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you could probably ask wested leather to make one. they have made jackets for many movies, such as the rocketeer. http://www.ekmpowershop4.com/ekmps/s...acket-52-p.asp
Have also gotten the cold shoulder at both Chicago and New York. I felt it was salesperson dependent as I have also had great service.
When are you coming out with the Kent Wang boxers?
You can also ask Dave Mercer to make a slimmer fit shirt for you. Yes, the regular shirts are fuller in comparison to a typical Brooks Brothers shirt of the same size.
I've always preferred a covered waistband. I never noticed the accordion marks on my waist. I have begun to develop a latex sensitivity in my old age and tend to get more welts with the uncovered waistband. Do let me know if you need some prototype testers. My resume includes: Calvin Klein, J Crew, Banana Republic, Brooks brothers, Polo, J Press, Paul Stuart and more. Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Single seam does seem to make more sense,...
Shoemart has twice yearly 10% off sales. Also they carry Alden seconds which can get you 40% off or more. Blemishes are usually minor. Otherwise you have to look for discontinued models or Brooks Brothers sales.
I prefer the single seam. I don't know if the sizes are comparable but yours do seem trim. Are you using a covered waistband?
At first, I thought it was a vintage shot from the 60's. But then I saw the modern cars in the background. Great picture.
Nice suit, but I think the chest will be too big for me.
Do you have any measurements on the David Chu suit, Ed?
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