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I love the looks of that leftmost scarf so much. If anyone has one they want to sell message me! The scarves this season look really nice. The huge J8 with square knit pattern looks rad, and the pattern on the U1 (at @SuspensionPoint) subtly evokes the scrabble board so perfectly.
Would love to see pics of what they look like now.
Benes, yeah I'm pretty sure you are too swole for it. I can dig up some fit pits of me in it and stuff, but I don't think it will work for you. Feel free to PM me though. OV, thanks for heads up about Owen.
Not sure about shirts but here are some NYC stores that stock Schnieder:- Odin (or at least they used to)- Owen (just women, get your moms, GFs, wives, sisters something nice!!)- No Man Walks Alone (all online, but I think you can contact about a quick drop in)- Opening Ceremony- Dover Street MarketSure there are others.
Just a heads up that the one you linked is the ss15 richard, not the current season fw15 one. But assuming you do mean the ss15 one. I have a ss15 richard and a fw14 one both in the same size. The ss15 one does fit smaller: shorter in the arms+body and a tad tighter in the chest and shoulders. But it isn't as short as that picture makes it seem, the model is wearing a long shirt which makes it look kinda cropped. 
I have the six-hole boots, but I don't know how to tell black rapid from gyw from norwegian from whatever. Happy to take a picture of part of the boot if it would help you.
Engineered Garments Bedford, navy 100% cotton, size medium. A great casual blazer and one of EG's most popular pieces. I have worn this quite a bit over the past years. Always cold washed and air dried. There is some light fading at the seams, but other than that in good shape. Only selling because it fits me a bit tight. I am a pretty standard medium and I can wear it over a t just fine but can't really layer.    pit-to-pit: 19.5in shoulder: 17in sleeve: 23in length:...
This is the Montana shawl neck sweater from the frozen waves (AW11) collection, in a dark navy, midnight color. Great shawl collar that can be worn up or down and very nice knit pattern. There are some pulls in the knit, but for the most part in good shape. Tagged size 4, fits a medium.   pit-to-pit: 21in length: 24in shoulder: 19in sleeve: 24.5in   $175 shipped to CONUSA (paypal fee included). PM for shipping quote elsewhere.
I haven't had experience with them, but I know some people say Levis 501ct fit like Uniqlo loose tapered. 
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