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 Rules should state only people with 49 belts and less can win the 40% code.
 these are shell what are you saying.
Its game time.   1.    G. Inglese Linen Cotton popover : Do I really need to say something about this piece, who doesn't need a popover for summer. I'm really surprised there are still some stock and I'm buying this thing with that coupon so please keep sleeping people.   2.   Now youre going to ask me what to wear on your feet with that sweet popover, well the most insane pair of penny loafers I have ever seen of course. These are litterally available in every...
You can order from barneys warehouse with a canadian credit card, done it multiple times, you cant order with a canadian cc and ship to a us adress though.
 Lazio is pretty much the same cut as Havana (measurements wise) so I would probably look into that for suits if I was you. The styling is of course very different but they fit the same (at least, my experience owning both).
Buying things from barneys warehouse right now makes me feel as if I just stole things.   10$ for a grenadine tie 15$ for cashmere lined nappa leather gloves   WHat a joke
For anyone on the edge about castaner espadrilles, those things are really really amazing.
Also wondering if you could, when you have the time, give me the waist measurement on the Oliver Spencer Hilsea fishtail trousers size 32, cheers.
So im considering the linen/cotton inglese popover, should I size this up from my usual shirt size for a more relaxed kind of fit or do you just buy usual collar/chest sizing ?   and how long are the arms on those (a 15/38 to be precise) ?
Just a heads up for Loake lovers, GentryNYC has the loake paisley single monk in mahogany calf and brown sued for something like 140 and 120 respectively. Not the 1880 line but still, 120$ for a goodyear welted, leather soled loake made in england is pretty cheap.
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