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  For the time being, I'm using my dry duffle backpack to keep a change of clothes dry while commuting to/from work. Here are my thoughts after only a week with the bag.   First, the backpack is cavernous! It has space for 3,248 cubic inches of gear. For comparison, the medium travel bag holds 2,574 cubic inches, the small duffle 1,980 and everyone's favorite, the 70257 holds 1,200.   Second, the shoulder straps are sewn just a bit too close together at the top for...
 My guess is the "Market Tote" that Filson has been giving away at trade shows. It's on the website.
This is probably not the right place for this, but I'm trying to track down and purchase a couple of discontinued Filson items. A playing card case, a leather pen case and a draftsman weight. If you have a lead on any of these, please let me know.   I just purchased the dry duffle backpack and I expect it will come in the mail today. I'm excited to put it through its paces and will let you all know how it performs.
What the? Where did you find that version? I'd take it over the one on the website in a heartbeat!
Good catch. There's a NWT #264 compartment case in otter green for sale in Portland, Oregon. If that's what you're after, let me know and I can get you details. If anyone knows of a 265 in tan, please holler my way.
Filson just released the cooler bag it produced for Alaskan Brewing Co. Cheaper materials than the Compartment Bags it is based upon with a higher price tag. I'll probably end up with one, though.
I don't care for the new marketing direction or the new labels either, but what concerns me most is that Filson's "Might as well have the best" has been removed and no longer applies. Significant changes are already here and no doubt will continue. Jeepers...have you seen the new $700 fashion jackets Filson just released?
I'm pretty sure I've seen this answered here before, but I can't find it:   Does anyone know who supplies Filson with its bridle leather?
The website says it's a 15oz tin which is heavier than standard. Did you pick tan or moss? The tan color is a lighter heavy tin cloth. I ended up calling to confirm. I saw moss in the store. I really like the texture of the heavy tin.
Also, I was able to handle some of the heavy tin bags. They truly feel indestructible. Inflexible. Immutable. Very very tough. The odd thing was the flap is made of a different, thinner material. I did not like the contrast at all.
New Posts  All Forums: