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Coincidence? The current CEO at Filson was Senior Vice President at Eddie Bauer before taking the Filson gig.
Filson had two huge price increases in 2013. I have a feeling sales dropped off a bit, so for the last year, Filson has been making bags out of cheaper material and charging a higher price for those bags than their original counterparts. This is a clever way of increasing revenues without increasing prices. Or, they've been "bringing back" old favorites but are using cheaper materials.As an example, the newly re-released Outfitter Bag, a wildly popular product when it was...
Filson's new dry bag has finally been released. They call it a "medium duffle" but the dims are slightly smaller than the traditional duffles. It holds about 600 cu in less than the tin or twill duffles.  
Sorry, I was thinking this tag...  
Do you have a photo of the tag for that bag?
I have a Pullman and I can speak about it, but not the medium travel bag.   I chose the Pullman over the others because I like that it opens flat. The medium travel opens like my duffle.   Yes, it will hold all you say you need. Yes it will fit in an overhead compartment (every one I've tried, anyway). Yes it does get heavy, but we're men and men were meant to lift heavy things.
Older style travel trayOlder style coaster setPortfolioKey fobSmall bifold walletLeather field satchelFilson/Sebago toteFilson/Le Chameau medium field bagMedium tin duffleTin cloth grio case
My desk at work today. What do you see?
In the photo above the Krispy Kreme restaurant, you managed to shoot an as-yet unreleased Filson bag! It looks like a medium field bag, with different snaps and the cheaper nylon strap rather than leather.
The "Made at Filson" tag above makes sense given the direction of Filson's new marketing direction. There's a whole section of the FIlson website dedicated to goods "Made at Filson" - as a way to differentiate products that were made at Filson, made elsewhere in the United States, and made overseas.
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