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Re-porter has some side zips (size 41) for $300, really reasonable price.
 I have those boots and really like them. Spoilered below are two of my fit pics with them. Not the the best pics boots themselves, but should give you some idea. [[SPOILER]]
Falcon Garments is doing one. Link to post. Pics spoilered below.   [[SPOILER]]
You could also check yahoo japan auctions. I think there was a wool version of that jacket in size 50 up for a while.
Not quite as minimal as the mechanics belt, but still pretty clean: http://suspensionpoint.ca/kazuyuki-kumagai-attachment-slide-buckle-belt
That was me. It is just about to be shipped by zenmarket. If it doesn't work I will let you know.
 Nonnative has a cool looking one this season. Though doesn't look quite as long as you are looking for. They probably have done something similar in past seasons, so you could also try searching used on yja or grailed or whatever. 
I love that shirt jacket he has done for the past couple S/S seasons. I have a linen/cotton one and it is my favorite summer jacket. Great fit @PocketOfTies
Stephan Schneider quilted sweater. This is from FW14, really nice easy-to-wear piece. This is new with tags. Tagged size 6. This fits well for a large, or could be relaxed on a medium.  pit-to-pit: 22.5  shoulder: 17in  sleeve: 25.5  length: 26.5   $125 shipped to CONUS (paypal included). PM me for quote to ship elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: