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The AW14 ones went for ¥ 89,640.  http://www.river-nagano.com/products/detail.php?product_id=3773
If anybody here picked up those s61m, destroyed horse in 42 from SZ and they don't work for you let me know. Willing to pay what you paid plus shipping to me and fees. [[SPOILER]]
 @Francks didn't want to clutter up the WAWYT thread so I thought I would ask here. The top is the delicacy right? Looks great. Are the arms pretty slim? Did you go with your normal Schneider knit size?
I liked a lot of stuff but didn't pull the trigger on a pre order. I am into the nylon/puffy hoody thing, but not 100% sure I could make it work.
Pretty sure RP is reinhard plank. Ghostface is selling a rad plank hat right now, though a different style and color than thatoneguy's.
 Here it is.
I am out of the house until Monday evening. I will take a picture of the back then and post it.
engineered garmentsstephan schneideruniqlokka [[SPOILER]]
Robert Geller spring/summer bomber. This is a sample so it doesn't have any fabric composition tags or size. But it fits like a 48 (like most samples) and it made of a nice stiff cotton. It has that great Geller bomber fit and just the right amount of 'puffiness'. Pretty sure this version never made it to production. It has a cool high collar that can be worn up or down with ribbing detail on the under side of the collar. Other than that pretty standard Geller bomber with...
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