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Sweet, where are these from?
My Ravello order was for an LWB and I switched it to Cigar LWB
The Cigar Barrie Captoe Boot is on double leather
I thought that was very kind of them, I accepted their offer and switched to cigar. Works out perfect for me anyway, I have a Ravello LWB and have been looking for a pair in cigar.
They just re-stocked it a few hours ago. Good thing too, I was looking for a pair :)
 Wow, nice. Those look like Plaza to me. That's a good thing :)
Stevent, awesome, thanks for the tips!
Can anyone recommend a lightweight shoe tree good for travel? I'm flying overseas and want to bring a few pairs of Aldens with me. I've used socks and newspaper before ina pinch but was wondering if there is a better option.
I'm looking for a pair of the recent Alden Leffot black shell naval boots with the perforated captoe in size 9D. If you have a pair you can spare let me know.
Love these Cigars. Great pics, congrats. I got mine too and they are just as spectacular but unfortunately I ran into some problem and have to sell them. That's going to hurt.
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