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Anyone have the slub cotton button down shirts? How are they? Thin? Thick? Curious if they'd be good weight for the summer... I'm also thinking about the linen shirts, how are those?
thanks guys. I tried calling to even leave a message wen I got home, but no luck with that. I guess I'll use my lunch hour for a quick call then and if all works out, just stop by after work. They will probably think I'm crazy, lol. I've already been in two days in a row... now a third. It sucks too since I was buying a straw fedora and at the last second realized the one I got was too small. It was 5 minutes after closing so rushed to grab a large one (and not that I...
guess noone is a fan of these shirts or this post, lol.
Hey question... Has anyone ever gotten home and had an item missing from their bag? I am fairly certain I did not drop the item anywhere. I'm thinking that it might have been left on the counter or something when I checked out. It was a tie. Does anyone think if I go back tomorrow morning (or perhaps in the evening after work), they take my word for it and give me the tie? Or will it just be tough luck, whether it's assuming I neglected to look in my bag before I...
Sorry, I was not clear in OP. I have updated it to be more clear. I'm not talking fabric pictures. I meant people wearing said shirts. With an outfit of some sort (be it with jeans, sports coat, suit, etc.)...
I've been looking around for good pictures of people wearing checkered and tattersall shirts... but not many threads with pictures on them. Plus, difficult to find the odd picture in the WAYWN thread. So, wanted to make this thread to hopefully get some pictures and opinions. All checks are welcome, but I specifically am curious about tattersall and sall microchecks (for instance, tattersall, but only one color). I'm thinking it adds some variety and in the right...
^Thanks... will do. No new thread needed.
I suppose in a sense, lol... being forced to go MTM to get something that fits appropriately. Now I get the other luxuries. Well, I think I'll be heading to Mr. Ned. For fabric though... just since now I must choose a fabric. What would one suggest for a good 4 season suit? I'm looking for a charcoal grey... and I know fabrics come in oz and thread count. Advice anyone? Perhaps I'll start a thread asking about it.
Yea. I think that's the route I'll go. It's not too bad. Since really, all the decent suits I'd get OTR are 400 - 750. Throw in tailoring costs and time... still won't have perfect fit. So, why not just go all out and get it MTM I suppose. Man, it's expensive not fitting into OTR better. I know it'll never fit anyone perfect, but being short and barrel chested... definitely got the shitty end of the stick.
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