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http://www.mainlinemenswear.co.uk/product.php?xProd=46382 the jacket looks exactly like this. I find it odd why there's only a care tag and a certilogo tag as I have other versace clothing but not of the versace jean line that are all made in italy and have a few more tags.
I do like the jacket but I don't to be spending 700 dollars on a jacket where I can get it for 100. Thanks for the reply
Hi, I just recently bought a jacket from a well known store that carries high end brand. I bought a versace jean jacket but there's only 2 tags. The care tag and the certilogo tag. I've already tried to use the CLG code on it but the site isn't able to tell if its real or fake. The care tag shows that the jacket is made in P.R.C. I am wondering if the versace jean line could be made in china also? Please get back to me asap as I only have 7 days to return it. Thanks
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