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Azure that looks great. Wish I didn't sleep on the brown richard blazer at M&S. If anyone wants to let one go in a 48 or 50 let me know.   I got a seconds sweatshirt from East Dane. I like it, but it does fit a little slimmer than SS11 dip-dye I have (48 dip-dye compared to M seconds).
Pretty sure those are 017. Here are a pair of 994.   About the same height but different construction. 
Here is one budget option:http://putthison.com/post/53286568415/budget-fatigues-following-on-petes-post
I am interested in this season's richard blazer. I am heading to new york city this weekend (to see Swans!), and would love to check the blazer out in person if possible. Anyone know a nyc store that is carrying it?
That is the coolest bedford.
 I have a pair of the six-hole boots from this past AW season and fit me pretty tts. But this is what curiouscharles (re.porter) said earlier in the thread: 
Not the most exciting fit, but this is pretty much my summer uniform. Feedback welcome.  
Nice GBV spring/summer madras from one or two years ago. I am the original owner and have worn in some, but it is in great shape and has always been cold washed and air dried. It is made of a very nice light fabric, perfect for summer.    Fits like a standard GBV medium: Pit-to-pit: 20.5in Shoulder: 18in Sleeve: 24.5in Back length: 30.5in   $70 includes shipping in the continetal US and paypal fee. PM me for shipping quote elsewhere.
 http://www.styleforum.net/t/333041/the-real-streetwear-thread/0_100 Edit: opps I guess that is streetwear, which might be a little different than streetstyle. I don't know.
Yeah they have some great stuff. I think they only ship to Japan, so to order from them you would have to use a proxy service. Brad-t wrote a great guide: http://harajuju.net/Topic-Buying-From-Japan I have used fromjapan and it works pretty smoothly.
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