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My Barrie LWB I wear 8.5D. I had these boots in 8.5D and found them too tight. I have been trying to buy the 9 for months but they are out of stock with no plans to reorder. It was a long shot for me to try the 9.5 but I figured I would give it a try but alas they were too big.  This is common for me, in Barrie captoe boots I have been buying 9D, 8.5D in the models I have tried were too tight. 
Those look great on you Ben! Was nice meeting you the other day :)
Yup me too, works great
 Those look great, congrats! I am jealous, I have been trying to buy those for months in 8.5D but they are never in stock.
Anyone stock a snuff dover/PTB with double leather instead of single? FB has one but has been out of stock for some time. I prefer a double leather sole.
This is my experience as well. I wear an 8.5D in the LWBs but found 8.5D in the JCrew cap toe boot to be too tight. Going up to 9D in the JCrew is perfect for me. This is consistent with the other Alden cap toe boots I have, they seem tighter generally than the LWBs so I get the cap toe boots up .5 size. To make it more interesting, I have found that with a leather sole corodovan wingtip boot 8.5D is comfortable. But when I tried a commando sole corodovan wingtip boot 8.5D...
Sweet, where are these from?
My Ravello order was for an LWB and I switched it to Cigar LWB
The Cigar Barrie Captoe Boot is on double leather
I thought that was very kind of them, I accepted their offer and switched to cigar. Works out perfect for me anyway, I have a Ravello LWB and have been looking for a pair in cigar.
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