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Filson just put a bunch of stuff on sale. It may be time for me to snag the large leather tote.
Moving day. Time to bust out some Filson.
Genuine. No doubt.
If you read the descriptions and watch the videos, they ARE NOT generally one single bag that has been used for decades, restored and then sold at a high price.   They are made from many old bags that have been torn apart, then stitched back together into something new. From many pieces comes one.   Examples: The tote bag (I can't find it online anymore) had two ridiculous vertical stitch marks running almost the entire height of the bag. This leads me to believe that...
Filson's Restoration Department has officially launched. My opinion: A fool and his money are soon parted.
The beauty of the medium duffle bag is that it's only as large as you pack it. However, if full, it won't fit in a carry on compartment. The small duffle holds quite a bit of clothing but I find that my boots are difficult to cram in when near capacity. If choosing between duffles, I'd go with the medium. My flight bag of choice is the pullman and I recently picked up a duffle backpack I was going to use as a bug out bag and leave in the car, but it might end up on a...
  For the time being, I'm using my dry duffle backpack to keep a change of clothes dry while commuting to/from work. Here are my thoughts after only a week with the bag.   First, the backpack is cavernous! It has space for 3,248 cubic inches of gear. For comparison, the medium travel bag holds 2,574 cubic inches, the small duffle 1,980 and everyone's favorite, the 70257 holds 1,200.   Second, the shoulder straps are sewn just a bit too close together at the top for...
 My guess is the "Market Tote" that Filson has been giving away at trade shows. It's on the website.
This is probably not the right place for this, but I'm trying to track down and purchase a couple of discontinued Filson items. A playing card case, a leather pen case and a draftsman weight. If you have a lead on any of these, please let me know.   I just purchased the dry duffle backpack and I expect it will come in the mail today. I'm excited to put it through its paces and will let you all know how it performs.
What the? Where did you find that version? I'd take it over the one on the website in a heartbeat!
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