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I wear a 7.5UK (or a 41.5) size in most of my shoes and I wear a size 41 in my Rivieras. I would recommend to size down if you're between sizes, otherwise keep your size (if you have fairly normal feet).
^ Thanks for the input. Now I just need to decide between the Lazio and Havana. Maybe I'll order both and keep one. 
^Thanks, I was actually looking at that too.  Well, I wear a suit very seldom, as I'm a student, so I don't mind being a little cold now and then. I've needed a suit around 5 times in the past 12 months. And one can easily get away with wearing something light-weight during winter (and possibly layering up), but one can't get away with wearing flannel when it's 25 degrees outside.  e.typo
Burgundy is surprisingly versatile, works with khakis too (just the color, the style might not on the other hand). I would go for dark brown derbys though, if your wardrobe is very casual. Just make sure the model is versatile, not just the color. Start building a collection from there! An example from Meermin, a very good option for any casual situation: https://meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4612Burgundy is versatile, but it's also a bit more formal. oh, and nothing looks...
So, I'm looking to buy my first SS suit sometime soon. I had a hit and miss with a Napoli last fall and I'm pretty sure that fit isn't for me (a sizedown might work but I'd rather try another fit). I'm looking for something that's versatile, either in Lazio or Havana. I'd like to be able to wear the suit pretty much all year round, so the thickest fabrics are out of the question atm. Any suggestions?  I'm considering this...
Nice fit @ScottMC How did you size in the brentwood trousers? The lack of belt loops leads to the fact that the waist needs to be spot on. The SS measurements (yeah I know, I know) suggests that I should size down for a better fit. What do you think, did you size down?  e. Suitsupply answered a question about the full launch of their FW15/16 collection on their facebook page, should be up next week (not this as someone suggested).  e2. of course, right after i posted...
Half-canvassed with decent fabrics and most importantly, a good fit, is always going to be of good value for sub-500 dollars. 
^ Looks interesting. Price-point is high, but they seem to be GW with good materials. I'm not a fan of the design, there's a few nice looking shoes but for the most part nothing for me. If you like them, I'm sure the quality is good and they will last a long time, resole after resole.  I'm skeptical about the high-price though, I would probably always shop at Carmina instead at a lower price. 
That tux looks pretty good to me. I'm sure you made the right choice! Sleeves could be a tad longer, but I like them a bit on the shorter side too.  And congratulations! a lifetime of happiness for you and your lovely wife!
It really depends. I wear a 7.5UK in the Hiro (a bit too large, instep mostly) and I sized down to a 7 in the Ron last. I still have a bit of heel slip after 3 months in my loafers, I couldn't imagine wearing the same size in both lasts. But hey that's me. Sizing is tricky. 
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