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Wow, that was fast, all colors I wanted in my size are already out. On the plus side my wallet is intact thanks to that...
The site is a bit wonky for sizing of sport coats. Which sizing chart should we look up for the new sport coats?
Those are beautiful and at that price point theyre going to fly off the shelves fast
Got an unfused semi-lined, custom spread (for a mto linen popover) turned out really great.
I fully endorse said statement. I'm pretty sure the answer is no for this release but it would be nice if some long sizes came around eventually.
Edit : just saw that width and composition is listed under description. Nice ties!
All you have to do is go on the website and read the massive banner that says "additional markdowns and extra 20% off sale"
Now please make it in long versions and I'll get 5 of those.
Long sizes sport coats please. (Trying to build some demand for it.)
Those jackets are too damned short else I'd have one of those hopsack already.
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