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Hi Marco, You make a good point, of course it makes sense to have a shirt copied more cheaply as a MTM in a factory (especially in the far east) than to have it done with a proper hand made bespoke. Problem is, that the factory MTM shirts are really expensive these days, I see prices of more that $150 and up. So VITTORIA FLUIDO at EUR100 + cloth seems like good value next to that, no ? I'm not sure why factory MTM is so expensive.   My only reservation with Asian...
Hi, Thanks for the blog. I'm quite interested in having something made with her, at 100EUR its sounds really reasonable. I'm based in London and have no interest in making the trip to Naples though. Do you think it would be possible to send over an old shirt (bespoke) for her to copy ? With some shirting of course. Secondly, does anyone know where to buy some good shirting in London ? Thanks,
Hi Gianni, can you give us an idea of pricing .
thanks, so anywhere from around EUR85 to EUR150 for complete shirt ? Has PKL put up any photos or posts about the completed shirts?
Hi, Trying to work out the cost per shirt, How much does she charge for the making, and how many meters per shirt do you need ? Thanks, R
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