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Okay... seriously, lol.
What do you guys think of trapper hats in the winter? I've been thinking of getting one since they seem like they'd be pretty comfortable and warm... but I'm not really sure where to go to get a nice one. Or if I should get one on at all... Any advice?
So, I need some help with (dress) chinos. I'm stuck right between two sizes and cannot decide which is the better choice (I realize looking for another brand is an option, but forget that for now). I am in fairly good shape and I don't think my legs/butt will change dramatically in size. Also, although my waist could be a bit slimmer, I wear my chinos at my hips and they don't change much in size. With the above said, I have two options: 1. The smaller size: fits...
I have a few questions about buying a casual belt. I usually don't wear a belt, but I've recently started too and quickly realized that my 1 1/2" belt was a bit wide. I'm short (5'4") so my dress belts at 1 1/8" look much better on me. However, I'm thinking I'll get one of the beautiful West End Bridle Leather Belt or the Kensington Bridle Leather Belt to wear casually and had some questions. 1. For casual wear (jeans, chinos, cords, etc) which of those two belts is...
Why ultimately is no button seen as dressier? Is it a carryover front suits not having the button, which, when worn with braces, leaves your pants with a clean waistband? This would be a non-issue with chinos though... as they aren't really worn with braces. I suppose you could go beltless with chinos though. I like wearing a belt though, I feel as if it is more complete that way... so I guess (for me) it won't matter.
Do you think that chinos without the button can still be worn casually?
Which do you prefer? I suppose that without a front button is dressier, but I feel as if chinos are inherently on the slightly more casual side and the button could be just as appropriate. Ultimately, you'd be wearing a belt anyhow?
It's not quite summer yet (okay, not even close really), but thinking about summer clothes and was wondering what you all did for pants. I feel as if most chinos are a bit on thick side for a hot and humid summer day. Does anyone go for lightweight cotton chinos? Something like: http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/pants/essexpants/PRDOVR~23899/23899.jsp The only problem I could see with these is in terms of durability of the thin cotton and if they get too easily...
On the diaper ass front... the thing I've realized recently about J.Crew pants is that the waist is cut at a fairly steep angle. I think most pants are higher in the front than in the back, but it's definitely a large drop on J.Crew stuff. So, just pull the pants up in the back, but keep them down in the front (avoid them riding up your crotch) and you'll alleviate the diaper ass. YMMV.
Thanks for reply. So, basically, the strength point is null and the minimal shrinking will stretch back out anyway... so it's effectively useless (more or less).Thanks for that link. Good thread and helps answer some things. Also... it seems like the only thing it could help with is getting shrinking out of the way, which probably just stretches back out (like other poster said). I'd think the inseam won't stretch as much (unless hung by leg opening) so perhaps i'll...
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