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Filson Summer Sale on now. 35% off select items directly from Filson.
Any idea what this is on "the bay?" I've seen and own a lot of Filson and don't recognize this one bit. http://m.ebay.com/itm/191599109461
20% off is definitely a good deal for anything Filson. Anything more I would consider a great deal. Ps,,,
It's a #265 Large Compartment Case. The other is what Filson called a Shave Kit.
My two most recent purchases - both used previously - any guesses as to name or style number?    
Just a shot of what I hauled to work today.    
I have a dry duffle backpack and the non-dry version (camo). I wouldn't want to carry the dry one around every day as it doesn't breathe at all.
I just grossly overpaid for a Filson shave kit mislabeled as a travel kit on ebay this morning and I'm looking to do the same for any of the items listed above. I will pay double the original list price for any of the above in new condition.
Filson has only been making luggage since 1991 so, yes, I can say with confidence that its duffle bags have never had exterior pockets. Look for a second tag like the one in the picture below. It will have a style number confirming your medium travel bag. It should also have a date. My guess is 2006 based on the shoulder pad, YKK zippers and the brass rings on the leather handles.
Filson duffle bags do not have exterior pockets (except, currently, on the limited edition leather accented medium duffle - and even then, only on the ends of the bag). Filson duffle bags do not have full-length interior pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: