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Perhaps... Need to look the part
Hey guys, Have this top coat style that I am fascinated by but have no information on. I need to know what the back style of this topcoat is called? How deep do you think the pleats are? I know I would have to get this made but would there be any place I could purchase? Thanks!
definitely no khakis... really depends on the dress code of the wedding... your range will be suit with no tie (but please wear a pocket square) to dinner jacket and full on formal (which its probably not.   Safe side, charcoal suit, white shirt, tie, white pocket square, and black shoes
Hamilton Jazzmaster
go to the poor mans watch thread... Plenty of advice there
good luck with the elbows ripping due to crap fabric.. I give it 6 months
can you message me agent contact details?
Guess I just have to go custom shirting to solve that problem.   Back to the watch! 
 I bought the watch... on the fence about watch cuffs I can appreciate the detail and crafstmanship needed to create the cuff and am annoyed by cuffs either entirely covering my watch or bunching right above it... Then i see the other side where its "LOOK AT MY WATCH" which is the pretentious aspect of it. I would say if it is worn with a jacket its not as bold
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