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Make a knockoff MA+ accordion wallet. Amazing, detailed instructions from @fireflygrave spoliered below (from an earlier post in this thread). [[SPOILER]]
 The blazer is pretty casual — cdgh+ rumply ploy — so definitely not clean. But yeah maybe it worked better with these jeans when they were solid black before they faded a little. Thanks, they are 5-hole carpes. Brands added. 
I have the laceups and really like them. The leather has darkened with wear from camel to reddish brown to dark brown (in place with lots of wear). Spoilered below is a picture I posted a little bit ago. About a year of wear, but I don't have many boots so wear them pretty frequently (2-3times per week).   [[SPOILER]]
Scarf looks a little more dramatic than how I actually wore it. Just how it settled as I was taking the pictures.  [[SPOILER]] ETAdaniel andresen scarfcdgh+ blazeruniqlo jeanscarpe boots
Not 100% sure, but I think that colorway was stocked by mindtrive, a japanese retailer.  http://shop.mindtrive.com/shopbrand/061/X/ They don't seem to have old product pages up (or at least not linked). Maybe you could find some pictures by wading through their blog archive or the wayback machine or something.
I know nothing about this place (maybe NN does), but I found it after looking around a bit online.  http://shop.nalu.co.jp/products/list.php?category_id=706
So cdgh is designed by junya+team for the japanese market, while cdgh+ is designed by rei+team for the global market? Are those the main differences?
Needles boiled linen jacket   http://www.styleforum.net/t/431401/needles-3b-jacket/0_100
Ahh, cool thanks for the correction.
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