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DOWN to $18 (the rest have been sold).
Bump for reduced prices: $28 dollars each. $50 for both still stands.
I'm looking to sell two shirts I've worn once each (and washed once, cold water and air dry... I'm neurotic with my clothes). As I really never wore the flannel all winter and don't think I ever will, I am looking to sell. The other, is darker than pictured and just didn't like how I looked with it. Anyhow, here are some pictures. I'm looking to sell each for $30 down to... $28.... $26.... ***NOW $24*** or $45 for both. Here are some pictures: Lightweight Secret Wash -...
Weird color. Awkward fit. Button placement is funky. Looks bad.
I have tried these LLBean wicked good flannels before, in small (the smallest size offered) and they were way too large in the shoulders. It sucks because if they were big elsewhere, I would have paid for them to be tailored. I love the colors and they are really soft and comfortable. http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/60742...el-shirt-plaid I'm looking for similar flannels, in the same pattern and subdued/dark colors... neither pattern nor colors are too bold, which I...
Do you care about it with your clothes? And, for instance, do you usually buy your heavier weight, winter clothes in dark more "winter" colors. And vice versa for lighter weight, summer clothes. What's the concensus?
Anyone have the slub cotton button down shirts? How are they? Thin? Thick? Curious if they'd be good weight for the summer... I'm also thinking about the linen shirts, how are those?
thanks guys. I tried calling to even leave a message wen I got home, but no luck with that. I guess I'll use my lunch hour for a quick call then and if all works out, just stop by after work. They will probably think I'm crazy, lol. I've already been in two days in a row... now a third. It sucks too since I was buying a straw fedora and at the last second realized the one I got was too small. It was 5 minutes after closing so rushed to grab a large one (and not that I...
guess noone is a fan of these shirts or this post, lol.
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