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Go find a good cobbler and have him put on a vibram mini lug half sole. He'll glue and stitch it to upper and it'll last a long time.
I've cleaned, restored, resoled a lot of different boots. Leather is resilient and holds up to a lot of abuse. Dish soap is not going to harm your boots. These boots were covered in grease and grime. I cleaned them inside and out with hot water and palm olive soap.
2nds will be tagged by a small hole punch on the tongue. This is done from the factory.
Try scrubbing them with dish soap, Dawn or Palmolive and warm water. That might pull out the Obenauf's.
I would say they are 80% broke in. I probably have 80 hours in them. The back stays are still pretty stiff.
Loving my rebuilt SJs
What did you grease those with?
I had my SJs rebuilt before the sale was announced. I wouldn't think QC would be changed in this short of time. My guess is it's the culture that has been around for a while. Nick's boots broke off of white's for the same reason years ago. I've contacted them and they said they'd rebuild white's boots. I have a pair I'm going to send them to have rebuilt/converted into a ranch boot. That being said my SJs are solid.
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