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Is Geller going to use the same type 1,2,3 fits for denim this coming (fw15) season? Anyone know whether there will be a gray denim?
Yeah the ones I have in common oiled cordovan are TTS. Love the boots: fit, shape, durability all great for me. Going to pick up the black guidi ones too. Also like the looks of this wool/linen jacket.http://www.attachment-ec.com/products/detail.php?product_id=288
http://www.alanbilzerian.com/products/red-green-handmade-work-boot Not sure whether these are the same, at least similar. 
 The grey melange is the robert blazer (lined, more structured) not the richard. 
Kindal recently (I think?) started shipping to the US from their ebay store. They are a pretty big Japanese used-clothing store that you may know from rakuten searches. The ebay store has free shipping to the US and the prices seems pretty reasonable (thanks weak yen/strong usd!). Nothing grail-level but some schneider, CDG, undercover,...   http://www.ebay.com/usr/kindal-japan
If anyone has a pair of David frames they want to let go of, or sees any on yja, eBay, gr@iled let me know. Thanks.
Wow that looks great. More photos here.
 This isn't the Stooges, you can tell by the band collar on this one.
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