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I really really hated my amoks for the first 10 wears or so but imo those things once properly broken in are just reallyamazing.
 No duty just taxes since made in america. I get taxed on 50% of my shipment, and its 5% tax.
But but I want it now ! Really looking forward to purchasing more shirts from you.
When can I buy that
 I think thats wrong. I wear 38L, and my suits landed with a ''94'' tag still on them. The measurements for the 94 in general seem to be in line a lot more with 38L too, so I would probably just go with measurements.
I know it has been mentioned many times before, but Kristle at the JVille outlet is absolutely amazing to deal with, I would highly recommend for anyone to give her your business if youre looking to purchase seconds (or firsts.) I have had quite bad lucks with customer service at AE multiple times, but since I have started dealing with Kristle things have started to get highly dangerous for my wallet.
 I don't own a Sienna, the only 3 models I own are the London, Lazio and Havana. The Lazio and Havana fit very similar with the Havana feeling just a little tighter. Havana has less shoulder and fits a little closer to the body due to its construction.
 Lazio and Havana fit the same, only difference is the lining. (personal experience and measurements are the same afaik)
Getting the same redirect loop error on home WiFi, perfectly fine on mobile network. Thought it was on my end at first and reset my connection...
last time people used dutchforwarder which seems to be down
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