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Hey! So it measures at 38". FYI, we have one left in size 50 online and none left in shop.  .brian
What size are you? It's approx. 480 grams. Once I have your size I can measure it for you.
FYI, Camoshita has now been delivered to the shop and is on the floor! It will be online soon, so standby!   .brian
Hello Guys!    We have New Eidos online! Use code SF20 for your styleforum 20% OFF!    Come check out our selection here!  
Hey Justin, Online it is sold out; I have one more in shop. Please let me know if you are interested and we can process over the phone. And yes, 38 jacket = recommended 38 topcoat. .brian
Hey Charlie, That's always been the case, yes. It applies in store too. .brian
REMINDER: SF20 discount is now reactivated indefinitely for full-price purchases. Happy shopping!
FW '14 first drop is now available online! Highlights include the addition of Umit Benan and LVC, and the first drop from Eidos Napoli.     www.carsonstreetclothiers.com
We are out of that style, yes.
Hahaha Matty, thanks for the note! I thought they killed me off the show in the first episode but I've been informed that that's not the case and that I play a prominent role moving forward so let's make this tv magic and let the self-deprecation begin :)
New Posts  All Forums: