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A while ago, there was some conversation here about how folks keep their straps together. FWIW, there's a "Filson Luggage Grip" up for bid on the big auction site right now that someone may find useful.
8oz dark brown bridle leather from wickett and craig. Older bags have thicker leather...
In other news - has anyone else noticed within the last week that Filson has quietly reintroduced its "Filson Restoration Department" bags exclusively at Nordstrom?
droppp - I'm with the other guys...the medium duffle would be fairly unwieldy as a daily bag.
I can't speak for the durability of the soy cotton, but it weighs just over a third of what the twill cloth weighs, and darker colors always seem to hide dirt better than light colors.   Filson seems to be in a new habit of releasing new gear and selling it for a quarter to half a year - that seems to be the case with all of its soy-wax goods. Only one jacket remains on the Filson website.   The Mr. Porter version, I would guess, would be the more rare bag since it was...
The Tan version Filson called the Roll Top backpack. I buy Filson for the quality of materials and the durability of its products, rather than fashion. Given the two options, I would definitely choose the Mr. Porter version made of the original 22oz rugged twill rather than some new, thin 8.5oz cloth with a hippie soy-based wax coating. But that's just me!
Joshmick, the zippered tote is a versatile bag and one of my most-used pieces. I hope you enjoy yours. You'd asked a question earlier about one of my photos...that little clip isn't something Filson has for sale, but I was able to sweet talk myself into one at one of the Filson retail stores.
My traveling companions for the week:
This is what I use:    
Filson's new-look website is up; complete with higher prices for inferior goods. What has happened to this company since 2012 is a terrible shame, unless you're one of the new owners.
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