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Finally received my first pair of Carminas from Gentry! They are on the oscar last.  Here's a few pics i snatched on the go. I think my phone camera is past its prime.    I am impressed! 
+1And would look much nicer as a 2-eyelet IMO.Still, interesting brand, I might pounce on a pair from them come spring. 
Thanks for the pic! I was still skeptical whether or not I made the right choice buying a pair of half-brogues on the Oscar last the other day, but your pic convinced me I did the right choice! For anyone interested, they are a pair made for Gentry, still one size left (UK8). http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/all-footwear/products/carmina-captoe-dainiteI can post pics when I get them. These will be my first pair from Carmina. 
I'm about to pounce on a pair of Carminas on the Oscar last, but I'm still hesitant on the sizing. I normally wear a 7.5UK on almost every last, Meermins Hiro, Loakes Capital, Herrings 024 etc. My initial reaction is to keep my usual size, but I read that some have sized up ½-size on the Oscar last and now I'm between choices.  What would you gents suggest?
Probably the most versatile shoe on the site right now (or maybe the brown suede full brogue oxfords). The only thing that would be more versatile would be a full-brogue brown calf oxford IMO, but apparently Meermin only stocks that type of shoe in black calf (which is rather confusing). Shipping times are a gamble. Could be a week, could be months, no one can really say for sure. Sizing can be extra tricky if you don't own any other "quality" shoes for reference. I would...
It's perfectly normal to use black polish on burgundy shoes, it will result in quite a nice patina. That said, it will change the color to a more deep variation of burgundy. I've heard several using a method where they vary between applying burgundy and black polish.  But if you just want the right shade, you should be watching out for polishes under the shade burgundy, mahogany etc. Or then you could always use a neutral wax, but it's harder to get a nice shine (and...
A few quick questions about SS trousers.  Is there any particular fit that only works on a few, that one should just stay clear of? I was checking the size adviser and it gave some weird measurements on some fits, which made me suspicious. I was hoping someone could also shed some light on the overall quality, is 129€ a fair asking price or should I just look elsewhere?  Is there any particular fit you fellow SFers are fond of? Maybe the Porto? 
"Our size advisor may recommend a smaller size than you are used to, because we prefer a more tailored look."This is copied from the size adviser. IMO you should definitely not size down.
+1I have a pair of Churchill's (granted, I got them for around 100€ new) and the leather quality is quite horrible. But then again I have a pair of Burgh boots and the quality of the leather there is significantly better (although not quite good enough IMO). I like the wide range of models on Dainite soles and the construction is solid, but the varying quality of the leather needs to be addressed. Still nice shoes for the price point nonetheless. 
Up for grabs is a pair of Meemins black double monks in the Hiro last, sized 7.5UK. I've decided to sell these because I have a hard time getting them to work with my wardrobe. The shoes have been worn about five times, so they're in very good condition, as you can see from the photos. Now you have the chance to kop these for a good price, without having to wait the usual 1+ month waiting time. Listing excludes shoe trees. Shipping from Finland to anywhere. Buyer pays for...
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