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1. Yeah, I have very stubby legs, so finding anything that fits OTR is a nightmare. The waist is a bit loose but overall a good fit. I'm worried that the pants for the 44R would be too tight. 2. Nah, hate those things. Not sure I'm wearing a watch at all in the pic.
Yeah, the pants are a bit lower in the photo that I would actually wear them, but the jacket does cover my butt. But I do agree that there's excess fabric. I'm skeptical that a size down would do the trick, I think that the Napoli is just a bad fit overall for me. The blue plain in Lazio is out of stock in my size, any other fit you might recommend?...
Thanks for the reply. 176 cm (so 5'9''?). I've never considered the need for a L, even though I have stubby legs and a longer torso. Maybe I should try a 44. It sounds scary small. edit. Doesn't matter, seems to be out of stock anyway.
My first suit from SS arrived last week, but I'm still undecided whether I want to keep it or not. It's a plain blue in the Napoli cut (size 46), pretty much exactly what I'm after, a cheap blue beater suit. The problem is that even if I managed to avoid the bigger fit problems, I just don't think it looks that flattering on me. How much work do you think need to be done? Sleeves and pants are obvious, but anything else?  Or should I just try a more flattering...
Hard to say. Many argue that most of the Santoni Fatte a mano range are overpriced to begin with. But then again they vary much in terms of quality and construction, some are goodyear welted, but the majority seem to be blake stitched. Impossible to tell if it's a good deal without handling them in person.  Then there's those who wouldn't buy used shoes. I am one of those.  But if you like the design and they fit, do as you like, 99£ isn't the end of the world. 
There's no doubt that charcoal pinstripe trousers, particularly if they where part of  a suit, are probably the hardest trousers to pair anything with. Charcoal pants aren't generally liked on SF, just for the fact that they're extremely hard to wear decently. The pinstripes aren't helping either. Frankly, I can't see a single outfit that they would work with. Depending on how noticeable the stripes are, they might work with some looks, but are never the best option. 
http://www.lavenhamjackets.com/men/sale.htmlIf you're still in need of a quilted jacket for the fall, and are tired of everyone owning a Barbour, you might want to give them a try. I bought a jacket last summer and has held up decently. edit. Made in England too 
They have good customer service, take a few photos and contact them. 
You can always remove the pocket yourself, if you really like. Fairly straight forward, minimal tools needed and shouldn't leave any marks on the shirt when done properly (not anything one could see anyways). Charles Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin are quite popular options for cheap beater-esque shirts. Don't personally own any from TM Lewin, but own one shirt from Tyrwhitt. Decent quality, i.e. you can wear the hell out of it without it falling to bits and pieces, but I dislike...
He might be on to something. I browsed the sale during the extra 75% clearance, but a lot of the discussed items at insanely cheap prices were showing as much higher to me outside the states. 
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