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 The Galway is only available with the shearling in the shaft though, not the whole shoe as these Bonafes are, correct?
 I'm not interested in this particular MTO, but what exactly is the difference between dainite and double dainite?
I purchased this Isaia suit from STP a few months ago. I know that Isaia has different lines. These are photos of the label inside the suit. Can someone tell me what line this is from? Thanks.    
  Leaves or Gabriel,   A question about the new color of this shoe Carmina model 80249.  Would you say that it is similar to the Edward Green Almond or Chestnut country calf?  Or neither?  I'm just trying to get a better feel for the color of this shoe, it can be tricky looking at the computer monitor.  Thanks.
 I think a Bauxite/Rosewood Country Calf combo would work well too. 
Is Tobacco suede the same as Snuff suede?  The two colors look very similar in the photos.
 Gabriel, Thanks for the response.  Between the time I wrote my question and your answer I wore my Forest lasted shoes again but this time with a thin dress sock.  This seemed to take care of the tightness across the instep.
Leaves,   I have a question about sizing.  I am an 8.5/9 E on the Edward Green 82 and 888 lasts.  What size would you recommend for the Forest and Oscar lasts?  Specifically in regards to model 80249, the country calf wingtip, and model 813, the burgundy wingtip cordovan.  I have a pair of shoes on the Forest last in size 8 UK, they fit ok, but I'm thinking that 8.5 UK might be closer to a US size 9, especially in regards to the instep, as it does feel a bit snug at...
 I have been away from this thread for awhile so first I want to express my condolences on the loss of Adam. Regarding the Tomir rubber sole, besides the different tread pattern, how does it differ from the York rubber sole?
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