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One of the coziest items I own is a boiled merino Daniel Andresen scarf. It is so soft and fuzzy and cozy. [[SPOILER]] I also had this huge Andresen boiled merino shawl, which was also super cozy and wonderful. But it was too big for me to wear so I sold it. I kinda wish I kept it to use as a throw or something. [[SPOILER]] I got them both from Atelier Solarshop, which is a cool store. They also had an Andresen scarf in boiled cashmere that I regret passing on. ANyone know...
 El bert has the n(n) in the white-brown colorway for sale on the SF Classifieds. The listing is active, but hasn't been bumped in over a year. So I am not sure whether it is still available. 
In case anyone is interested: I am pretty sure this was on sale for $150ish a bit ago. So the seller is probably willing to take accept an offer in that range
Snow peak wool fleece pullover, size japanese S or us XS. I tried this on and thought it was pretty cool, and Snow peak is Synth-approved outdoor techwear. 
No it wasn't a cash and trade, straight sale. And it was for $65 shipped not $80. It actually liked the sweater for the most part, just had too many sweaters. Main thing I didn't like was the seam along the top of the shoulder, which caused it to not lie flat on my shoulder. Caused this weird triangle look going up from shoulder to neck opening. Maybe it would have settled over time.But anyway yeah $350 is way overpriced.
Re-porter has some side zips (size 41) for $300, really reasonable price.
 I have those boots and really like them. Spoilered below are two of my fit pics with them. Not the the best pics boots themselves, but should give you some idea. [[SPOILER]]
Falcon Garments is doing one. Link to post. Pics spoilered below.   [[SPOILER]]
You could also check yahoo japan auctions. I think there was a wool version of that jacket in size 50 up for a while.
New Posts  All Forums: