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New "limited release" bags are up on the Filson website now. The portland store has some of the light briefcases and they feel like they're made of thin pleather.
I used a ton of the Filson wax on my grip case not too long ago. It probably would have set better if I had a heat source, but I like to lay my wax on like I do my barkdust - extra thick. Since it's oil based there's no worry about rust. I prefer to use the manufacturer's own material whenever possible.
Find a #70219 luggage tag in brown. Perfect match.
Filson appears to confirm the medium travel bag has been discontinued via The Twitter on January 27.
Use a hammer to soften up the leather, then roll and twist it in your hands until they're sore. You won't hurt the leather one bit.
No, thank you. I'm just after the limited edition one (although it seems everything FIlson releases now is limited edition).
SHAMELESS (once again): If anyone reading has a Filson playing card case, pen case, draftsman weight or the FIlson/Stanley 100 year bottle carrier laying around, I will pay a premium for any of these items.   I've been looking for years - come close, but haven't obtained any of them yet.
That being said, here's a couple of shots of my newest FIlson - the Dry waistpack. I purchased it for days when I don't have to have much with me on my commute to work.   Initial thoughts: Good size, same material as the small dry bag and the dry duffle backpack I own, zippers are too big to create a waterproof seal. Unlike the other two bags, I would not be confident that my gear will stay dry if I submerge this thing in water. This pack should work fine for my...
  Yes. Once purchased by Bedrock Manufacturing in January 2012, FIlson nearly immediately started building goods with cheaper materials while increasing prices to consumers. "Old" Medium Duffle - http://www.filson.com/products/duffle-bag-medium.70222.html - $345 built with only Rugged twill and a bridle leather shoulder strap "New" Medium duffle - http://www.filson.com/products/duffle-medium.70315.html - $365 - some of the 22oz twill has been replaced with 8.5oz cotton....
Filson just put a bunch of stuff on sale. It may be time for me to snag the large leather tote.
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