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I'm pretty much your twin, and ordered black lamb MA-1. Size 46 is very similar to what I was suggested for measurements for the exception of front length and sleeve length (both being 1.4" greater than the stock 46)
I'm waiting on my first TOJ jacket (black leather MA-1), if they're still open for business after I get I think I'm going to go for the T1 (I don't want to order until I try my MA-1 to make sure my measurements are good). I'm thinking Navy for T1, but can't seem to find pictures of one in Navy...thoughts?
 Sorry I'm a noob dunno how....noob love
 Link to recipe? please
got a link? I don't see any of that under "available products"
Shit that's a horror story, I'm sorry man.....I ordered my first TOJ jacket and I can't wait, hopefully my measurements were o.k, it was my first time measuring myself  
What's a T1? noob love  
Just received my first TOJ buy...very satisfied. Feeling pressured to go for a jacket before cut off date (whenever that will be?) link to daypack pics;
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