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Just thought I'd post here to say I received my TOJ jacket a couple of weeks ago. It was ordered in late August 2013. 
Urbanwoodsman, any chance of getting a picture or a description of how these boots have aged? I'm curious about how the brown distressed leather is evolving compared to the Nat CXL. From your pics, the 2 leathers look extremely similar when new, except that the Nat CXL seems to have a bit of a sheen, while the distressed smooth looks completely matte. Is that accurate? Any other differences? How about 6 months later? I'm thinking about ordering a pair of BHs in one of...
 Do you mean India Post? How would Luxire ship something from Bangalore with Canada Post? That would be like asking you to ship something from Toronto using India Post.  Your best option for getting delivery via Canada Post is ask Luxire to ship with EMS Speedpost (a service offered by India Post). Parcels shipped via EMS are handed off to the destination country's national postal service. For Canadians, that means they are far less likely to be hit with duties and...
 I asked Theresa a couple of weeks ago about how to translate body and/or shirt measurements into appropriate peacoat measurements. Here is the reply she gave, relative to body measurements: 1. The yoke would remain the same, as would be for a jacket or even for a shirt. This is an easy measurement.2. Sleeve length: This is easy too. Measured from the top of shoulder to about an inch below the wrist.3. Back length: This is measured from the base of the neck at the back to...
 A few questions about this peacoat: 1.) What is the weight and type of the wool?2.) Do you have pictures of the black vs. navy?3.) Is the back vented (2-piece) or unvented (1-piece)? Or is this a customizable option?4.) It looks like the coat has 2 inside pockets... is that right?5.) What is the lining in the sleeves?6.) Are those sleeve tabs near the cuff a customizable option? Thanks!
 A few questions about the peacoat:1.) What is the weight and type of wool?2.) Do you have pictures of the black vs. navy?3.) Is the back vented (2-piece) or 1-piece? Or is this a customizable option?4.) It appears that the coat has 2 inside pockets... is that right?5.) What type of lining is in the sleeves?6.) Are the sleeve tabs a customizable option?  Thanks!
Another question... does anyone know where I can find pictures of the Bright Whiskey lambskin? I've searched through the TOJ gallery and through this thread, and found lots of nice pictures of medium and dark whiskey calf (no longer available), but haven't found a single pic of Bright Whiskey lamb. The little color swatch on the johncoppidge website makes it look very orange. Has anyone actually seen it on a jacket?
  Glad to hear that! Thanks to everyone who responded.
Has anyone had a TOJ jacket shipped to Canada? Just wondering if you had to pay any tax and/or duties, and if so, how much. Does TOJ ship their products via regular postal service, or do they use a courier service like Fedex/UPS?
I for one appreciate David's contributions to the forum. The info he provided just saved me $115 on a new pair of dark brown Strands, for which I otherwise would have paid full price. Thanks David!   I agree there's a lot of repetitive info in this thread, but it's not just about Nordstrom and it's certainly not all from David. You can find hundreds of repeating discussions that regurgitate info about sizing, imperfections, AE return policies, shoe wardrobes, shoe...
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