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That makes sense.  However (even as a guest) I have the same problem with, for example, the current discount code appearing to apply to all three sale items in my bag (just three random shirts, nothing special) throughout the checkout process, but then the amount of the discount being greatly reduced on the final payment screen -- a detail many might miss given that no other retailer's website functions in such a manner.   
I gave up, decided to purchase nothing, and sent an email complaining about their site.  I'll expect a response in about a week written as if the rep didn't actually read my complaint.   
BB's website is truly terrible.  I've tried for about 45 minutes to go through the payment process with a discount code and signed into shoprunner and keep the total the same from screen-to-screen.  It was forcing me to checkout as a guest because signing in to my account would make the box for entering discount codes disappear.  The shipping cost goes up and down from one screen to the next, and when I get to the payment screen the original discount it had been showing is...
 Just to update, I heard back from the store manager who said he agreed the rip could definitely not be repaired and the suit would be replaced.  So that's that.  
No, I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo of it.  It was definitely a rip.  
Thoughts on this?   I bought two suits from a BB retail store about a month ago (one had to be ordered from another store).  I allowed their in-house tailor to alter them.  Upon getting the suits home, I noticed that one jacket had a small rip near the bottom (perhaps where the vents were sewn shut).  The tailor had marked the rip with chalk but apparently did not communicate this to the store or they didn't notice or something.   Anyway, I bring it back and the clerk...
Seems to be the new norm, at least with the slightly less-expensive than BB retailers.  Maybe they were feeling the heat (I couldn't see myself ever paying full price at BB, anyway . . . certainly seems overpriced to me).  
What's the semi-annual sale about...
Does anyone know where the graphic is describing the different cuts for the suits?  I don't think it's actually on the website.  I guess I should go into a store and check them out before the 21st, but I think there was a graphic somewhere...
So we also know of a corporate sale coming up this month....?
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