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still waiting on my mid july order...getting anxious
unstructured toe?
I'd trust him...I'm 5'9", about 150 lbs with 16.1" shoulders doesn't seem right, same goes for your other measurements
+1all black sole though, no layers6 eyeletsplain cap toeunstructured toe
 are those service boots? how do these compare to the MTO one? waxed - checkbrown - checkcommando sole - checkunstructured toe - ? looks like it?2040 last real close to 2045, are they similar?noob love
 grats, was it a snipe war at the last second? or did you score it fairly easily?
anybody know what last this is?
Do what you want cole, hell I wear some oversize baggy Karl Kani with my jackets, old school....probably wouldn't be approved by 90% of people on here, but i know my style
 It almost looks like your jacket has taken you But good fit
do you have link to his account?
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