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Hey Justin, Online it is sold out; I have one more in shop. Please let me know if you are interested and we can process over the phone. And yes, 38 jacket = recommended 38 topcoat. .brian
Hey Charlie, That's always been the case, yes. It applies in store too. .brian
REMINDER: SF20 discount is now reactivated indefinitely for full-price purchases. Happy shopping!
FW '14 first drop is now available online! Highlights include the addition of Umit Benan and LVC, and the first drop from Eidos Napoli.     www.carsonstreetclothiers.com
We are out of that style, yes.
Hahaha Matty, thanks for the note! I thought they killed me off the show in the first episode but I've been informed that that's not the case and that I play a prominent role moving forward so let's make this tv magic and let the self-deprecation begin :)
Teh sadz is a real emotion, and I am totally sorry my man! Hope to see you next time...
 I'm more of a "lived in" leather guy myself, so I don't really obsess over waterproofing. That being said, stay away from anything with mink oil in it, as that will invariably, and probably aggressively, darken that yellow hue.  Seeing that I do not waterproof my leathers, I would request you reach out to Ron Rider, a big SF contributor, for some information on this. Some of my customers have preached the Gospel of his Tarrago waterproof sprays, but again, without...
We're shooting to get the first drop up by Monday. It's a tight deadline with our photographer, but we're all-systems-go right now. Should be about 50 items in the first drop. I will obviously alert you guys when it's up. AND the SF20 code will be reinstated.
Thanks for the kind words, man! We've figured out (FINALLY) that the horrible response time via email was a combination of our CONTACT US form being broken on the website and that e-mails were being routed to the SPAM folder. That being said, my apologies, 100x over, again to anyone who experienced sub-par customer service via email. The SPAM issue is ongoing, and my e-commerce team will regularly check that folder from now on. BUT I still encourage anyone from SF with...
New Posts  All Forums: