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Sorta wish they'd make something similar to this    
Fellow noob here, sticking to 5   Viberg TOJ Howlin by morrison Dana Lee LL bean
 Canadian here as well, I have ordered my first pair of vibergs...was thinking of not wearing them during winter due to the mass amounts of salt on the side walk, don't want to ruin the leather...have you had problems with this issue?
leather or wool?
big ups to fok, how often do we do this? im new
Ok I'm feeling this should fly as a casual boot in the office with jeans?
Really? where is LA guy located? so does this mean, if LA guy is not in Canada, me as a Canadian, I will have to pay customs for a Canadian boot?
I'm definitely thinking about it... so this boot will be unconstructed toe, which is a nice flat toe box like the last pictures above me? If so I like it. I just measured my foot and its 10.5 inches from heel to big toe, and the sizes on the order page is in UK you say? Never ordered UK sizing..mmmmm my last boot was in 42.5 EU. Any suggestions for UK size? any estimate for when we should be receiving the boot?   sorry for all the stupid questions - newb love!
 So are they going to look exactly like those pictures? distressed and all?
I really want to order a viberg boot from 14oz, but they don't ship to Canada...checkmate?
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