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What did you grease those with?
I had my SJs rebuilt before the sale was announced. I wouldn't think QC would be changed in this short of time. My guess is it's the culture that has been around for a while. Nick's boots broke off of white's for the same reason years ago. I've contacted them and they said they'd rebuild white's boots. I have a pair I'm going to send them to have rebuilt/converted into a ranch boot. That being said my SJs are solid.
send them my way. ....I'll wear them.
I did the same thing you're doing to figure out my size in the IR.  I finally just went to a RW store and kept trying on smaller and smaller shoes until my toes hit the front. Actually got down to a 9.5EE. Mind you I wear a 12D in Nike.  I finally ended up sticking with a 10.5D, they felt tight on the top of my feet but after a few weeks they finally broke in and feel awesome.  The RW salesman told me that when you go from D to E you'll not only gain size on width but also...
I've been looking for one of these from Thorogood for a long time. I love the lace to toe, mini lug vibram, and leather color.  Not so sure what the scotchgard protector is exactly.  The Weinbrenner Shoe Company makes Thorogood boots and is one of the oldest shoe manufacturers in USA.  The price point is really nice also, The Union Boot Pro always has 30% off retail.  $167 for a pair of leather American made boots is a home run in my book. 
These were $235 false tongue, laces and shipping included. I just picked up a pair of brown SJs and I'm thinking of having them converted into the farmer rancher. Nick's quotes $199 for the rebuild, but they're 3 months out.
Those double soles look board stiff.  Will it break in over time? 
I thought I'd share a few pictures and my experience with White's.  Growing up in the Southwest and working as a firefighter I have known about White's for a long time but have been too cheap to go out on a limb and get a pair.  Wasting time on ebay I noticed that there are a handful of old/used up boots that can be picked up for a good deal.  I scored a pair of lineman/SJ boots.  $80 included shipping.  I shipped the boots to White's along with a sketch and measurements...
first picked the 11D and thought it was good. After a week of wear I was slopping all over the place. Sold them and picked up a 10.5D and was a little worried because it was tight. After two weeks I was glad I did. They have broken in nicely and feel perfect. I wear a 12 in Nike and adidas. 11.5E in white's smoke jumpers and 12D/11.5EE in Danner. I think IR are one of the most missized boot out there. If your toes aren't hitting the front when you walk down an incline I...
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