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I'm looking to get a Duffel Bag and I'm considering two options from Frost River: 1. With Pockets Option: Laurentian (2,400 cu in / 40L -> split between the main and side pockets) (carry-on size is smallest) 2. Without (Well, Less) Pockets Option: Explorer (3,100 cu in / 50L -> don't think side pocket interferes with main compartment size) (carry-on size is second...
As I believe these Bowery Slim fit the same as Urban Slim (I will check these measurements myself to be sure). I found the following: Hip: 39.75" Thigh: 24" Hope that helps and I will double check to ensure accuracy.
I will make some measurements when I go home, but also going to look for some measurements from Jcrew since those will likely be more accurate than me trying to measure them. Also, they do all have the same measurements.
Any Italian brands that can be had in the $200-$300 range? I don't mean retail with that, more so discounted or second hand. But I definitely don't have budget to spend anywhere over $500. Especially since for above that I'd like go with MTM.
Well, although that's way out of my price range, it did answer my question... so thank you. It does make me happy knowing the sizing at least exists OTR... it makes me feel better about myself I don't have freakishly out of proportion chest/shoulders.
I can't seem to find any jackets with ~17" shoulders that fit my ~38" chest. Unfortunately, most size 38 jackets all have 18" shoulders. Even size 36 jackets are nearly that usually. I know MTM is a route I could (and perhaps should) go, but not looking to spend $500+ on sportscoats, blazers, etc. I'm looking for jackets in the $200-300 price range. Ultimately, I'm also willing to have it be a bit snug around in the chest if it firsts my shoulders... since maybe I can let...
Another question for you guys... So, I want to take care of some wear on my jeans before it tears into a hole. Is this something easy enough to do on my own with needle/thread? Or should I bring it to someone. I just want to reinforce some stitching (stacking at inner ankle has rubbed and will definitely wear a hole).
Because sometimes I like the look of cuffs.
Quick question for those who have worn their raw denim 1-2+ years and have washed them a couple times and have fades... I never cuffed my denim because I didn't want to get permanent cuffing fades and sometimes I wanted to stack. If I cuff them now sometimes (loosely, not trying to really press a clean fold), should I fear getting fades there anymore? Or am I probably in the clear? If it matters... I've had my jeans 2+ years and have tub washed in woolite 3-4 times I...
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