouldnt buy a jacket with working buttonholes when you need 2 inches out. edit: I mean, unless you really feel like paying a fortune to have a competent tailor take it out at the shoulder
For those worried about the width of the amok, they stretch out a lot width wise. I couldn't wear mine more than 5 minutes because they would hurt on the sides, but after 15 wears they're my most comfortable AEs Edit: damn phone
I have the McGraw and they're awesome. I dont have experience on the 7 lastbut got the same size in McGraw than my 5-last size and I'd say the fit is fairly similar with a tiny bit more room at the toes and a little less at the ankle (might just have to do with being a loafer tho). The toe has a very small chisel which I think looks good without being too pronounced.
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