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25 years old tie received from my father, a tad too slim for my tastes, but I quite fancy colours and pattern.
Taking risks: stripes on stripes today
Very good suggestion l2b, I'll definitely take this into account in the future when I'll use this PS again.
I had to suit up again after quite some time.     Pants were medium/dark gray, black shoes.
The answer to the question that hasn't been asked (yet) is: Attolini, bespoke.
No time to post/like/comment, but still lurking. The fits are always great, keep up the good work!
 Great! The jacket looks fine as it is IMHO. My only doubt is about the PS: is there any reason behind a low-contrast one? Because I think this one kinda blends with the jacket. Anyway, using 6 patterns without any sort of clashing is rather remarkable, and overall the outfit looks very "natural"!
 I'm not an expert (read: totally clueless) about the process used by cafes. If this can help you, the "normal" coffee looks like coke, has no foam at all, and tastes, well, pretty much like hot water. Also, the quantity is definitely larger (150-200%).
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