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Have you tried the womens boots?
Does any one have any experience with the Courtland 1000 mile boot?      I exchanged my Rockford's in to STP because the side stitching was coming undone.  I loved the over all look and feel of these boots, almost reminded me of the alden's indy, and the rubber bottom is a really nice touch.  For those of you who are always wanting to put on a half sole you don't have to with this shoe. The overall ruggedness is not lost and they fit true to 1000 mile...
Here is a pic of the boots right after I unboxed them.   
First time poster here.  SF really turned me on to the 1000 mile boot. I have been a long time lover of Danner boots and other leather goods.  When I found that STP had a sale I jumped on it.  I was able to score their last pair of 11.5 Rockford 1000 mile boots in brown for $228 with free shipping code.  I have now noticed that they have now crept up to $255.  Since I've been at work and busy with family I didn't have a time to condition them and wear them for a full...
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