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I see lots in the nordstrom sale but the shipping is gonna nail me.
any recommendations for decent and thin socks for under $20 a pair? all i have is this van heusen crap that disintegrates after 2 washes or so   thanks
  Who do you recommend? Willing to spend more for that perfect reference pair.
  On the site, it recommends that I use my best fitting trousers - sad to say that I don't really have one. Do you think I should go to a local tailor to get measured up and then punch in the numbers on luxire?   thanks
Hi,   Anyone have any tips on where I should get some quality trousers with larger waist sizes and shorter lengths? Prefer not to bring to an alteration service to shorten.   I've never had any really good quality ones and I'd like to invest up to $150 for a pair that will function as a comfortable 'everyday' pair. Linen pants seem pretty comfortable, so I open to anything.   Don't mind getting bespoke trousers (if I can get them at that...
  What is the length like on the trousers? I wear a large size but I'm afraid they will be too long.
Hi   Can anyone give me advice on what size Allen Edmonds belt to get?   I'm probably a size 37 even though I wear size 38 trousers, some that fit fine and loosely - mostly the latter. My current belt says 38/95 and I wear it in the 3rd/4th hole.   Also in regards to the trousers, I think a size 36 is too tight for me and I'm not sure how to get...
  i think i wear sizes larger than normal is because i have high instep & wider feet
yep. printed everything correctly.   i wear the loake badminton in 9UK G and the herring knightsbridge in 8.5UK G pretty well for example, although the badminton has a little more room at the toes
Hi, i'm also new to AE and also about to bite the bullet on the AE strands on the nordstrom website.   I seem to size up as 8E, according to the AE size guide. However, after reading several threads i understand that the Strand is a 5 last, which is longer and narrower.   As I live in Australia, I can't go into a store and try them on for myself (best solution) so it is a bit of a gamble for me.   I own a few Loake 1880 shoes that are size 8.5UK or 9UK with a...
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