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Hi folks,   Check this Kickstarter that I came across: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dhawalshah/hucklebury-redefining-premium-menswear-backed-for Made in USA premium shirts using Monti, Mason, Albini fabrics, crowdsourced at $78 with Free shipping.   Looks pretty good after reading all the blogger feedback. Your thoughts?
I recently saw this infographic on different styles for rolling up your sleeves on Pinterest. And then, over the weekend, I met a friend who was wearing a shirt with his sleeves rolled up and with a uniform style button on the side that ensured his sleeve stayed up and disappears under the sleeves when he doesn't roll them up. Pretty nifty (photo below).   What do you think of this style? Would it be considered too casual for the workplace?   I'm not sure what...
Ran 8.7miles today... Conditioning myself for a mountain trek and early preparation for my first ultra next year.
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