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How many peeps do we need to have a batch MTO?
Damn those Viberg Service Boots – 18 months are a custom pair? I'd buy the shit out of those if they did a batch, I'm a sucker for casual low key with details and this fits the bill. I find the ones on their website now stand out too much (not a bad thing, just not my style). Guy says he has some new stuff coming out in the next 6 months. If one of em resembles the ones above, or the viberg cabourn service boot, I'm pulling the trigger without even blinking.   edit;...
but its like porn I need fresh ones
got pics so you can turn me on before I receive mine?
 If only they were cap purchase asap
I did indeed go with the lamb...I read your mind 24 weeks ago
Since we're talking about batches...... all aboard????!! lets do this      
 Ok thanks for you input ! I guess I'll just order the same size as my LL Katahdin and hope for the best?!
Good call...did some comparisonception and will go same size if they come out with something similar to the Cabourn collaboration service boot
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