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Below is a full breakdown of the SNS FW '14 order: SOHO STORE: Noise Block Hybrid Cardigan (M1020) Black Lake Mix Hybrid Cardigan (M1036) Silicium/Blue Static Naval Crew Neck (59102) Blue Static Mix Stark Cardigan (M2025) Silicium Noise Mix Stark Cardigan (M9115) Black Lake Mix Stark Crew Neck (M1015) Silicium Noise Mix Stark Crew Neck (M9115) Black/Grey Hiker Sock Teal/Grey Hiker Sock Black Lake Mix Infinity Scarf Silicium Noise...
With the sale at up to 70% off, call volume has reached an unsustainable level, to the point that the phone is literally ringing every 5-10 minutes. I am sorry that your call went unanswered.  I realize this is seen as an excuse more so than a reason for the poor communication between CSC and SFers, which is why I will again leave you with the following preferred methods of communication: PM me directly Post to the affiliate thread Call the shop Email...
I did not mean to give you snark so much as I was trying to highlight the fact that most times these issues are most easily solved by a phone call. I obviously did not know the measures you took to try to reach us. All I know is what you told me, and that's:   Some items are marked down on sale, but they show up at full price in my cart and at checkout. I emailed about it twice this week, no response. Your customer service is awful. From those facts, I had no idea what...
Rohde, To what email are you sending your inquiries? And for future reference, as an SFer, please contact me directly. .brian
Currently, our stock is split between store and web. This is not ideal for many reasons. At the point when we go to steep discounts, things simply disappear. Magento has a 15 minute delay between customer interface (e.g., the purchase) and relaying that information to us. In those 15 minutes, items can be sold in store. On top of that, some items are in store exclusives. Or, in other words, the store has different stock (e.g., more stock) than the web at times. .brian
We are trying to fix the coding on this. Currently, it is how the website is set up. I know it is not ideal, and we are working through it. But for now, there will be an extra step between you trying to add something to your cart and seeing whether your size is actually in stock. My apologies. .brian
We are not using Southwick anymore currently for our suiting. We may bring them back in the future. Our current Made in Italy tailoring is the same pattern we used with Southwick. So, you can take your regular size in that and it will fit identically. .brian
Irish, It looks like a lot of emails are getting lost in spam folders. I have a customer service employee who only answers emails. He shows me his log nightly as I've found a lot of complaints on SF. Every night, he has answered every email. The only explanation is that your emails are going to spam. If you find your emails not being answered, please reach out to either me on SF or call the shop. We have two phone numbers listed on the site. Sometimes, if you remove...
Ha -- thanks for the note! I hope it was informational. I mean, I just feel that some people do not appreciate the symbiotic nature of the retailer-client relationship.  Let me know if you need anything else, here. 
Hey Fok, We are working with Visvim to get some old FBT's that they have stock of but are not for sale to the general marketplace. So, more to come on that soon. Otherwise, with regards to Visvim footwear, we will have the following for FW 14: Americana Deck-Folk (BEIGE) Americana Deck-Folk (BURGUNDY) Mesa Moc-Folk Suede (BROWN) Brigadier Boots Mid-Folk Suede (LT. BROWN)  Let me know if you need anything else! .brian
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