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Othershop's house brand often has denim that has a minimal/clean/volume feel. Here is how they style it in their product pictures.  
Geller jeans, size 50 in a great sepia color. 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane, as a result they have some stretch. Fit nice and slim through the leg. Used but in great shape, got off of ebay but too slim for me in the thighs.   Waist – 16.5in Front rise – 10in Back rise – 13.5in Thigh – 11in Inseam – 32in Hem – 7.5in   $100 shipped to the CONUS (paypal and shipping included). PM for shipping quote elsewhere.
You can find the names here: http://nonnative.com/nonnative_2012aw/products/
http://suspensionpoint.ca/lemaire-long-shirt Dat SP mannequin.
If made in USA is super important to you and you want to stay in the uniqlo price range for tees, you can always do everlane or american apparel. 
Not a picture of meFrom here with more pics.
Warning, do not view on a empty stomach:http://www.styleforum.net/t/347934/random-food-thoughts-street-edition/200_100#post_6472732
 There is one on grailed now (not my sale). Size 4, probably s/m depending on how you want it to fit.
The seller has a webshop too if that helps concerns about him being legit. http://altera-store.com/
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