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36/46 Pit to Pit - 20.5"Shoulder - 17.5"Length - 26"Sleeve - 33 38/48 P2P - 21.25"Shoulder - 18"Length - 26.75"Sleeve - 33.25" Note that this is a knit and that measurements cannot be exact due to stretching from trying on and other such like reasons. Also note that it is very cropped so that it wears like a knit as well (as opposed to a blazer). The length is measured under the collar. .brian
I'm confused by the question. What specifically are you referring to?
They are an inky blue. More like an overly marine blue. 
The only tan anything we have coming in from Buttero is the chukka. We have moved away from the tan Tanino low and for all intents and purposes will not have that in stock any time soon. Sorry, brotha. What petrol do you have a question about?
Hey Blasty, It depends on the individual item. Do you have a particular one you are looking at? If so, please send me a PM. .brian
The cardigan is off sale having been on sale, steeply, for almost two months. And as per reason, it's that with fall merchandise coming in now (and a good amount of pre-collections having already arrived), the piece is becoming more suitable for the weather again.  I hope this does not come off as anything other than honest and educational, but as retailers, we are put a difficult position having to play by the rules of companies who bleed cash and receive private equity...
We will be closed on Labor Day. We will be open all other days surrounding it and will keep normal hours.
Hi Bozz, Pub Jacket measurements: MEDIUM Pit to Pit: 20.5"Length: 27"Shoulder: 15.25" LARGE Pit to Pit: 21.75"Length: 28.5"Shoulder: 16" I'm sure the shoulder looks small to you, but keep in mind that the washed linen stretches quite a bit. And almost all of the stretching occurs in the shoulder. I would take your "true" size. For instance, I am a small, basically through and through. The shoulder seemed very tight at first, but after 10 minutes of wear it already seemed...
Bozz, This is the first I am seeing any question about our Pub Jacket availability. I know I have an L, but not sure on the M. The website says that we have both sizes. Is there anything about this knit that you wanted to know? .brian
The latest round of popovers never made it to the website--we were on backorder and a vast preponderance were sold in shop immediately, so we couldn't justify shooting them for the web. That being said, we did white and blue OCBD (we will also bring back the spread collar version next season), washed chambray button down collar and linen sky/white awning stripe button down collar. I am not at the shop right now and do not have access to inventory, so I am not quite sure...
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