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Golly! Filson's margins must be huge right now. It is onviously buying lower quality leather and subbing cheaper tin cloth for twill whenever it can. The last few bags I've purchased, I've looked for made-on dates in 2013 (other than the twill carry-all I just snagged at the sale). That seems to be safe enough. It's funny, I told my wife while flipping through the most recent magazine that the items I'd earmarked weren't even made by Filson - a beer growler and a lantern.
Filson Summer Sale on now:   Meridian Tote deeply discounted Watches half off
New backpacks just introduced on Filson's website...   http://www.filson.com/new-arrivals/small-pack-11070413.html   http://www.filson.com/new-arrivals/ranger-backpack-11070381.html   http://www.filson.com/new-arrivals/roll-top-backpack-11070388.html
More New Filson vs. Old FIlson:   New Filson: Duffle - Medium #11070325; 20x13x12; $395   Old Filson: Duffle - Medium #70222; 24.25x13.75x11.5; $345   By all means identical but for the size and the price. $50 more for 715 cubic inches less; roughly the equivalent of Filson's Original Briefcase #256   ------------- re the post above: Looking at the new bags makes me wonder if my Filson obsession will come to an end shortly. There's not much to distinguish the top...
I grabbed what was readily available as I ran out the door this morning...    
My traveling companions for the next few days in San Antonio.
My comment was about utility rather than looks or comfort. There is no way water will come into contact with anything in these bags, unless the user sealed the bags up incorrectly. As for breathability, if using the backpacks in a rainstorm as intended, you're not going to be worrying about breathability. You're right, though. They're probably not the right choice for bombing about town in 85 degree weather.
Filson's Winter Sale started today. If you don't already own one, buy one of the dry bags. They're amazing.
It sounds to me like the Filson Excursion bag #70347 is going to scratch an itch for many of you. It has zippered interior and exterior pockets as well as the boxy appearance of the MTB with the addition of a U-shaped opening on top. If it was leather and twill - and especially didn't have the mesh rear pocket - I'd own one slready.
What timing! There's a Rood Satchel for sale on the big Internet site right now. BIN for less than $500. Cool looking bag...
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