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^They are not.
X-post. Tassel loafers are finally starting to break in, it was an unpleasant experience. I'm a 7.5 in Hiro, although they are a bit too big in the instep. Lenghtwise okay. I went with 7 in the Ron and they're boarderline too big. 7.5 would have not worked for me in this last and I'm glad that I sized down.
Today. Spring is here and out come the loafers!
Yup, those bexley's are way too pointy imo. Atleast from a timeless perspective.
I own a pair of chukkas from the diplomat range. Quality is better than Loake 1880, not quite on par with C&J benchgrade. Construction is very solid but leather quality could be better. I can snap a pic of how my pair is holding up after a long winter of salt and slush.
I purchased a bag from Opumo about a year ago today and can warmly recommend the store to everyone here. Superfast shipping and friendy CS. If I'm on the lookout for accessories, Opumo is the first store I check. Currently I'm eyeing a nice umbrella by London Undercover Also, nice to finally see you here!
+1I really do believe that wholecuts are the hardest shoe to get spot on. Even top manufacturers struggle with coming up with a decent wholecut, but when they get it right, it really is a thing of beauty. GG for intance makes a wonderful wholecut (as the posted pic proves).
Agreed, apart from the blue plain 3-piece there's really nothing else that cathes my eye. But that only intrigues me because I'm searching for something similiar atm.Wasn't shocked that they made a pair of trousers that are completely over the top. Cool in a way, but a bit too much for me.
The norm is to size up half a size from Hiro to the new ray, as it is a narrow last. If you really have "wider feet than normal", the new ray might not be a good fit for you, even if you size up.
Yup, I would say thats pretty much beyond repair.
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