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Gaucho, Thanks for the kind words. And thank you for not making fun of the Bravo glamour photo they used . .brian
  What's up Style Forum?   We have an online exclusive promotion going on right now. All Outerwear and Tailoring is 30% OFF when you use code OW30 upon check out! The discount applies to Suiting, Blazers and Outerwear for those of you feeling the chill of the lower temperatures!   Here are the links to each category: OUTERWEAR BLAZERS SUITING   Best,    Carson Street Web Team
Tweedy, you're kind of correct. This season, FW '14, the diameter of the sleeve head is 1 centimeter larger in the Tipo. It's barely noticeable. The only customers we've seen have any sort of comment on the change is the slightly larger, more athletic customer: the armpit is more comfortable. On smaller, skinnier guys (like me), the change is unnoticeable. Also be on the lookout for the Nero: it's the Tipo but 1.5 centimeters shorter (sleeves are the same). So, it's...
It's kind of crazy that in the 21st century we still have such antiquated processes that a factory flood could actually lead to death. Throw that on top of the fact that there is very little, if any at all, regulatory health and safety compliance and, well, what a disastrous industry, plain and simple...
Angelo e-mailed me that he had a flood in his factory resulting in death and destruction--literally, that 4 people died. He had to switch factories. Topcoats appear to not have been affected (made in another factory) and should be en route soon. Not clear with shirts, though, for obvious reasons. .brian
GUYS! Come celebrate the launch of the GQ How-To Month with us at CSC this Friday from 7-9 pm!  Please see the invite below (and RSVP). Enjoy 20% off in-store items and some booze. Also, for the month of October, expect events from us often, including:   Eidos MTM event  Baldwin how to treat your denim event Business casual basics how to Art gallery closing event   .brian  
Hey! So it measures at 38". FYI, we have one left in size 50 online and none left in shop.  .brian
What size are you? It's approx. 480 grams. Once I have your size I can measure it for you.
FYI, Camoshita has now been delivered to the shop and is on the floor! It will be online soon, so standby!   .brian
Hello Guys!    We have New Eidos online! Use code SF20 for your styleforum 20% OFF!    Come check out our selection here!  
New Posts  All Forums: