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Sure. I am 5'4".
I am selling my Jcrew Alpaca Rollneck sweater that I have worn once. I hate turtlenecks and thought rollneck would be okay but didn't like it. I wore it once last winter and then put it away with my other wool stuff (keep stored in canvas material box). http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/sweaters/woolblends/PRDOVR~33114/33114.jsp Shipping costs are on you.
I didn't realize the rules were more strictly followed in England. Are all grey/navy worn with black and only browns with brown shoes?
Outside the most formal occasions (i.e. conservative interview) when one is wearing either a charcoal (or black for funeral) suit, when would you need to wear black shoes? It seems like fairly formal environments where a suit is necessary (work, wedding, etc.), you could often change black shoes with brown with no ill effect (i.e. as long as your suit isn't charcoal). And then when considering business casual, where wool pants and chinos are generally a lighter shade of...
Looking to sell my Nexus 10 tablet along with the Kensington Keyfolio Pro 2 (black), Spare Screen Protector, and 25' Micro HDMI cable. I am getting rid of it due to lack of use. I thought I'd make more use of it, but I just never did. It is great for what it is though. Beautiful screen. Quick and easy to use. I definitely prefer it to the iPad. The tablet is in perfect condition. I never removed the thick plastic shielding it came with (both back and front) and...
Shipping costs are on you.
They were all worn multiple times.They were only ever washed in cold and hung dry. $60 for all or priced individually as follows: In Stormy Sea ($35): http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/denim/484/PRDOVR~20582/20582.jsp Levi - Light Denim 100% Cotton ($20) Levi - Regular Washed Denim 98% Cotton 2% Elastane ($15) Shipping costs are on you.
I'm looking to sell 5 pairs of J.Crew Bowery Slim Pants. All are size 29 waist and tailored (no cuff) to 27.25" inseam. There is an extra ~2.5" of fabric in all the pants (might be able to lengthen to at least ~29 inseam) They were all worn multiple times. The wool pants were dry cleaned twice. The cotton pants were only ever washed in cold and hung dry, never even ironed. I only wore them sitting at a computer so they are in great condition, no visible wear. $210 for...
I'm looking to get a small laptop / tablet bag. Or at least some sort of small over the shoulder bag that would fit one. Ideally, it'd also be big enough to fit a notebook/folder. So, dimensions of at least 10 by 12 or so I suppose. Something casual that can cross over into business casual setting (i.e. maybe leather would be best? Or if canvas of some sort, something simple and classic). A regular messenger bag, laptop bag, etc... they are all too big. No need to carry...
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