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I believe "faux uni" means that something looks like a solid color when in fact it's not.Someone correct me if I'm wrong.  
I recently read an interview where she (the costume designer) said that Frank wears exclusively Burberry, with hints of Ralph Lauren here and there. Edit. What Shirtmaven said.
A bit too casual for a law office IMO, but it really comes down to what others around you are wearing.
Olive any day of the week for me. 
I agree that it comes off as a more pricier version of the Lazio, but then again I think SS intended it to be just that. They are very similar, but very tremendously in construction. The main difference between Hartford and La Spalla seems to be the buttoning and trousers. I haven't owned a La Spalla suit, but from the information that has been provided thus, I would probably pounce on the Hartford instead of the La Spalla (maybe just because it has side-adjusters). 
@SidewinderX  Nice ones! I'm actually looking at the burgundy monks myself. Can you comment on the fit? I heard that the 199 last is on the narrower side and I'm torn if I should size up or not. I wear the following sizes: Carmina Oscar 7.5UK Loake Cannon 7.5UK Herring 024 7.5UK Meermin Hiro 7.5UK Sanders KEN 7.5UK Loake Swing 7UK Should I go up to a size 8? The Sanders and Herrings fit a touch wide, the Oscar last on the other hand is the best fitting.  Thanks! 
Thanks for the reply. Should have been more clear. I'm about to do a spring cleaning on my winter shoes and the plan is to first strip everything off with renomat, followed by renovateur, then cream and finally wax. The salt has done enough damage that water doesn't resolve the problem. It looks kind of like it has stripped a layer of polish by the toes. If that makes sense. I've never used renomat, but I guess it's strong enough to strip everything off. Including...
Will renomat sufficiently remove salt stains? What would be the optimal way to remove them? I've used my semi-beater chukkas through a helluva lot of slush this winter and it shows. 
There's no issue. Actually many of the higher-end trees are "polished" or have a "sheen" as you would put it. 
My hunch was correct then. Just have to try to get some use of them. Cheers!
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