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Love these Cigars. Great pics, congrats. I got mine too and they are just as spectacular but unfortunately I ran into some problem and have to sell them. That's going to hurt.
I have for sale a like new pair of Alden Long Wing Blucher LWB in the much desired Cigar Cordovan color. Size 8.5D on the Barrie last.   I purchased these new from Alden of Carmel and just received them. They are beautiful. But I have run into some money problems and unfortunately need to sell them. These are genuinely like new, I have not even tried them on. Comes with the original box, bags, inserts and so on.   I only want to break even on this sale. Total price...
Context finally had a Roy boot in snuff in my size available so I picked it, can't wait to get it. I've really been into the snuff lately, so comfy!
For what it's worth, many of my #8 shoes have blotches like that too when viewed under strong sunlight.
Those look great on you man! Plaza boots are so nice. Nice jeans too.
Those tankers are awesome, congrats! Such a very comfortable boot.
Nice mix, you will be well covered. Hopefully not in sand though!  Seems like the 4060 and PTB are staples for you, can't go wrong there.
 Hmm, sounds expensive, at least the cost of a new pair of shells or two. JK! Congrats to you both, have a great trip. Don't let the casino guys take all your money for them to buy shoes with :) I can't belive it's only been 1 year for you, I thought for some reason you were married longer. We'll hit (gulp) 15 in September. So what's in the bags?
No, I forced myself to sit that one out. Hoping for good karma in my hunt for the elusive cigar LWB! If that PCT had a regular black welt though I would have jumped on it.
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