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You can get 10% off directly from Filson by signing up for e-mail alerts. Filson also offers free shipping for receipts over $200, although I doubt international counts...
Filson has some info up on its website about the new Filson x Magnum camera bags... Filson.com/magnum
I have to agree with milw50717. It depends on what else is on your person. Also, to a lesser degree, it depends on what you carry in it.
Rumor spreadin' 'round in this Texas town...   Is that Filson is bringing back styles 264 and 265 (Compartment and Large compartment case), nearly doubling the price and adding padding/spacing for cameras.   As an aside, there are two style 264 bags, brand new, at a local shop. These were discontinued in 2010 and I could only talk the shop owner into 10% off the original price of $225, so I had to pass.
Uh oh, the new stamp is upside-down, too. I suspect a counterfeit. Kidding, of course. I suspect a new plate at the factory. In other news, the new heavy duty line of bags for "workers" will be released in the fall and will be all black.
Filson's website says Filson will replace an item or send a gift card for the last known retail value of the item.
  realtree.com's picture of Filson's camera bags. It's a rehashed Original Sportsman bag. Now I wish I didn't own one.
Action shot of a Pullman, Zippered Tote and Stowe Tote after a weekend away.
A couple of shots of Filson in the wild yesterday. Medium tin duffle. Small duffle. Original Sportsman bag and a couple of shot shell bags. We threw a ton of lead downrange yesterday.
I like it except for the padded computer slot. Who in his right mind would pack a laptop in his bug out bag? Those front pockets would be a nice place to stash a backup sidearm. I'm not sure what Filson was thinking with the computer slot, though. Maybe for the guy with the keys to the nukes?. There's a camo version, made of nylon, coming shortly.
New Posts  All Forums: