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My hunch was correct then. Just have to try to get some use of them. Cheers!
I'm thinking of changing the color of a pair of black dub-monks I bought on impulse a while back. The problem is that they are, well, black. I can't seem to get them to work with my current wardrobe and therefore thinking of the possibility of changing to a different color. Is it at all possible to change from a solid black color to let's say dark brown or burgundy? Or should I just dismiss the idea as it is? Would renomat strip enough of the color? Thanks.
+1I like the Nova Check and Camel coat combo, but it has been kind of ruined by... well you all know why. Any solid scarf is a safe bet, navy might be nicest.
Flannel should easily do the trick. I have been walking all day in about -15C and haven't had any issues with lack of warmth. The trousers are from Suitsupply and I can indeed recommend them.
This is a genuinely nice offer! Heads up, I might take you up on it if I find enough stuff!
Ignore him, they're nice and the outfit actually looks balanced. I like it.
The norm is that one should not try to attempt it. Even the slightest differences in the fabric will look off. Even if you could pinpoint the exact color, you should pay close attention to variables such as weight of the fabric and composition. It's extremely hard to do and I would personally not sink more money. Do this only if you manage to find the exact fabric used for the suit.
Yes, they come with removable plastic stays. They are sufficient, but I bought a set of brass stays a while back that I much prefer. 
If you're willing to wait a bit, Berg & Berg starts their winter sale next Monday. They have pretty nice stuff and generous drops across the board. 
Finally received my first pair of Carminas from Gentry! They are on the oscar last.  Here's a few pics i snatched on the go. I think my phone camera is past its prime.    I am impressed! 
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