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Nice price on a beige Emile coat (not bomber) size 44 on yja. Really like that beige color from last season.
I am pretty sure those are 995z. 995 is the standard mid-height guidi laceup. The 'z' is from the extra layer on the heel and sole.  Not sure about leather or color, but those blue highlights are cool. Edit: eckblk corrected me, see his post below.
Pretty sure that Synthese is wearing them in these two insta pics (gonna be much better than a Fok fit pic!)https://www.instagram.com/p/BAuduWpLEFJ/https://www.instagram.com/p/BAsQQ8irEPZ/
@spacepope that stuff is gorgeous. Thanks for the high-quality pictures. Really into the L'Maltieri linen overshirt. Those impossible to find these days? Anyone else doing a similar minimal heavy linen overshirt?
 No the straps on Geller bombers are too short for that. These don't have any practical function, they are just meant to hang out of the back of the jacket and look cool and strappy. 
Sorry, this shirt sold a while ago. That is why it says the classified is closed.
I tried that wool fleece pullover thing on. It was rad and the quality felt good to me. I liked the material, though it did shed a bit. Didn't end up buying it, but probably will cave and get it.
I am into that backpack too. Love the big asymmetric, two-way zip on the main compartment. 
Thanks for the fisherman headsup, picked one up! I was on the look out for beige, but thought it was a lost cause.
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