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Yea but Kobayashi just had a wisdom tooth pulled.
Looks like the judge awarded the defendants court expenses which was about $5000. Their legal fees totalled approx $100,000 and the judge has not decided whether that will be awarded.
Jeez, how long was he in prison for? That's a lot of tats.
pm'ed on jacket.
Looks like its US release was just suspended.
Have you asked tiecrafters? They probably have the most experience with this type of thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Proud Mary I hope he got some.
Sent pm.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Great. But more importantly, what did you wear? my thoughts exactly.
Yea, this has happened to me before with BoA. I liked them better when they were Baybank and then Fleet. Those are good suggestions that you should argue the charges, especially if you are a good customer.
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