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Apologies on the lack of front photos; those will be provided by our photographer in May, on fit models, for our re-design/re-launch. For the time being, the back rise of a 32 (cut at 33") is 11.75" in the front (to the top of the waistband) and 13.75" in the back (again, to the top of the waistband).  The trousers are flat fronts with an extended waistband. Below is a photo of how the trousers fit and look universally (with exception to the washed cotton sport trousers...
Those are indeed scarves. We cannot sell Visvim online, but I can take phone orders if you are interested. The scarf is $995 and is pictured here on the site:  http://carsonstreetclothiers.com/accessories/scarves/patchwork-stole.html
We are happy to announce the following online deals!   Free shipping through Friday night (11:59 p.m.) The return of "SF20" code for all StyleForum users (indefinitely running and not to be combined with any future discount--please do not distribute)   Thanks for your continued support, SFers…!
NEW ARRIVALS for spring are now finally available online! Check it: http://carsonstreetclothiers.com/new-arrivals.html!   And as a reminder: our redesign will be complete very soon. So stay tuned, and please do let me know if you have any questions!   .brian
VISVIM photos below! Sorry about the delay on Barena and MAN for anyone who wanted to see those first...                              
Hey Kev! No polos this season from Eidos. But we are substantially delivered and just waiting for a few random styles. Hope all's well by you! .brian
So, VISVIM is now available in store!   This is not an April Fools joke (I know, bad timing).   With that, please let me know if you guys want to see any product images. I know I promised images for MAN and Barena, but with the old website being updated within a week, those will be available shortly! And we are planning for a relaunch of an entire new site design/functionality on May 1, so stay tuned!   .brian
FYI, MAN 1924 and Barena are now delivered and on the floor at Carson Street! Unconstructed Kennedy blazers, double and single breasted, in linens and cottons lead the pack for MAN 1924, and linen knit blazers and Rampin trousers for Barena. That said, many other styles are available--pictures to follow shortly!
Below is a list of shirts Eidos owes us on the spring/summer delivery. We expect to be fully delivered within the next 2 weeks:   Eidos Indigo/Navy/White Cotton Checked Work Shirt ($245) Eidos Tan Cotton Horizontal Stripe Lupo Sport Shirt ($345) Eidos Olive Linen Leone Sport Shirt ($245) Eidos Navy/Blue Cotton Horizontal Stripe Lupo Sport Shirt...
Oh yes, "The Ragosta" as we call it. We did order that style. It should be coming in early next week. Let me know if you are interested; either way, I will shoot it and put it up on this thread!
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