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Looks like normal horween chromexcel wear.
are the ends of your toes hitting the front of the boots? I think the best way is to get a pair that gives you good wiggle room for your toes but a firm grip on the top of your feet.
My experience with leather boots is that if the toes are jamming or any type ofpressure on the ends it won't get any better.
I have to agree about the over greasing/oiling of boots. I really enjoy his channel on YouTube, but I feel Wranglerstar over oils his boots. Like skin, leather can also be over moisturized, too much and you run the risk of it tearing or loosing it's structural integrity.
Any cobbler worth his salt can put the vibram 100 lug sole on for around $75. I've seen one where he grinder down the cork sole and used it as the midsole. Looked nice.
Go find a good cobbler and have him put on a vibram mini lug half sole. He'll glue and stitch it to upper and it'll last a long time.
I've cleaned, restored, resoled a lot of different boots. Leather is resilient and holds up to a lot of abuse. Dish soap is not going to harm your boots. These boots were covered in grease and grime. I cleaned them inside and out with hot water and palm olive soap.
2nds will be tagged by a small hole punch on the tongue. This is done from the factory.
Try scrubbing them with dish soap, Dawn or Palmolive and warm water. That might pull out the Obenauf's.
I would say they are 80% broke in. I probably have 80 hours in them. The back stays are still pretty stiff.
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