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Totally RFT based on this ebay listing. The plant on that sweater looks nothing like virginia creeper. I would love that sweater so much if it really looked like virginia creeper, having the scientific name is so great.
wrong thread, sorry.
Looking for a Stephan Schneider heavy knitted wool scarf. The one in the picture below is the one I have in mind, but if you have a similar one you would sell send me a picture. Will pay $200 shipped to the US. Shouldn't have slept on the one crackerjack had for sale.
They have got some bombers and flight jackets this season: http://www.ourlegacy.se/shop/aw14_outerwear
No man walks alone has corduroy trousers, Suspension point has the knit-cuff ones, and Neighbour has two more traditional wool or wool/blends ones. Maybe others.
Here is a xpost from waywt to hopefully get things going. I didn't have the challenge in mind when I put the fit together but I still think it has some nice textures (minus the jeans): bomber is a nice woven cotton/linen, the flannel is an almost crinkly wool/cotton, and the boots dat guidi horse. I might really put a fit together for the challenge later in the week, in which case leave this one out of the voting.
This is a pair of the really nice RRL Selvage Officer Chinos. These are ~2 years old, the first year I wore them a fair bit, but after my style changed they have been sitting in my closest for a while. There is some fading on these, but they have tons of life left and are ready for a new owner to wear them hard (see StanleyVB's great pair in lots of fit pics). I wore these cuffed and there is a clear wear line at the cuff, see pictures.  If you cuff them also (to an inseam...
Octopandda really like knit. Is that the sonchus?   Getting a little chilly here too.
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