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Does anybody have both viberg boots and LL bean Katahdin's? I'm thinking of ordering some viberg's, I'm currently wearing the Katahdin's...would appreciate a comparison on the fit if anybody has both! Thanks
Whhaaat? Impossibru
 Not I. Ordered mid July
I'm also waiting for my black lamb ma-1...I ordered mid july, if they do them in batches that means i could be getting tracking any minute now omygawwd   PS: pics plz =)
I'm in the Maritimes, and yeah with wind chill it can go to -40c...I won't be using it as a winter jacket lol, I just wanted to ask you guys incase
I'm so jelly...still waiting for mine. It will be my first leather jacket and I'm in Canada. Temperatures here can go below -40 degrees CELSIUS, winter is coming. I'm wondering if the leather would crack in such a cold climate, anyone know?
I'm also waiting for black lamb ma-1...I like it more than cwu but it all depends on your style.  too late to change your order huh? I like the sound of that lol, hope we get it soooon
When did you order good sir?
I'm also waiting for my CWU-45..ordered mid july
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