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^That is an incredible amount of effort to iron shirts. Overkill IMO. Just iron when wet. I'm no expert though. I have to get a better iron though and been thinking of getting a steam generator type iron. This one is a bit expensive but seems nice. Anyone have experience with other ones? Or hear of other good steam generator irons?
Looking to sell these Jcrew items: 1. Essential Chinos (Classic Fit) - 30x30, British Khaki... $24 -Worn and washed more than once. In good condition though, I wash/dry my clothes carefully (could be considered neurotic to some, lol) 2. Flannel - Small, Salmon/Grey... $24 -Never worn. Washed once. Might even have tags lying around somewhere. I just already have too many flannels. 3. Striped Tie - 2.75, Pink/Navy... $24 -Worn a few times. If you buy...
I am not sure if my tastes are different or if my pants have shrunk, but they are all just a tad short (no more than 1/4... but when it comes to no break to slight break, that small amount matters). But I'm worried because there is going to be a crease line when they are let out. I only wash them every month or so (worn once a week) and had my pants for maybe 6 months, so no too many washes, and only iron after washing, that's it. Is there any hope? Undoing this...
Bump for reduced prices: $24 dollars each. $45 for both.
Bump for price decrease. Now $16.
Bump for price decrease. Now $17.
Bump for reduced prices: $26 dollars each. $48 for both.
DOWN to $18 (the rest have been sold).
Bump for reduced prices: $28 dollars each. $50 for both still stands.
I'm looking to sell two shirts I've worn once each (and washed once, cold water and air dry... I'm neurotic with my clothes). As I really never wore the flannel all winter and don't think I ever will, I am looking to sell. The other, is darker than pictured and just didn't like how I looked with it. Anyhow, here are some pictures. I'm looking to sell each for $30 down to... $28.... $26.... ***NOW $24*** or $45 for both. Here are some pictures: Lightweight Secret Wash -...
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