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It really depends. I wear a 7.5UK in the Hiro (a bit too large, instep mostly) and I sized down to a 7 in the Ron last. I still have a bit of heel slip after 3 months in my loafers, I couldn't imagine wearing the same size in both lasts. But hey that's me. Sizing is tricky. 
Carmina shoes made from lizard are often +600€, more for boots.Carmina can't be compared to Magnanni. I can't find a single way to compare the two, be it quality, construction, design, price, you name it. Carmina is almost, if not, top-tier.
When I last ordered (summer sale 2014), the shipping was £10. I don't mind paying 5 pounds if it results in extremely speedy delivery and great packaging. My order shipped a few hours ago. I think we're better off without free shipping - it would only end up with everyone placing one item orders at a time to avoid losing out. Would result in longer dispatching times and sloppy packing IMO. I agree that the whole sale was rather disappointing. Kopped a few items, a Zanone...
It's a hidden button down collar with snap fasteners. 
Suede is more versatile in a wardrobe that's more casual and is seldom out of place in most outfits, especially a suede double-monk that goes great with a range of options. But that doesn't mean that the posted DMs are out of place with casual outfits, far from it. Just a tad easier with suede. But it boils down to personal preference. I would advice against buying that same shoe in both calf and suede, you get far more variation by buying another model in suede/calf,...
No need for reasons. Monks any day of the week. 
Thanks, we are thinking of doing a trip atm, meeting with a few different manufacturers should prove to be fruitful. The initial problem still remains, how do we list out the good manufacturers from the really bad ones? If we were to travel to, let's say China, there's countless of manufacturers that are great and likewise the same amount that produces absolute crap. How did ones on SF list these out? On another note, is there a good site to browse for manufacturers?
A few of us are on the verge of starting our own company. I know that there are lots of affiliates on this site that are doing something similar to what we are planing and therefore in the interest of menswear would want to give us a few tips and a nodge in the right direction. I'm not asking for any "secrets" or complete business models, just sound advice. We are about to start a company that offers shirts of decent quality for a decent price. We are not trying to offer...
^They are not.
X-post. Tassel loafers are finally starting to break in, it was an unpleasant experience. I'm a 7.5 in Hiro, although they are a bit too big in the instep. Lenghtwise okay. I went with 7 in the Ron and they're boarderline too big. 7.5 would have not worked for me in this last and I'm glad that I sized down.
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